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Horse Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 44 original horse coloring pages that are all free to download or print! Illustrating these horses brought back so many happy memories of me as a kid doing equestrian for two summers. To this day, I still have such a strong love for these amazing animals, which I hope comes through in the drawings!

I illustrated many types and styles of horses, including cute baby ones, cartoon horses for kids, mandala horses, wild brumby horses, horse jumping, horses with cowboys/cowgirls, miniature horses, and many more!

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If your kid(s) are going through a horse phase (which, in my experience, many don’t grow out of!), these horse printables are sure to provide a fun and creative activity they are sure to love! Once the coloring pages are complete, they can then be used for scrapbooking, wall art, or even decorations!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Horse Coloring Pages

Below are 10 fun craft ideas and projects that you can do with the above coloring pages!

10. Horse Dioramas

For this craft, you will need at least two of the same coloring page, plus scissors, glue, shoe boxes, and something with which to color the pictures.

Have the children shade in the background on one page and the horse on the other.

Carefully cut out the horse, leaving a half-inch to an inch of paper below the hooves.

Apply the backdrop to the interior of the shoebox, cutting it down as needed. Fold the half-inch to an inch of paper below the horse’s hooves backward.

This should enable the horse to stand up on its own. Glue it inside the shoebox, set a few inches away from the back, for a 3D effect. 

You can even add grass, bushes, or trees using construction paper!

9. Kentucky Derby Draw-On Flower Garlands

A great craft for older children, come May, teach them about the Kentucky Derby and all its traditions.

Have the children draw on a garland of roses, in the shape of a horseshoe, to a horse coloring page. 

Each child will interpret it differently, and it’ll be so interesting and fun to see what they come up with.

If you want to get really creative, you could also twist up red and green tissue paper to make 3D roses and glue them to the page.

8. Horse Mosaics

For a fun and simple craft, instruct children to take bits and scraps of construction paper and glue them into the horse illustration.

Use different shades of brown for the horse’s body and mane, green for the grass, and blue for the sky.

The smaller the pieces of paper, the better, but of course, you can adjust for age and skill level.

7. Horse Plant Decorations

Instruct children to color in the horse of their choosing using colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

Then, have them cut out the horse figure carefully, following along the lines (you might have to do this part for them if they’re very young).

Then, glue popsicle sticks to the back of the horse cut-outs; you can use one if the horse is small or two if it’s a larger figure.

Slide the popsicle sticks into a potted plant, and you have a cute handmade decoration. You could also laminate the horses first, so they’re more resistant to water.

6. Horse Paintings

Mount the illustration of your choice to posterboard or cardboard and get watercolor palettes and small cups for water from the dollar store.

Using easels or laying the illustration flat on the table, have the children paint in the colors instead of coloring with crayons or markers.

The kids can paint in realistic colors or use their imaginations to make the horses and their surroundings any color they choose.

5. Horse Jigsaw Puzzles

Mount the illustration of your choice onto posterboard using glue and have the children color in the picture. Make sure they sign the page somewhere!

Then, taking a thick black marker, have the children draw roughly puzzle-like shapes onto the drawing and cut along the lines.

(For older kids, you can encourage them to make smaller pieces; for younger, the pieces should be bigger.)

If you have a class of children, have them swap puzzles and see who can finish first!

4. Horse Stained Glass Crafts

For this craft, you will cut out the horse figure of the illustration of your choice and paint it – or color it, with a marker – entirely black.

Then you’ll cut up pieces of wax paper for the children and have them Mod podge or rubber cement glue down pieces of tissue paper to the wax paper.

You can do strips, squares, rectangles – it’s all good!

Let that sit for about half an hour to dry, and then, using black construction paper, make frames to fit the wax paper.

Glue the black horse shapes onto the wax paper and then glue the wax paper onto the frames.

You’ll have a pretty silhouette piece that you can hang on a window or wall.

3. Stand-Up Horse Figurines

For this craft, you’ll need one toilet paper roll per child, plus glue and whatever you’re using to color the horses. You’ll also need at least two of the same illustrations per child.

Have the children color in the horse on each page. Then, have them cut the horses out of the illustrations, leaving a little space over the body.

Next, holding the papers so that the colored side is facing out on both sides, they’ll glue the bodies to the toilet paper roll (you might have to cut the roll down to fit the horse).

The heads can be glued together; only the body of the horse is 3D. The craft should stand up on its own four feet.

2. Rocking Horses

Much like the children did for the craft above, this one starts with two of the same illustrations, with both horses colored in and cut out.

Then, fold a paper plate in half and cut along the rim, leaving a good inch (the part that comes out should be a circle when you open it).

Glue the horses together, colored side outward, stopping at about two inches before the bottom of the hooves.

Then glue the hooves to the crescent-shaped paper plate rim. It should not only sit up straight but rock back and forth!

1. Colorful Horse Cut-Outs

Cut out the horse figure on one of the illustrations and mount it to cardboard, also cut to shape.

Then get out acrylic paints and let the children’s imaginations go wild; encourage them not to color in the lines but to get more abstract with their art.

They can use any colors they want, and you could even provide little poms, ribbons, or pieces of yarn (to create a mane and tail) to further adorn their craft.

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