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Angel Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Immerse yourself in heavenly charm with these 60 angel templates that are all free to download and print! The potential uses for these printables are only limited by your creativity, making them perfect for crafting, sewing, baking, coloring, decorating, ornaments, and anything else you can conceive!

Included in this collection is a wide range of angel templates in diverse styles, shapes, and intended uses. It includes simple angel outlines, angel stencils, templates with detailed angels (halo, wings, robe, etc.), angel ornaments, and so much more!

Angel Template Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Uses For Printable Angel Templates

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Greeting Card Embellishments

Whatever the occasion – the birth of a new child, the passing of a loved one, or the holiday season – a handmade card means that much more to the recipient.

You can use my angel templates as embellishments on that card; simply decorate the angel however you like – or don’t decorate it at all and let its simplicity speak for itself.

Then you can paste it to the front of the card and add your greeting.

9. Home Décor 

There are so many ways you can use my angel templates to decorate your home, and not just around the holidays.

For example, they could be used in a shadow box as a background, or you could cut out the template, stencil in the word “Blessings” and frame it.

At Christmas time, if you’re hosting a party, you could string up multiple angel templates and hang them from the ceiling at different lengths.

Or you could use the templates as part of your place settings at the dinner table or as part of a centerpiece.

8. Classroom/Sunday School Activities

There are lots of classroom or Sunday School activities you can use my angel templates for, including simply having students decorate the blank figures.

They could glue popsicle sticks to the back, letting them hang down just a fraction of an inch as the angel’s “feet,” adding faces and even halos.

Or you could have them color them in, paste them to the right on a piece of construction paper, and to the left, invite them to write how they are blessed in this life.

7. Suncatchers

My angel templates are the perfect vehicle for suncatchers; you’ll need to print the templates onto transparent paper.

Then you and your kids can decorate the figures however you like, though I suggest bits of tissue paper, like a mosaic, or cut to fit the angels’ faces and bodies.

You’ll then cut out the figures, poke a little hole in the top of their heads and tie off a piece of cording, which you can use to hang from a suction cup hook in a sunny window.

6. Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can use my angel templates to make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments that your family will cherish for years to come.

You will need shrink sheets, which you can find online at Amazon; print the templates onto the shrink sheets.

Have your kids color in the figures with markers, cut them out, and then punch holes in the tops of the heads.

Bake them off and let them cool completely; once they’ve cooled, you can add further decorations, like glitter or ribbon bows. 

Tie off a piece of ribbon through the hole you punched and use that to hang the ornament on the tree.

5. Christmas Tree Toppers

You can use my angel templates to create a beautiful DIY Christmas tree topper – no need to spend money on one.

You’ll print out the template of your choice onto cardstock – the color is up to you, but I recommend white.

Decorate the angel however you like, whether it’s with glitter, sequins, ribbon or garlands, etc., and cut it out. (You could also use a golden pipe cleaner to fashion a halo.)

Next, take another piece of cardstock and roll it into a cone shape. Trim the edges and paste the side down so that it stays rolled up.

Then you’ll glue the angel to the cone. The cone should fit over the tip of your tree.

4. Angel Face Crafts

Here’s a cute use for my angel templates, which is an adorable craft for an entire classroom of kids.

You’ll print out the template for as many kids as you need and have them carefully cut out a circle in the angel’s head.

Then they’ll paste a picture of their own faces from under the cut-out. They’ll complete cutting out the angel and paste it onto a piece of construction paper.

Then they can decorate the angel and the page however they wish.

3. Church Posters/Signs

If you’re designing a poster or a sign for your church – for say, a Christmas choral concert or a special holiday service – you can use my angel templates as decoration.

To do this, you’ll open the PDF, use the selector tool and create a box around the angel you want to use.

Then you’ll either copy or cut and paste it onto the poster document. 

You can play around with the illustration settings in your particular program to fill in color or resize the angel figure or even flip the figure to face the opposite direction.

2. Church Newsletters

You can do much the same thing to use my angel templates for your church’s holiday (or otherwise) newsletter.

You could even use an angel or two as the backdrop for the entire newsletter, fading the illustration and placing the content over it.

Or you could resize the angels to be smaller and use them to flank the headings.

1. Funeral Programs

If you’re tasked with the somber duty of creating the funeral program for one who has passed, you can use my angel templates to honor the person who is now in their final resting place.

Whether you put the angel on the cover, inside, back, or perhaps a different one on all three pages, my angels add a respectful and loving touch.

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