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Pompompurin Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Leap into a world of Kawaii bliss with these 20 adorable Pompompurin coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print. This assortment is an excellent choice for teachers, parents, or anyone keen to discover the enchanting world of Sanrio, focusing on the lovable Pompompurin character.

This collection highlights various Pompompurin depictions, featuring scenes from his fun-filled adventures, his interaction with friends like Macaroon and Scone, his love for milk and pudding, Pompompurin playing with Hello Kitty, and even Kawaii versions that exude cuteness overload!

To start coloring any of these coloring pictures, you can click on any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many as you want, entirely for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Pompompurin Coloring Pages

Pompompurin is that lovable golden retriever, and he’s perfect for a variety of crafts.

Try these top ten affordable, engaging crafts if this dog is your youngster’s favorite coloring page character.

1. Make a Cookie Jar

Pompompurin is the perfect shape for a homemade cookie jar, and this is a craft every child enjoys.

Using an ordinary tin can or old, traditional cookie jar, have the youngster spray it with yellow craft paint, adding a brown border around the top and bottom.

When two Pompompurin characters are colored and cut out,  glue them to either side of the container with plain Elmer’s glue.

The jar’s lid can be wrapped in brown felt to depict Pompompurin’s famous hat, and you have an adorable cookie jar for your kitchen.

2. Paper Chain Fun

If your youngster has finished multiple Pompompurin coloring pages, use them to make a decorative paper chain.

Using one of the pages, cut Pompompurin out and reinforce the character with cardboard. 

Use an acorn to embellish his hat, add two wiggle eyes, and glue on whiskers made from fancy toothpicks. Use the other finished pages to make a long, colorful paper chain.

Put Pompompurin at the top, and hang this bright paper chain anywhere there’s a breeze.  

3. Pompompurin Playhouse

A miniature Pompompurin playhouse is easy to make. Use posterboard or cardstock folded into a three-sided square so that the front section is open. 

The youngster can cut windows and doors around the sides and decorate the interior with tiny toys.

Pompompurin should be cut from the finished page and used to laminate the back wall so that his head is higher than the rest of the walls.

It will look like he’s peering down on the scene in his “house.”

4. Make a Keepsake Book

To start this cute craft, fold a piece of yellow cardstock in half like a greeting card, then cut the shape of a star in the card’s front.

The Pompompurin cutout from the finished page should be glued inside. In the surrounding space, the youngster can draw a fun scene.

This can be anything the child imagines, such as a beach scene, a flower garden, or even outer space.

When the front is folded back over, Pompompurin’s face will show through the star, and when opened, the scene will emerge!

5. Embroidery Fun

If you have an old embroidery hoop you no longer use, let your youngster use it for this fun craft.

Once Pompompurin is colored, the character should be cut out and glued to a large piece of thin fabric with craft glue.

Enclose the fabric in the embroidery hoop, being careful not to catch the paper. Finally, cut fringes in the fabric all around the circle and display this unique craft.

6. Make a Pompompurin Whiteboard

Who says whiteboards have to be boring? Pompompurin is the perfect character to add a pop of color to this practical item.

Using an ordinary whiteboard from any discount store, have the youngster glue yellow and brown pom-poms around its border.

On the bottom right, a Pompompurin cutout from the coloring page should be attached with krazy glue. Add a little “halo” of yellow glitter around the character.

A piece of contact paper is perfect for laminating the cutout, and you now have a fancy whiteboard to use anywhere.

7. A Unique Chip Clip

This engaging craft is perfect for any age child, and all that’s needed is glue and an ordinary snack bag clip.

When Pompompurin is colored and cut out, it should be laminated in contact paper and trimmed accordingly. Next, attach a small craft stick to the back of the cutout.

The craft stick should be glued on horizontally rather than vertically. Using invisible glue, attach the craft stick to the surface of the clip handle. Krazy glue is best for this.

Now you have a fancy clip to use for snack bags or just to display for fun.

8. Decorate a Pet Bowl

If your youngster has a dog or cat and it’s time for a new bowl, don’t buy another one, add some pizzazz to the old one with Pompompurin!

Make sure the bowl is clean and dry, then use cutouts from the Pompompurin coloring pages to decorate it.

These should be added like decals in any interesting patterns the child desires. Use craft glue to attach them to the bowl.

Spray the finished work with several coats of acrylic spray, and your pet will have a brand-new bowl.

9. From Pompompurin With Love

Make a delightful gift tag to use multiple times with a finished Pompompurin coloring page. Use a page featuring Pompompurin with his paws crossed in front.

Cut a small paper square and write “To and From” with a marker. 

Then, cut four diagonal slits in the same shape in the section of the coloring page featuring Pompompurin paws. 

The points of the paper square can be pushed into the slits in the Pompompurin cutout. This inventive gift tag can be used multiple times just by making a new “To and From” square.

10. Funny Paw Prints

This engaging craft is a big hit with all youngsters and begins by having the children cut out large paw prints from black construction paper.

The center of these should be decorated with cutouts from the Pompompurin coloring pages.

With non-damaging wall putty, these can be added to your child’s bedroom wall as if the dog were walking up the wall!

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