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Deer Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 adorable deer coloring sheets that are all free to download and print! These drawings were incredibly fun to create as deer are one of my all-time favorite animals. It must have been all the time re-watching Bambi over and over again when I was a kid!

For this series of printables, I illustrated different types and styles of deer that I think will appeal to almost anyone. Included are cute and simple deer for kids, kawaii-themed deer, realistic-looking deer for older kids, Disney’s Bambi (how could I not!?), plus many others!

Deer Coloring Pages Featured Image

After the coloring pages have been completed, they can then be used as wall art in a bedroom or classroom, decorations for a nature-themed birthday, a DIY bookcover, scrapbooking cutouts, plus tons of other creative uses.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Crafts Ideas to do With Deer Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. Design a Desktop Deer 

For a cute desktop decoration, have your youngster take a disposable bowl and turn it upside down.

Use finished coloring pages to roll into legs and glue them to the bowl’s underside, bending them a bit to make space for the glue. 

Attach black pom-poms for feet, and a dixie cup can be the deer’s head.

Once the coloring page is finished, your child can cut out the body and face separately and affix them to the appropriate parts of the deer for a great desktop ornament that stands on its own.

2. Make an Adorable Pencil Holder

Any child can use a deer coloring page to make a great pencil holder that’s unique and easy to design.

A coloring page featuring a deer with antlers works best for this craft.

Start with a plain pencil holder, to which the finished deer can be glued after it’s colored and cut out. Make sure your child allows the antlers to come up over the rim.

Reinforce the antlers with toothpicks. Pencils can be stored inside the cup, and paper clips and rubber bands can be hung on the antlers.

3. Revive an Old Lamp

If there’s an old lamp in your child’s room that you don’t mind being used for a craft, let your kids turn it into something cute.

When one or more deer are colored and cut from the pages, they can be attached to the lampshade and to the base of the lamp with craft glue.

Add fringes to the bottom of the lampshade with green streamers, pipe cleaners, or craft grass to make it look like the deer is walking through a field!

4. Design a Deer Crown

A crown is simple and easy to make from a deer coloring page and is a great classroom activity. Have the students measure and cut out a “crown.”

This is simply a piece of cardboard that’s measured appropriately to go around the child’s head. 

Next, the deer from the finished coloring page should be cut out and glued to the front and center part of the crown. The deer head should stick up several inches.

A coat or two of acrylic spray and this crown will last quite a while!

5. Make a Hilarious Deer Accordion

For a classroom craft that’s extremely fun, have each student color and cut out the deer of their choice.

Glue one large pom-pom or craft ball to the center of each cutout, and then glue them in a stack, one on top of the other.

The two ends can be brought together and stretched apart for a hilarious deer accordion.

6. Deer Finger Puppets

All children love finger puppets, and deer are perfect for this craft. Each child should color a deer, glue it to thin cardboard, and carefully cut it out.

With a compass, four holes should be traced at the bottom of the deer’s body, just above the legs.

Once they are cut out, the child can put his or her fingers through them, and these become the deer’s legs. These fun puppets can be used for all sorts of games.

7. Classroom Deer Crossing

For a fun classroom decoration, hang a white banner across the top of the chalkboard or somewhere else in the room.

Have the children draw broken lines across the entire length of the banner, similar to the kind you’d see on a crosswalk.

Have each child color and cut out a deer to glue to the banner.

Write “Deer Crossing” at the top for an adorable classroom decoration.

8. Make a Deer Mask

Deer masks are fun and easy to create with nothing more than scissors, some elastic string, and of course, the coloring page. 

The children should choose a page featuring a deer with antlers, and when colored, it should be glued to thick cardboard and cut out.

A black pom-pom is perfect for a nose, and holes can be cut out for eyes so that the child can wear the mask.

Two simple holes and some elastic string can then be added so the mask can be worn.

9. Deer in the Forest

Have your child draw a fancy forest on a poster board, embellishing it with green pom-poms for trees, brown felt for the ground, and yellow puffy paint for the sun.

Once the deer is colored and cut out, it should be glued to a craft stick.

With scissors, a slit can be made across the length of the poster, which can be straight or curved.

Then, the child can slide the craft stick into the cutout and “move” the deer through the forest from behind the poster.

10. Abstract Classroom Fun

For this super fun craft, have the children work in a group to create giant deer antlers out of paper-mâché.

Next, have each child color and cut out a deer, making a small hole at the top with a hole punch.

Yarn or embroidery thread can then be used to hang each dear on the giant antlers for a bit of abstract art.

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