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Police Car Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original police car coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are great for teachers and parents who want to inform their kids about the importance of the police in our communities and how to spot a police car.

Also, if your kid/(s) have a fascination with the police or their cars, then these sheets make for an awesome activity that will provide tons of free entertainment! Included in this series are different types of police cars, such as SUVs, sedans, Dodge Chargers, simple outlines of police cars, and even a monster truck one!

Police Car Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Police Car Coloring Pages

Here are ten cheap, fun, and creative things you can do with your completed coloring pages!

1. Fill the Car with People

For this craft, the youngster should draw a policeman in the front seat and a criminal in the back of the police car.

When finished, the doors should be traced and shaped to match cut out from plain white paper. These cutouts should cover the windows, too!

The cutouts are then fit over the doors of the car, with a tiny drop of glue on one end. They can then be “opened” to reveal the people inside!

2. Make Fun Wall Art

Police cars make great coloring pages to embellish and frame. So much can be done with this fun item.

Once the page is colored, large, black pom-poms can be used as wheels, and a fuzzy pipe cleaner can be twisted into a steering wheel. 

Shiny glassine can be used to laminate the “windows,” and a red craft pom-pom can be glued on top as the light and siren. 

Once all the desired embellishments are made, they can be framed and hung up as fun wall art. 

3. Create a 3D Police Car

Lay an empty toilet paper roll on its side and cut a small square out of the top portion. 

Leave one end attached to the roll so that the square can be folded up to look like a windshield. The latter should be painted white with craft paint.

Tape the colored cut out of the police car to the side of the roll, and cut out two “tires” to which black pom-poms can be glued. 

Now you have a fun 3D police car to decorate a desk or bureau!

4. Movable Fun

The simplicity of this craft is wonderful, considering how much fun it is for youngsters.

On a poster board, have the child color a road, as straight or windy as he or she wants.

Color and cut out a police car, and glue the car to a long popsicle stick. Cut out a slit in the poster board that goes all along the road. 

The child can slide the popsicle stick through the slit and move the car down the road from behind so that it can speed along to chase the criminal!

5. Create Characters for the Car

For this fun craft, have the youngsters draw faces at the top of large craft sticks. 

The finished police cars should be cut out and glued to a thick piece of poster board.

The windows of the car should be cut out, and the craft sticks can be used to put different faces “inside” the car.

For another variation, stickers can be put at the top of the craft sticks.

These could be cartoon characters, animals, or any other character that would look hilarious staring out of a police car!

6. Make a Badge

To begin making a badge, fold a piece of tin foil into the shape of a big star, and once the police car is colored, it can be cut out and glued to the center.

The whole ensemble can then be sealed with laminating paper, and a craft pin or clip can be used to make it wearable.

Any child will love strutting around with his or her badge for the day.

7. Make an Action Poster

Start with a large roll of sheet paper for this fun classroom activity. Go for the mural effect with this craft!

Have the children collectively draw an entire scene, adding people, trees, and buildings.

A road should be added last, with as many twists and turns as they desire.

A villain can be drawn at one end of the road, and the children can cut out their finished police cars, and glue them to the poster as if they are all giving chase!

8. A Fun Paper Chain Hat

For this craft, use blue or gray construction paper and have the youngster make a traditional paper chain.

Use pipe cleaners to fashion circles at each end that look like handcuffs.

Have the child color and cut out the police car, and connect the “handcuffs” to either end of it by making a tiny hole at each end of the cutout.

Have your child place the paper chain around his or her head, with the car in the front and handcuffs in the back, for a hilarious hat.

9. Make a Desktop Decoration

With only a wedge sponge and a police car coloring page, a cute desktop decoration can be made.

Once the child has colored and cut out his or her police car, black poster board paper should be used to make extra large wheels.

Once they are glued onto the cutout, attach the car to the wedge sponge in a way that makes it look as if the police car got jammed on a ramp while chasing criminals!

10. A Mobile with a Twist

For this comical police car mobile, have the youngsters color and cut out two police cars and two or three regular automobiles.

They should be sealed with laminate paper, and small holes should be punched at the top. 

Use an embroidery hoop or craft ring and attach them at different lengths, as you would for a mobile.

When the mobile is hung up, and you spin the hoop, it will create the illusion of police cars chasing criminals!

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