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Titanic Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

All aboard and set sail into a journey of creativity with these 22 Titanic coloring pages that are all free to download and print! While the Titanic set out on its maiden voyage over 100 years ago, the grandeur and story of the vessel still capture the minds of kids (and adults, too!) to this very day.

For this series, I illustrated the Titanic from many angles and settings, including on the open seas, the Titanic heading towards an iceberg, and also the Titanic sinking. Also included are iconic moments from the Titanic movie, a page of the Titanic grand staircase, Titanic passengers, plus many others that you can see below!

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To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Titanic Coloring Pages

All kids are fascinated with the story of the Titanic. 

If your youngster has colored lots of pages featuring this ship, put them to good use with these great craft ideas.

1. Create a Unique Scene 

For this fun classroom activity, have the students color and cut out the Titanic and glue it to the center of a plain piece of posterboard, with extra room left at the bottom.

In this extra space, the children can create their own “ocean.” 

Blue pom-poms, tissue paper, yarn, and glitter can be used; the fancier, the better.

Thick yarn is perfect to fashion life preservers, toothpicks glued in a stack make great rafts, and tiny paper “lifeboats” can also be added to create a lifelike ocean for the ship!

2. Sinking Ship

Start the simple craft with an ordinary shoebox and the Titanic coloring page. When the Titanic is colored, it should be glued to cardboard, cut out, and set aside.

Next, wrap white tissue paper around an ordinary cardboard roll to create an “iceberg.”  

Fill the empty shoe box with blue tissue paper, and place the iceberg cutout on top.

Finally, the Titanic cutout should be stuck down into a slit for an abstract version of the sinking ship.

3. Make an Easy Titanic Mobile

Make this unique mobile by gluing three craft sticks together in a crisscross pattern.

Next, have the youngster color three Titanic ships, glue them to cardboard, and cut them out.

Then, the child can draw and cut out some homemade icebergs using white or gray paper.

In a staggered pattern, the icebergs and the Titanic cutouts should be attached to the craft sticks with yarn for fun, colorful mobile.

4. Sailing Through the Classroom

This enjoyable classroom activity is perfect for kids of any age. Using blue web paper or a giant piece of poster board, have the youngsters work together to draw an ocean.

Since the theme is Titanic, the water can be embellished with cargo, lifeboats, and life preservers.

Once the youngsters have finished coloring their ships, they can be cut out and added to the water to create an interesting, colorful poster for the classroom.

5. Funny Luggage Tags 

Titanic coloring pages can be used to make funny luggage tags. Once the Titanic is colored, it should be glued to a white poster board. 

Next, several luggage tag-size pieces can be cut out, and a name and address can be written on the back. (These can be funny, made-up names.)

For a comical touch, the youngsters should then add, “Better Luck Next Time.” 

Seal the tag in contact paper, and use a hole punch and craft chain to create a novelty luggage tag to hang anywhere.

6. Create a Toy Telescope

There must have been nautical telescopes on the Titanic, so let your youngster make one.

Using an empty wrapping paper roll, have the child laminate it with those colorful Titanic pages.

Next, let the youngster draw and cut out an “iceberg.” 

This can be attached to the end of the telescope. The child can then sound the warning that there’s ice ahead!

7. Make a Shoebox Ship

This craft is simple and easy for any child. Turn an empty shoe box upside down, and trace and cut out three circles in its top, using an empty paper towel roll to trace the circle.

Then, laminate the sides of the box with cutouts from the finished pages.

Next, laminate three paper towel rolls with white, red, and black construction paper just like the real Titanic.

When they are slid into the holes at the top, your youngster has a realistic-looking Titanic ship.

8. Springing a Leak

This fun craft can be done in the classroom or individually. Once the Titanic is colored, it should be glued to thick cardboard and cut out.

A hole should be punched at the top for a piece of red or black yarn.

Tiny holes should be made in the bottom, through which blue paper streamers can be threaded to depict water leaking from the ship!

The Titanic can then be hung up, and whenever there’s a breeze, it looks like water is coming from the holes.

9. A Change of Scene

Begin this fun craft by having the youngster cut “waves” from blue construction paper, and glue them to posterboard in such a way that something can be slid behind them.

This, of course, will be the Titanic cutout from the coloring page, which can be placed behind the “waves” and secured with glue.

On the back of the posterboard, another Titanic cutout can be added; only this one depicts the ship sinking! A craft stick should be added as a handle.

The scene can then be changed by flipping it back and forth.

10. Make a Titanic Hat

Children love to wear paper hats, but a colorful Titanic hat is extra fun.

Using any number of simple paper hat templates, the youngsters can fashion a hat from the newspaper. Parts of the Titanic coloring page can then be used to embellish the hat.

Finally, blue streamers can be added at strategic places as if it’s taking on water.

The youngster can even add an empty bathroom tissue roll laminated with red, white, and black construction paper depicting one of the ship’s stacks.

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