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Kuromi Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to enter a world of devilish cuteness with these 22 Kuromi coloring pages that are free for you to download and print! These sheets are fantastic for anyone who wants to embark on an enchanting journey to the world of Sanrio, highlighting the mischievously lovable character Kuromi.

Included below are various playful renditions of Kuromi, ranging from a charmingly cute Kuromi, Kuromi and My Melody, to more whimsical interpretations of Kuromi in her iconic rocker style! Also, you’ll find Kuromi in adorable themes like a tea party or playing musical instruments!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Kuromi Coloring Pages

Kuromi is My Melody’s lovable nemesis, and she’s lots of fun to color.

Have your youngster try these fun crafts if those finished pages are piling up.

1. Kuromi Television

To make this cute Kuromi theater, have the children draw an old-fashioned television, complete with that big old wooden frame.

A background scene should be drawn on the paper within the frame. Next, Kuromi should be colored, cut out, and glued to a layer of cotton balls.

Once Kuromi is glued to the scene, add a layer of cotton balls all around the frame.

Another square should be cut out and glued over the frame to give it depth, and the child has adorable 3D art to display anywhere.

2. Kuromi Christmas Tree Ornament

To make this fun ornament, glue two craft sticks together in the shape of an X. 

When Kuromi is colored and cut out, she should be reinforced with cardboard and glued to the middle of the X.

Next, her jester cap should be decorated with red and green glitter and tiny holes punched in the bottom of the cardboard cutout.

String small craft bells through the holes with thread for a funny, original Christmas tree ornament.

3. DIY Notebook

To make a DIY Kuromi notebook, give each youngster approximately five pieces of ordinary white printer paper positioned horizontally.

With a ruler, they can make lines across the pages, using any spacing desired.

The pages should then be folded in half and stapled together like a book. Decorate the front and back covers with cutouts from the Kuromi coloring pages.

Don’t forget to use smaller cutouts to decorate the corners of the lined paper inside!

4. Kuromi Kite

Start by having the youngsters fold ordinary craft paper into a classic kite. It can be reinforced with long craft sticks or even wooden knitting needles.

Kuromi’s jester ears are perfect for this, and when the character is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the kite so that the ears stick out over the edges at the top portion.

Decorate the rest of the kite with other Kuromi cutouts. Finally, glue it to a blue piece of poster board decorated with white cotton balls as clouds.

Krazy glue can then be used to glue a piece of packing twine to the poster board as the kite’s string. Display this cute artwork anywhere.

5. Make Homemade Tape

To make this easy craft, have the youngsters cut long pieces of wax paper and add double-faced tape to the pieces.

The children can then add strips cut from the finished Kuromi pages to the sticky side.

When this has been done, double-faced tape should then be added to the back of the wax paper, and the strip should be carefully wrapped around an empty paper towel cardboard.

Now, the youngster has unique Kuromi tape to seal an envelope or package.

6. Kuromi Candle

This cute candle ornament can be a centerpiece for any table. Using an empty Pringles chip container or similar object, have the youngster laminate it with a Kuromi coloring page.

The lid should be painted with black craft paint, and a tiny hole punched in the center. Add a fancy toothpick in orange or yellow as the candle’s “flame.”

Puffy paint can be used to create the illusion of wax dripping down the side, and the “candle” can be glued to an empty jar lid as a base.

Use this adorable Kuromi candle as a centerpiece on any table.

7. Unique Door Decoration

To make this unique door decoration, have the youngsters use strips of black construction paper to design a ladder.

This should be glued to a piece of poster board in the child’s favorite color. 

Next, the youngster should cut his or her favorite Kuromi characters from the finished coloring pages, adding them to different rungs of the ladder.

This unique artwork can then be hung on the child’s bedroom door!

8. Kuromi Jester Hat

Kuromi’s jester ears are perfect for this cute craft, and it begins with tracing the shape of a classic jester hat on a piece of black poster board.

When this is cut out, attach it to a strip of cardboard, which can then be fashioned into a circle and worn as a hat.

With cutouts from the finished pages, the child can decorate the jester cap cutout with all things Kuromi.

Seal the artwork in a coat of acrylic spray, and your youngster can wear this hat anywhere.

9. Make a Fancy 3D Puzzle

Kuromi can be made into a fun puzzle, especially if the coloring page is embellished in advance. 

Add glitter, craft gems, and pom-poms to the finished page and glue it to thin cardboard.

Using a pencil, let the youngster trace the pieces he or she has in mind for the puzzle, and these can then be carefully cut out.

The fun part will be seen if the embellishments are any help in putting the puzzle together!

10. Kuromi Balloon

If your child has a birthday party coming up, and you plan to have helium balloons, Kuromi can be the perfect finishing touch.

Have the youngster choose a Kuromi page for each side of the balloon and carefully cut out the character once it’s finished.

A black curling ribbon should be used around the base of the balloon, and extra-long jester ears can be made from black construction paper. 

These can be carefully taped at the top, and the child has one-of-a-kind balloons for the special day.


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Hi Serenity, we are so glad you are enjoying the website, it means a lot to us! Be sure to check out our other kawaii-themed coloring pages :)


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