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Teacher Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Looking for a fun way to show your appreciation for the teachers in your life? Look no further than my collection of 20 teacher coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These sheets offer an entertaining way to express gratitude for the hardworking and dedicated teachers who inspire us all.

From classic school supplies to teachers in the classroom, there is a printable that should appeal to all ages and skill levels. So, grab your coloring pencils, and let’s get started on this inspiring journey into the world of teacher coloring sheets!

Monday Mandala Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Teacher Coloring Pages

Teacher coloring pages are good for any age group, and kids can get very creative with them.

Below are 10 affordable, fun, and creative crafts to do when those finished pages pile up.

1. An Original Picture

For this unique piece of artwork, have the youngsters draw a chalkboard on a piece of white poster board. They can use crayons, markers, or even craft paint.

A teacher figure can then be colored, cut from the finished page, and added to the poster with invisible glue.

A toothpick can be put in the teacher’s hand as a “pointer” aimed at the chalkboard.  

The child can then use various craft supplies to make the character look like his or her favorite teacher!

2. Creative Bookmarks

Since hardcopy textbooks are still used in most schools, bookmarks always come in handy. Teacher coloring pages are great for making this item.

When the coloring page is finished, the children should get creative and cut out the different figures on the page. 

The bookmarks can be the teacher’s character, an apple, a square like a chalkboard, or anything the child imagines.

When laminated in contact paper, a hole should be punched at the top for a piece of twine, and the youngsters have great bookmarks to use all year.

3. Make a Decorative Sign

A “Favorite Teacher” coloring page is perfect for this cute craft.

Once the page is colored, it should be glued to thick cardboard and embellished in any way the child desires.

The youngster can use yarn for hair, red puffy paint for a mouth, or add wiggle eyes and glue on a piece of brown twine as a ruler in the teacher’s hand.

Glitter or pom-poms can be added to make it fancy, and the child can give it to a favorite teacher for the front of his or her desk!

4. Dress Up Erasers

If the children have finished their coloring pages and they piled up, let them have fun laminating the backs of classroom erasers.

The backs of such erasers always seem to peel off, so this craft is also practical!

Measuring the back of the eraser is important, and this craft is best completed with Krazy glue. 

Using contact paper to seal in the artwork is recommended, and the laminated erasers should last a long time.

5. A Unique Greeting Card

Children often make cards for their teachers during holidays or for Valentine’s Day. 

The different items on the coloring page can be cut out separately, or the page can be left and attached to a folded poster board.

Artwork should be displayed on one side, and a personal message from the child written on the other. 

Don’t forget glitter, pom-poms, puffy paint, or other embellishments to make the card unique and fancy.

6. Crayon Craft

For this fun craft, each child should have an empty bathroom tissue cardboard to laminate with the finished coloring page.

Next, construction paper can be used to form a cone-shaped top for the craft to make it look like a giant crayon. This can be any color the child wants.

A smiling mouth can be drawn on the decoration, a tiny pom-pom can be used for the nose, and wiggle eyes can be added to create a “face” for the crayon. 

This desktop ornament will make the child smile all day!

7. An Old-Fashioned Schoolhouse

This adorable craft begins with each child drawing an old-fashioned schoolhouse on a regular piece of construction paper.

A large door should be added and cut out on three sides so that it can “open.” When the schoolhouse is finished, it should be carefully glued to a piece of poster board.

Once the teacher is colored and cut from the page, the character should be slid between the construction paper and the poster board.

 When the door is “open,” the teacher is standing inside.

8. Make Fancy Pencils and Markers

If the youngsters in class have run out of things to do with those finished coloring pages, have them laminate their markers and pencils.

This can be fun and challenging but is great for teaching little hands dexterity.

All that’s necessary is some simple white glue and scissors. For markers, thicker steps should be cut, and thinner ones for pencils.

Youngsters may also laminate their crayon or pencil boxes, depending on how many coloring pages they’ve finished!

9. You’re My Favorite Teacher

Children have loads of fun with this craft, and it’s a great end-of-the-year activity.

Have the children color the pages of their choice and leave them intact. Using a piece of poster board turned vertically; the coloring page should be glued to the top half.

Underneath, the youngster should write, “You’re my favorite teacher because,” in a bright color.

With a ruler, the youngster should make lines on which to write what he or she loves most about that teacher for a terrific gift!

10. Design Colorful Book Covers

Several coloring pages may be needed for this craft, but it’s always fun for kids of any age.

If the book belongs to the child, the page can be glued directly to the front of the book and sealed with contact paper.

Alternatively, a large coloring page can be used to create a classic book cover using one of the many templates available for this craft. 

Either way, the youngsters will enjoy this craft. 

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