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Snowflake Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Immerse yourself in winter wonder with these 150 snowflake templates and patterns that are all free to download and print! These paper snowflakes can be used for anything, including classroom/at-home decorating, window displays, ornaments, and anything else you can think of!

Included in this collection are 30 beautiful paper snowflakes in various designs and shapes, including snowmen snowflakes, Christmas snowflakes, Angel snowflakes, simple-to-cutout snowflakes for young ones, more intricate snowflakes, and even a blank snowflake template to create your very own design!

Snowflake Templates Featured Image

Also included below are 120 ready-to-cutout snowflakes in various patterns, styles, and sizes that make them great for scrapbooking, decorating, baking, sewing, and anything else you can imagine!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

Paper Snowflake Template - Intricate Pattern

How To Make a Christmas Paper Snowflake

Here’s how to make your own paper snowflake from our custom-made templates:

Materials Needed:

  1. Snowflake templates (see above).
  2. White paper (printer paper works well).
  3. Scissors (smaller scissors can provide better control for intricate designs).
  4. Optional: Glitter, sequins, or other decorations to make your snowflakes sparkle!


  1. Print the Templates: Browse our collection of snowflake templates and choose one that suits your taste. From simple to complex, there’s a design for everyone. Once you’ve chosen your design, print it out on white paper.
  2. Prepare Your Paper: Take your printed snowflake design and fold it following the folding lines indicated on the template.
  3. Start Cutting: Here’s where the magic happens! Use your scissors to cut out the grey areas on the template. These areas represent the negative space in your snowflake design. Remember to take your time, especially with intricate designs.
  4. Unfold Your Snowflake: Once you’re finished cutting, carefully unfold the paper. Voila! Your beautifully symmetrical, one-of-a-kind paper snowflake has been born.
  5. Finishing Touches: If you wish, you can add some sparkle to your snowflake by decorating it with glitter or sequins. Simply spread some craft glue over your snowflake, sprinkle your decorations over it, and shake off any excess. Allow your snowflake to dry before hanging it up.
  6. Display Your Snowflake: Paper snowflakes look wonderful in windows, strung up on walls, or hanging from the ceiling. They can also make unique, personalized gift tags.

That’s it! With a little patience and creativity, you’ve transformed a simple sheet of paper into a winter wonderland. We hope you enjoy making these paper snowflakes as much as we enjoyed designing the templates.

Feel free to share your creations with us on social media. We love seeing the unique ways our readers bring our templates to life. Remember, no two snowflakes are the same, so each creation is truly unique – just like in nature. Happy crafting!

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