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Lightning McQueen Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 26 unique Lighting McQueen coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Admittedly, I have watched the Pixar Cars movie more times than I can remember, as my two young boys absolutely love this movie franchise, and more particularly, Lighting McQueen!

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of pages, including McQueen’s friends, such as Mater, Sally, and Mack. Also included are scenes of McQueen with the Piston Cup, on the race track, at Radiator Springs, plus many more!

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Once the desired coloring sheets have been completed, they can live on as party decorations for a racecar-themed party, wall art for a kid’s bedroom, banners, classroom decorations, plus tons of other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

9 Craft Ideas To Do With Lighting McQueen Coloring Pages 

Virtually every child loves Lightning McQueen, and this colorful red car makes a great craft item.

Here’s what to do with some of those finished coloring pages, so they don’t go to waste.

1. Tow Mater Saves the Day

Lightning McQueen is in a ditch and needs rescuing! On a piece of poster board, have the children use puffy brown paint to create a ditch in 3D.

Lightning McQueen is then colored, cut out, and glued to the poster board at a comical angle as if he skidded into the ditch.

McQueen’s sidekick, Tow Mater, can be colored and cut from a different page, and craft string and buttons are used to create the “tow chain.” 

The result is a hilarious poster depicting Lightning McQueen being rescued!

2. Lightning McQueen Rolls Out

For this amusing craft, use a square piece of cardboard decorated to look like a tractor-trailer’s back door.

Lightning McQueen is then colored, cut out, and glued diagonally to another square of the same size. The headlights of the car should face downward.

With spiral rings, attach the first cardboard square over Lightning so that it lifts up like a calendar page.

When raised, it appears that Lightning McQueen is rolling out of the tractor-trailer.

3. Make an Adorable Parachute Decoration

For this easy craft, a paper plate is the parachute. It must be cut in half and positioned like an upside-down lemon wedge. 

When Lightning McQueen is colored and cut out, he is then attached to the paper plate with 6-8 pieces of string, making it appear as if he is parachuting along.

This fun craft can be hung in the doorway, from a child’s bedpost, in a window, or simply on the wall!

4. Racing McQueen

Since Lightning McQueen is a race car, why not give him his own racing flag?

Youngsters will enjoy creating their own racing flags in the colors of their choice, and these should be laminated with glassine.

When Lightning McQueen is colored, he should be cut from the page and moved to the center of the racing flag with invisible glue.

The children can then string all their flags together for a colorful classroom banner.

5. Have Fun Decorating a Dresser

This craft requires three Lightning McQueen coloring pages.

Once the cars are colored and cut out, they should be laminated to poster board or thin cork board.

Next, using a non-damaging wall putty, one car should be placed on the right side of the mirror as if driving up the side.

The next one should be placed over the top of the mirror, and on the left side, the final one should be attached, facing downward as if he just took a drive around the mirror.

6. Build-a-Racer

It’s easy to build a race car out of a small box, and once it’s complete, a Lightning McQueen coloring page can be used to laminate it. 

The entire page can be used, or the characters can be cut out like decals. It can then be decorated with puffy paint, craft pom-poms, glitter, and other items.

The doors of the car should be cut in such a way that when they’re opened, they reveal another Lightning McQueen coloring page cutout laminated on the inside of the door!

7. An Unusual Locker Decoration

For a durable locker decoration, have the youngsters color Lightning McQueen pages and carefully cut out their cars.

Using craft suction cups to which string is attached, hang Lightning McQueen from the underside of the top shelf of the locker so that when the locker is open, he is swinging in the air.

To make this more extravagant, add some extra tiers underneath Lightning, featuring similar cutouts or cutouts of Lightning McQueen side characters!

8. Lightning Bolts and Thunder

To create a unique poster with Lightning McQueen, have the youngsters color clouds and lightning bolts. 

This will be easy for them to do with markers or crayons and some poster board.

After Lightning McQueen is colored and cut from the coloring page, he can be placed right in the center of the thunderstorm!

This makes an adorable poster that the children can save and hang at home or in the classroom.

9. Have a Sword Fight With Lightning Bolts

This fun craft is completed by tracing and cutting out a lightning bolt from a white poster board. Next, color and cut out Lightning McQueen from the coloring page.

The cutout should be glued to stiff cardboard and then krazy-glued to the top of the lightning bolt.

Finally, the entire ensemble should be glued to an empty wrapping paper roll, and the kids can have a “lightning bolt” sword fight with Lightning McQueen leading the way.

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