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Gabby’s Dollhouse Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Open the door to a world of wonder with these 38 free Gabby’s Dollhouse coloring pages, ready to print and add your own artistic twist! Through these sheets, children can dive headfirst into the magical dollhouse, a place brimming with fun-loving cats and infinite surprises!

For this series, you will find many illustrations from this beloved TV show, including Gabby, Catrat, Mercat, Baby Box, Pandy, Cakey Cat, Pillow Cat, and also some Christmas and Halloween-themed pages too! So, grab your coloring pencils, and let’s dive in!

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To use any of these pages, click on an image or link to open the printable on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download or print as many pages as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Gabbys Dollhouse Coloring Pages

Gabby and her furry friends are fun to color, but those pages can quickly pile up. 

Any youngster who loves Gabby’s Dollhouse will enjoy these crafts. 

1. Gabby’s Mini-Dollhouses

These adorable treasure boxes are a cute spinoff of the original theme.

Using ordinary, white craft paper, have the youngsters create small boxes that open in the front like a dollhouse. Templates for these simple creations are easily found.

Give several Gabby coloring pages to each child, and when the characters are cut out, they should be pasted to the front of the boxes.

Pink construction paper ears, pipe cleaner whiskers, and black button eyes are perfect for making these cute boxes extra fancy!

2. An Adorable Desktop Decoration

Start this engaging craft by cutting out the Gabby character from the Gabby coloring page with the head separated from the body.

The head should be glued to a small, square box, which can be handmade from poster board. The body of the cutout should then be glued to an ordinary paper cup.

When two clothespins are clipped to the cup’s rim and the “head” glued to the other end, the youngster has an adorable Gabby desktop declaration that stands on its own.

3. Dress Up the Dollhouse

If your youngster has the entire Gabby’s Dollhouse ensemble, those coloring pages will make it extra fancy.

For example, they can be used to laminate the back wall of each dollhouse compartment or used as decals on the front.

Your youngster may even decide to place one of the cutouts at the top in between those famous ears.

Best of all, if rubber cement is used, the decals can be changed later when your child has a fresh batch of finished coloring pages.

4. Make a Unique Dollhouse Poster

For this fun craft, have the youngsters draw dollhouses with windows and a door. 

Next, Gabby and her feline friends should be colored and cut from the various pages.

Place Gabby in the doorway of the dollhouse and her furry friends in the windows.

For extra fun, the windows and doors can be cut from the poster board, and the cutouts secured behind with a dab of glue to create an even more realistic look! 

5. A Great Gabby Headband 

Start this adorable craft with an ordinary plastic headband, and have your youngster color and cut out two Gabby characters and a smiling cat.

These should be glued to thin cardboard before they’re cut out, leaving an extra tab of paper at the bottom of the cat cutout.

The Gabby figures should be krazy-glued to either side of the headband, lengthwise.

Finally, attach the cat to the top by placing a bit of glue on the cardboard tab and bending it under the headband.

6. Gabby’s Dollhouse Collage

This fun craft begins with an ordinary paper plate, which should be glued to a large circle cut from green or blue poster board. 

When Gabby and some of her furry friends are colored and cut out, the child can come up with a collage-type design for the cutout and the characters arranged on the plate.

Before they’re glued in place, add a layer of cotton balls under each cutout to give the artwork some depth and texture. Display this cute craft anywhere!

7. Gabby’s Dollhouse Collectible Jar

If you have an empty jar you’re not using, let your child make an original collectible jar.

Begin by filling the jar with purple or green craft sand. Next, the Gabby character should be colored, glued to cardboard, and cut out with a small craft stick attached to the back.

The cutout should be pushed down into the sand using the craft stick, and the jar’s lid  replaced. 

When pink and purple curling ribbons are tied around the top, your youngster has an adorable keepsake.

8. Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Bags

Pandy works great for this craft, but any Gabby character will do. When the cat is colored, it should be cut out with the ears separated from the rest of the cutout.

These should be glued to the top of the craft bag, using a glue dot on each ear’s bottom.

The rest of the cutout should then be glued to the front of the bag, and four black pom-poms glued to the bottom four corners.

This makes it look like the cat is standing on its own “legs!”

9. Impromptu Gabby’s Dollhouse Theater

This engaging craft is easy and fun and begins with coloring and cutting out several Gabby characters and attaching them to popsicle sticks.

Next, a shoebox lid should be laminated with another Gabby coloring page, and slits cut into the lid to accommodate the popsicle sticks.

When the popsicle sticks are put through the slits, the youngsters have a portable “stage” and puppets to take anywhere!

10. A Hilarious Toy

Pillow Cat is the perfect Gabby’s Dollhouse character for this comical craft.

Begin with an empty paper towel cardboard, and have the youngster wrap it in a spiral fashion with crêpe garland, using several different shades.

Next, have the youngster color a full-size Pillow Cat head and cut it out, adding wiggle eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers.

The cutout should be stapled to the front of the cardboard roll, and a pipe cleaner tail should be affixed to the back. When pom-pom feet are added, your youngster has a hilarious toy.

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