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Christmas Lights Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get into the holiday spirit with these 14 Christmas lights coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are perfect for kids and adults who love the festive season and all the colorful lights that come with it, which makes them a great candidate for a coloring craft activity!

With my illustrations, you can let your creativity shine and explore different color combinations to create a beautiful display of lights. You can color in classic Christmas light shapes, like bulbs or stars, or create your own unique designs using your imagination!

Christmas Lights Coloring Pages Featured Image

To access any of these coloring sheets, click on a link or image to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can download or print that page as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Christmas Lights Coloring Pages

Kids love primary colors, so they’ll love coloring Christmas lights.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and exciting ways to make the most of all that great artwork.

1. Design a Classroom Light Banner

For this beautiful classroom craft, have all the youngsters color their Christmas light pages and cut the individual items from the page. The more diversity, the better!

Next, pass out construction paper and have the entire class work on a giant paper chain to hang the cutouts.

They can be attached to the chain with thread, glue, or even just a piece of tape for a terrific holiday classroom banner.

2. Make Those Lights Look Real

Pages featuring large, individual Christmas lights work best for this craft.

Using tiny pieces of tissue paper in the appropriate color, a textured surface should be added to the lights.

Next, a small square piece of cardboard with a tiny hole can be glued to the top of the light. This will look just like the screw cap of real light.

When a piece of twine is threaded through the hole, these real-looking lights can be hung up as ornaments.

3. Christmas Light Headband

This craft is fun for youngsters of all ages, but you may need several coloring pages to complete it. 

Once the lights are colored, they should be cut out in one long strip and the strip glued to a piece of cardboard of the same length, with the ends stapled together.

Pom-poms can embellish each light, using either one large pom-pom in the center or tiny ones to create a textured surface. 

The headband can then be worn through the holidays!

4. Christmas Light Candle Holder

Clear candle holders work best for this enjoyable craft, but any kind will do. Once the lights are colored, a piece should be cut from the coloring page that showcases the best ones.

This page part should be used to carefully laminate the candleholder using craft glue.

The outer surface should be sprayed with acrylic spray or, alternatively, wrapped carefully in clear packing tape. The result is a beautiful “Christmas light” candle holder.

5. Create a Beautiful Picture Frame

Making a lovely holiday picture frame from a coloring page featuring Christmas lights is easy.

When the page is finished, the lights can be cut out individually or, depending on how they’re positioned, cut into strips.

Using an ordinary picture frame from a discount store, the lights can be carefully glued around the entire circumference of the frame.

Glassine effectively seals the artwork on the frame, and the child can use it for a photo or even to frame another Christmas-themed coloring page!

6. Make a Homemade Christmas Night Light

Most children have nightlights in their bedrooms, so why not create one with a holiday theme?

An ordinary plain nightlight is perfect for this craft, and when your child has finished coloring a pretty Christmas light, it should be carefully cut out and laminated on contact paper.

Once it’s glued to a thin piece of cardboard with invisible glue, craft glue can be used to attach the ensemble to the outer surface of the nightlight.

This will make the nightlight both colorful and festive.

7. A Wreath of Lights

Give your child a coloring page featuring many different Christmas lights to create a beautiful decorative wreath.

The page should be glued to thin cardboard, sealed in contact paper, and each light carefully cut out.

The cutouts can then be glued with craft glue to an inexpensive, felt craft wreath for beautiful holiday decoration.

Don’t forget to add a red bow at the top!

8. Decorate a Pet Bowl for the Holidays

Don’t leave Rover out during Christmas since coloring pages featuring Christmas lights are perfect for decorating a pet bowl.

After your youngster has colored enough lights to span the circumference of the bowl, they should be glued to thin cardboard and carefully cut out.

Using plain Elmer’s glue, the child can affix the cutouts to the bowl’s surface in the pattern of his or her choice.

After the holidays, the glue will easily wash away, and the decals can be removed.

9. Make Cute Christmas Mugs

Begin this craft with an inexpensive set of four mugs, which can be plastic or glass.

Have your youngster color lights in four colors, one for each mug.

When carefully cut from the page, invisible glue should be used to attach them to the surface of the mugs.

Several coats of acrylic spray should be added to seal in the artwork, and you have adorable holiday mugs.

10. Unique Christmas Pins

Some inexpensive wooden craft spoons and some safety pin fasteners are all you need for this great classroom activity.

When the youngsters have finished their pages, have them cut out two lights to laminate each side of the spoon. 

A black pipe cleaner can be wrapped around the base of the light where the screw cap would be. This combination makes it look like a real light.

A safety pin fastener can be added to the back, and the child can wear it as a Christmas pin! 

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