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Justice League Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Swing into the vast DC Universe with these 22 Justice League coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these sheets, you’ll be right in the heart of legendary battles and alliances, where iconic heroes unite to defend the world against formidable foes, one page at a time!

For this collection, you’ll find illustrations of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern. Whether it’s a face-off with iconic villains or a gathering of the Justice League at their iconic round table, each page promises a piece of DC’s legendary action!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Justice League Coloring Pages

Justice League characters are colorful and exciting.

If your youngster has finished lots of these pages, try these affordable crafts.

1. Paper Chain Art

For this fun craft, have the children work together in one big group. Once they’ve colored their favorite Justice League characters, the pages should be cut into strips.

These should be used to make a giant paper chain, and it works best if each child has colored a different character.

When the chain is hung up, the youngsters can have fun seeing if they can find the spot where one character ends and the next one begins!

2. Unique Framable Art

This engaging craft requires some imagination on the child’s part, and that’s a good thing. Give each youngster a piece of plain, white poster board.

They should design environments for the characters they plan to color. This can be anything they choose, such as a planet, a city, or even a jungle or body of water.

Then, when their characters are finished and cut out, they can place them wherever they choose on their poster.

 These should be hung all around the classroom to display their creativity.

3. Justice League Pinwheel

Youngsters of all ages enjoy this craft, and it’s a terrific classroom activity.

Once each youngster has colored a Justice League character, the artwork should be sealed in contact paper and cut out.

The cutouts can then be arranged as a pinwheel, with their feet at the center. 

The entire ensemble can then be glued to a large piece of kraft paper, and this crazy pinwheel can be displayed on the wall.

4. Story Time

Start this craft by giving each child a rectangular-shaped piece of poster board or cardstock. 

When the child has colored and cut out a Justice League character, it should be glued to the left side of the card.

On the right side, the youngster can write a simple story in which he or she is the character and what had to be accomplished in order to save the day!

This artwork makes a beautiful keepsake for any child.

5. Classroom Construction

For this exciting craft, have the youngsters work together to fashion a “city” using empty paper towels and toilet tissue cardboard.

These can be laminated with gray or black construction paper, and the youngsters can use chalk to draw on windows and doors.

When each child has colored and cut out a Justice League character, they can be placed in different areas of the “city.”

Some can be placed in front, some on the side, and some on top of the buildings, ready for action!

6. Make Fancy Markers

Justice League characters can be used to make fancy markers, and this is easy for any child.

The youngster should color and cut out multiple characters, and using invisible glue, wrap one around each magic marker. 

Make sure to leave enough space at the bottom to hold the marker, though.

These characters are the perfect size for this, and if sealed and contact paper first, they’ll last a long time.

7. Becoming Justice League

Any child will have fun with this craft in the classroom. Start by separating the youngsters into groups.

All the children should color their favorite Justice League characters, but the faces should be cut out. This will allow the youngsters to draw themselves in the blank space.

The finished cutouts should be glued to a piece of poster board, and each group of children can decide on a name for their own Justice League!

8. Decorate a Toothbrush Holder

If you have more than one child and they use a shared toothbrush holder, this can be a fun way to make sure they put their brush in the right place.

When the children have colored their favorite characters, they should be cut out and glued onto the correct place on the toothbrush holder.

For fun, the youngster can write his or her name or initials on the cutout.

One quick coat of acrylic spray will keep this cute toothbrush holder looking nice for a long time.

9. HandlebarTassels

Any child who’s a Justice League fan will love this craft. Once a favorite character has been colored, it should be glued to a thin poster board and cut out.

Several pieces of colored yarn should be stapled to the bottom; a hole punch should be used to make a hole at the top.

When the rubber band is threaded through the hole and wrapped around the handlebars, the figure will look like it’s flying along whenever the child rides the bike.

10. Create a Justice League Shield

Many superheroes use shields, and most youngsters like to play with them.

To make this craft, the child should color four or five Justice League characters and arrange them in a fan-like pattern on a large piece of cardboard.

The cardboard should then be trimmed in the shape of the shield. Handles can easily be added by stapling large rubber bands or two lengths of yarn to the back.

Give it a coat of acrylic spray to keep it nice, and your child has an instant toy.

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