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Helicopter Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 36 original helicopter coloring pages that are all free to download and print! This series was a blast to illustrate as I had a helping hand from my youngest son, Charlie, who is obsessed with all things that fly!

With his knowledge of aircraft and my drawing expertise, we came up with a great variety of helicopters, including different brands such as Bell, Robbinson, and Boeing, to name a few! I also illustrated some police helicopters, army helicopters, lego helicopters, and many more.

Helicopter Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you are then free to download or print whichever one you want, as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Helicopter Coloring Pages

Below are ten uses for finished helicopter coloring pages that any child can do!

1. Turn the Helicopter Into an Emoji

Turning a helicopter coloring page into emoji is easier than it sounds. Simply gather craft items such as wiggle eyes, yellow crayons and markers, and poster paper.

Have the children color their helicopters in a bright shade of yellow. Then, glue wiggle eyes onto the front windshield or wherever they work best to create a face.

Black and red markers can then be used to make expressions, such as eyebrows to create a frown or big red lips for a smile. Once children start on this craft, they’ll want to do more!

 2. Make the Helicopter Fly

For this inventive craft, use the cardboard from inside a roll of paper towels, and decorate it with the coloring page.

Use craft sticks on the bottom to serve as landing gear and longer craft sticks on the top for the main rotor.

Take a lengthy piece of yarn and thread it through the paper towel roll. Then, use a pushpin to attach it to the wall and hold the other end of the yarn at a lower point.

The helicopter can then “fly” down the yarn, and the youngster can catch it before it “lands.”

3. Create a 3D Helicopter

It’s easy to create a 3D helicopter from a finished coloring page! 

Simply use crinkled foil for the body, saran wrap for the front windshield, and popsicle sticks pasted in an “X” on top for the main rotor, landing skids, and tail rotor.

Add puffy 3D blue paint in the background as the sky, and cotton balls for clouds.

4. Search and Rescue

For this craft, cut out the finished helicopter and laminate it with a suitable material. Punch a hole in the top for a piece of thick yarn.

Use twine to fashion a rope ladder and glue the bottom of it to a piece of burlap to serve as a stretcher. 

Have the child take a favorite action figure to ride in the “stretcher” and then glue the ensemble to the helicopter. 

The yarn handle can be used to pull the helicopter through the air, and youngsters can have fun “rescuing” their action figure.

5. Bring the Helicopter to Life

Take a piece of thin cardboard, approximately 2” x 5 ½ inches. Cut straight up the middle of it to a length of about 3 inches. 

When these strips are bent in opposite directions, it creates a rotor. The helicopter should then be cut out of the finished coloring page and attached to the “rotor” with a string.

Hang a large paper clip or two on the bottom of the string, and when the child drops the helicopter from high in the air, it will spin down as if it’s real!

6. Use Helicopter Pages to Track Progress

For a fun classroom project, have the children color their helicopter in their favorite color and decorate it with their initials. 

Next, have each child take turns helping to color a giant cloud cut out of posterboard.

The helicopters should then be cut out and attached to magnets or squares of nonpermanent mounting putty. 

These can be used to track progress in a contest or game, with the helicopter of the child who is winning at the moment being placed in the “cloud.”

7. Make a Homemade Dartboard

Almost all children love to play darts, so why not use those finished coloring pages to make a homemade dartboard?

Have each child color their helicopter and cut it out. They should then be affixed to a large square of corkboard.

A fun game of darts can be played, with each child’s target being his or her helicopter. A prize can be given out to any child who manages to hit the right helicopter.

The corkboard can be used over again with new pictures of helicopters for additional games.

8. Toy Box Decoration

Any child who uses a toy box to store action figures or other playthings will enjoy decorating the inside of the lid with their finished coloring pages.

The youngsters can simply paste the finished coloring pages on the inside of the lid. They can also get fancy and cut out several finished helicopters colored in different shades and glue them to the surface. 

Other colored objects, such as clouds or a big yellow sun can be used to create a backdrop for the helicopters.

9. An Enjoyable and Educational Classroom Activity

For an engaging classroom activity, attach several pieces of large poster board together, and fill them up with the children’s colored helicopters.

What makes this different from a regular poster is that each child puts his or her initials inside the helicopter and, then, next to it, writes a fact about these machines.

Each youngster must go on a sort of scavenger hunt to find an interesting fact, whether online, out of a book, or simply by asking an adult. 

10. Decorate a Real Model Helicopter

If your child has a model helicopter or toy helicopter, the finished coloring page can be used to decorate it. Different parts can be cut out and pasted to the model’s matching parts.

It doesn’t have to be an exact match, though. If desired, the youngsters can simply cut out interesting designs from the coloring page and decorate the model helicopter any way at all!

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