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Jesus Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original Jesus coloring pages that are all free to download or print! I illustrated a variety of Jesus pictures, from the birth of Jesus, Christ performing miracles, the Resurrection of Jesus, I love Jesus coloring sheets, and many more!

These printables of Jesus make a fun learning activity for kids on a rainy day, a Sunday School project, or just something creative to do. Also, these sheets make great decorations during Easter or Christmas to spread the spirit of Christ.

jesus coloring pages featured image

If you would like to color or decorate one (or more) of these pages, click any of the below images or links to open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely print or download! If you have run out of ink or paper, also try coloring these pages on an iPad or iPhone.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Jesus Coloring Pages

If you are looking to spruce up these coloring pages or for some extra crafty activities, be sure to check the list below for some great ideas and inspiration!

10. Christmas/Easter Cards

These Jesus coloring pages are ideal for either Christmas or Easter greeting cards (or really, any reason at all!) for someone special.

Simply shrink the image of choice to half page or a quarter page and print; then fold so that the image is on the “front page” (for the quarter page, you will fold in half, and then in half again).

Have the children color in the picture; they can write a related Bible verse in front or let the image do the talking. 

Make sure they write “Happy Easter” or “Merry Christmas” on the inside and that they sign their name!

You’ll also probably want to date the card on the back so that you never forget what year the child did this lovely work.

9. Mini-Biography Booklets

There are enough images of Jesus in our collection that you could make little mini-biographies of Jesus’s life. 

You could do the Passion of the Christ, the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection; or the birth of Jesus, in a manger, where the Three Kings visit.

Or you could simply tell the story of Jesus’s miracles and preaching!

There’s enough room on each page for a small sentence or two to describe what is happening.

Print out as many pages as you need of each illustration and have the children color them in. When they’re done, take a three-hole punch to the pages and bind with yarn or twine.

8. Stained Glass 

With scraps of tissue paper or construction paper, have the children use rubber cement to affix them on top of the illustrations, using like colors for each object (e.g., blue for the sea, brown for robes).

You can give younger children the simpler illustrations, while older kids could instead work on the more complex illustrations. 

The end result is a mosaic-y stained glass effect that will look beautiful hung up on a fridge or a wall.

7. Paintings

Instead of coloring in the illustrations with crayon or colored pencil, why not encourage the children to paint?

Put down something to protect the table surface, and set out cups of water, paint brushes and watercolor paint palettes (the latter two can be found in any dollar store).

For a truly painterly experience, clip the illustrations to posterboard or cardboard and place them on easels so that the children can paint upright.

6. Placemats

On a computer, shrink the illustration so that its length fits the horizontal boundaries on an 11” by 8.5” sheet of paper and center it on the page.

(This is so that the placemat can be used horizontally and not vertically.)

Have the children color in the image with crayon, colored pencils, markers or even paints.

Then, glue the page onto a slightly larger piece of construction paper, to create a border, and laminate it. 

Use it at meal times as a reminder of Jesus’s love!

5. Dioramas

For this craft, you will need two or three printouts of the same illustration.

Shrink the images down to the size of a standard shoe box or find shoe boxes large enough for the regular size printout.

Have the children color in the images but: they will only color in the backdrop on one page and the forefront on another page. 

The shoebox will sit up on its side, with the open side facing out; glue the finished backdrop into the back of the shoebox. 

Then, have the children cut out the forefront illustrations after they have colored it. Fold the bottom by about a half-inch, away from you.

Along the folded bottom, glue the forefront a few inches away from the backdrop; the diorama should have a 3D effect!

4. Coloring With Marbles Or Glass Stones

For this craft, you’ll start by gluing the illustration to a slightly larger piece of cardboard or posterboard – something sturdy.

Then, using marbles or glass stones with flat bottoms (you can find these at any dollar store in the craft section), have the kids “color in” the illustration.

This craft will likely work best with one of the simpler coloring pages.

The kids can color parts and fill in parts with the glass stones, or do the entire illustration in glass stones – the choice is yours.

3. 3D Tissue Paper Illustrations

Provide lots of tissue paper and have the children scrunch it up so that it’s textured and glue onto the illustration.

Use blue for Mary’s dress, purple for Jesus’s robe or white for the cross.

This craft is nice because not only do kids love scrunching, but the tissue paper is also so lightweight, you don’t have to reinforce the page (although you certainly can).

2. Paper Plate Frame

Get the children to color in the figures of an illustration, whether it’s Jesus or a cross alone, or a group of figures, like Jesus performing miracles or Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Then have them cut out the figures they just colored.

Take a paper plate and, starting under the ribbed edging, begin cutting along the circle. You can do half the circle or a little more than, but then cut straight across.

This should leave you with a circular frame. Paste the illustration cutout to the back of the frame, colored side facing forward. 

Then, you can use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of the frame, run some string through and hang your work of art!

1. Jesus Scene Vases

In much the same way as the above craft, you’ll start by having the children color just the figures of an illustration and then cut them out.

Next, you’ll need a vase and some Mod Podge, which you can find inexpensively at any dollar store (try Dollar Tree).

Using the Mod Podge, which dries clear, fit the cut-out illustration onto the vase and press it down as flat as possible.

Let dry, then fill with water and flowers; would make a beautiful Mother’s Day, Easter or Christmas gift!

Jesus Coloring Pages Featured Image

Linda Almekinder

Saturday 24th of February 2024

Thanks much! It is so easy to find pictures for Christmas & Easter, but I appreciate the Jesus life & Holy Week pictures. My Sunday school kids will love these & hopefully learn from them!

Monday Mandala Team

Tuesday 27th of February 2024

We're so happy to hear that, Linda! It's wonderful to know the Jesus life and Holy Week pictures will be a hit with your Sunday school kids. We hope these coloring pages not only bring joy but also enrich their learning experience. Thank you for sharing with us!


Monday 16th of October 2023

Are you happy for me to use some of your images in Christmas gifts for our Kids Church families? We don't sell them - this is the sixth year we have made our own family devotions books and kids' activity books. I think your colouring pages would work really well.

Monday Mandala Team

Monday 16th of October 2023

Hi Elisabeth, thanks for the comment and checking with us :) Yes, you are free to use them for your activity books, sounds like a great idea!

Monica Twomey

Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Would I be able to use some of these with permission to trace, color in with watercolor, and donate to our church to be used in the silent auction fundraiser? I wouldn’t make any money from it, but our church would.

Monday Mandala Team

Tuesday 19th of September 2023

Hi Monica, thanks for asking us and yes it is ok to use them for that purpose as sounds like a great cause :) Thanks


Friday 7th of April 2023

Great coloring pages!

Monday Mandala

Monday 22nd of May 2023

Thanks Joy :) We hope you got some good use out of these pages.

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