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School Bus Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Hop aboard and join us for a colorful journey with these 20 school bus coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These fun and engaging printables are perfect for kids who love transportation and vehicles and provide a fun way to learn about school buses and their importance in getting children safely to and from school.

With these illustrations, kids can explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills while learning about important concepts like road safety and transportation. Whether they’re coloring in a traditional yellow school bus or creating their own unique designs, these coloring pages offer endless possibilities for fun and learning!

school bus feature image coloring pages

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With School Bus Coloring Pages

Here are 10 creative, fun, and cheap craft activities that you can do with the above coloring pages!

10. The Wheels On The Bus Poster

To make a Wheels on the Bus poster, you will need a piece of construction paper or posterboard (depending on how big you want to make it).

You’ll get your kids to color in, cut out one of my buses, and set it aside.

On the construction paper, they’ll write, “The Wheels on the,” leave a space for the bus, and then below, “Go Round and Round!”

Then they’ll paste the bus into place on the page. They can also draw and color in any background they want, like a road or a school.

9. Faces In The Window Buses

To make this craft, you’ll need a piece of construction paper, as well as pictures of your kids (or students) where their heads are small enough to fit inside the school bus illustration’s windows.

You’ll start by having the kids color in and cut out a school bus – School Bus Driving Past Elementary School or School Bus Driving On Road would suit.

Then they’ll cut themselves out of three or four pictures, about from the shoulders up.

They’ll then cut out the windows in the school bus and paste themselves in the empty spaces.

Wait for the glue to dry, and then paste the entire bus down onto a piece of construction paper.

You can title it Back To School, School Days, or whatever you like!

8. Tissue Paper Buses

This is a fun activity that will help pass a rainy afternoon when the kids are cooped up inside.

You’ll need yellow and black tissue paper, which you can cut into small pieces or simply have your kids rip off in about equal pieces.

They’ll twist the tissue paper a little bit and glue it down onto the school bus picture, filling in the bus with yellow and the tires with black.

7. Spinning Wheels Buses

To make school buses whose wheels actually spin, you’ll need fasteners, which you can find at any office supply store or online at Amazon.

You’ll have your kids color in and cut out a school bus from the picture and then have them carefully cut out the tires.

Next, they’ll glue the bus to a piece of construction paper and, for the tires, place them where they would go and affix them with the fasteners.

The result is that the wheels turn backward and forwards; have your kids finish off the picture by drawing in a road or parking lot.

6. Play Props

For imaginative fun that can be combined with Legos, town map mats, or other car/truck toys, turn my school bus pictures into play props.

You’ll have the kids color in, cut out the school buses, and then trace them onto cardstock. Then they’ll cut out the outline and paste the two pieces together.

They could also cut off the tires on the actual picture and puncture them back on by applying fasteners through the cardstock, thus making the tires actually movable.

5. Classroom Decorations

Welcome kids back to your classroom with some school bus decorations lifted from my illustrations.

You could color in and cut out the buses individually and use them as place cards for their desks or simply hang them up on the walls.

4. School Bus Etiquette Booklets

For school bus first-timers, the experience can be a bit overwhelming, so help them out by creating these School Bus Etiquette booklets.

Color in four or five pages and list some of the most important rules for riding the school bus onto them, like, “Stay seated while the bus is in motion.”

3. Thank You, Bus Driver Cards

For a sweet end-of-year thank you to your bus driver for all he or she does to ensure your kids’ safety, consider turning my school bus pictures into cards.

You can use the paper that it’s printed on, folded on half or quarter-page.

Or you can have your kids color in, cut out a school bus, and paste it onto a piece of construction paper folded in half.

Write Thank You on the front and a nice message on the inside, and tuck it into a homemade envelope or a basket with little gifts for your driver.

2. Open Door Buses

For this craft, you’ll want to use one of the drawings that feature the doors full-on, like School Bus Driving On Road or School Bus Dropping Students Off At School.

You can leave the picture whole and paste the entire thing onto a piece of construction paper or use just the bus.

Cut the door open on three sides, leaving one long side connected, and fold along that line.

Then you’ll paste a full-length picture of your kid – on their first day of school, perhaps? – within the confines of the door so that when it opens, it reveals your child.

1. Bus Number Lanyard Cards

To help youngsters remember which bus they’re on, at least for the first week of school, have them color in and cut out one of my school buses, resized to about credit card size.

Then draw in block letters on a piece of construction paper the number of their bus and have them cut it out.

They’ll then paste the numbers onto the school bus.

You can laminate, punch a hole and attach a lanyard for them to wear around their necks when school gets out, so if they forget their bus number, they have it close at hand.

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