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Printable Christmas Ornaments (Free PDF Templates)

Get ready to deck your halls and twinkle up your tree with this collection of 52 Christmas tree ornament templates that are all free to download and print! These templates serve many purposes: they’re perfect for coloring, DIY tree decorations, paper crafts, gift tags, sewing, and personalized tree ornaments!

For this series, you will find a massive assortment of ornament templates, including traditional round ornament decorations, gingerbread ornaments, candy cane ornaments, snowglobe ornaments, blank outlines of ornaments, plus many other shapes and designs!

Christmas Ornaments Templates Featured Image

To use these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Also, all of these designs have hany eyes at the top for putting some thread through for easy decorating! Enjoy!

10 Uses For Printable Christmas Tree Ornament Templates

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can turn my on-paper Christmas tree ornament templates into actual ornaments that will adorn your tree for years to come.

You’ll need shrink sheets, which you can find on Amazon for less than $10. Print out the ornament templates onto the shrink sheets.

Cut them out carefully and then color them with markers (or leave them blank and skip to the next step).

You will punch a hole in the top, then bake the cut-outs per the shrink sheets’ instructions.

Once they’ve cooled, you and your kids can decorate them using ribbon, glitter, sequins, or whatever else you can dream up!

You’ll loop a piece of ribbon through the hole you punched out, tie it off and use that to hang the ornaments on the tree.

9. Greeting Card Embellishments

My Christmas tree ornament templates are the perfect blank canvas for a gorgeous DIY Christmas card cover.

You could, for example, print out the template of your choice onto cardstock, cut it out, and cover it with burlap or some other material.

Then you could make little bows from ribbon and paste the entire thing onto the card.

Or you could give the templates to your kids to decorate and have them make Christmas cards for all your friends and family.

8. Ornament Picture Frame Crafts

My Christmas ornament templates are ideal for use with this craft, which is great for kids who are grade school age and younger.

Print the templates off onto cardstock in rich red or green colors. Then, you’ll draw a circle in the middle and cut it out.

Next, you’ll take a picture of the child and, from the bottom, glue it to the ornament so that their face peeks out.

They can decorate the ornament however they want; punch a hole in the top and tie off a piece of ribbon – this can then be hung on a Christmas tree as an actual ornament!

7. Gift Bag Embellishments

My ornament templates can be used in much the same way for gift bags as for greeting cards.

You could also group a few ornaments together in the corner of the bag, all in different colors, decorated with bows and glitter.

It’s a beautiful and thoughtful way to elevate a simple, plain gift bag that you can find at the dollar store.

6. Christmas Party Decorations

My Christmas ornament templates make inexpensive but lovely Christmas party decorations that will delight guests.

You could use one of the larger templates, decorate three or four and hang them on the wall.

Or take some of the smaller ones, decorate them, cut them out, and string them up, hanging them from the ceiling or over a doorway.

They could be used as part of the place settings or even as the centerpiece.

5. Gift Tags

My smaller Christmas tree ornament templates are ideal for DIY gift tags when you want to be a little bit extra with your gift-giving.

Color them in with all different patterns and designs, cut them out, then write down the To: and From: info onto a small piece of cardstock.

Glue the cardstock to the ornament and punch a hole in the top of the ornament. You’ll string ribbon, twine, or even yarn through the hole and use that to attach to the gift.

4. Classroom Activities

When it’s coming up on winter break, the chaos in kids can lead to the breakdown of normal classroom studies and instead have teachers reverting to crafts.

You could do a large papercraft mural wall, where the students color in and decorate an ornament and write something they love about the winter season.

Then you can hang up all the ornaments.

You could also take one of the larger ornament templates (or resize it to be even larger) and add lines within the ornament before making copies.

Then pass out the pages and have kids write out paragraphs about what the holiday spirit means to them.

3. Tissue Paper Ornaments

A pretty and unique take on traditional Christmas tree ornaments is these tissue paper ones.

You’ll cut up squares of differently colored tissue paper and crumple them, then glue them down onto the Christmas tree ornament templates.

Repeat until the ornament is filled (you can get creative and make zig-zag patterns or a star or heart), then cut out the shape.

Poke a hole in the top and tie off a piece of string or cord to hang the ornaments on the tree.

2. Christmas Party Activities For Kids

You can set up a table with my ornament templates for the family-friendly Christmas party and let kids decorate them to their hearts’ content.

Put paint, markers, glue, glitter, ribbon, fabric swatches, and even beads or cereal onto the table, and the kids will do the rest.

1. Iron-Ons For Apparel

You can make cute ornament-themed apparel using my templates; you’ll just need the iron-on vinyl and a Cricut. 

Create your composition digitally; you can add colored designs into the ornaments and words that the Cricut will cut out (like “Deck the Halls”).

Then print that out onto the vinyl and feed it into the Cricut using the Print and Cut feature.

The machine will do all the work, and you can peel off the cut-outs and iron them onto your shirt, hoodie, or even canvas tote.

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