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Encanto Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into the magical rhythm with our 24 captivating Encanto coloring pages that will transport your imagination straight to the heart of the Madrigal family’s vibrant world! These sheets are an exciting resource for those yearning to explore the enchanting world of Disney’s hit, Encanto.

In this collection, we’ve included various Encanto illustrations depicting fan-favorite characters, including Isabela, Luisa, Mirabel, Dolores, Bruno, Camilo, and Antonio, to name a few! You will also find pages of the Madrigal family tree and the magical candle!

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To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Encanto Coloring Pages

The famous world of Encanto is fascinating to all children.

If they’ve colored multiple pages, here are some great crafts to make from them.

1. A Fancy Isabella Poster

Isabella is a favorite Encanto character, and youngsters love her purple, flowery dress. 

To re-create this magic, have the youngster color and cut out Isabella and glue the cutout to a green background.

Purple craft flowers and lace can be used to embellish the three layers of her iconic dress.

Finally, a large purple flower should be cut from construction paper and placed in her hand, and white glitter should be added to depict that magical swirl!

2. Colorful Framable Art

To make this card keepsake, have the youngsters color the house from Encanto, adding tissue paper fringes, construction paper flowers, and bright glitter to make it as colorful as possible.

Several windows and a door should be cut from the house, leaving empty spaces. 

Next, Encanto characters cut from the finished coloring pages can be glued to a piece of white poster board. 

The cutouts should be spaced so that when the house is placed over the top, the characters are in the windows and doors for colorful, framable art.

3. Recreate Encanto’s Famous Candle

This easy craft can be made with coloring pages, an empty Pringles container, and some fancy gold pipe cleaners.

The completed Encanto coloring page should be used to laminate the empty Pringles chip container.

Next, a “flame” can be made by attaching tufts of yellow tissue paper to a fancy gold pipe cleaner. This should be taped inside the container to stick out over the top.

Craft flowers and tiny jewels are perfect for embellishing the outside of the “candleholder,” and your child has a beautiful Encanto centerpiece.

4. Classroom Fun With Mirabel

For this fun classroom craft, have each youngster trace and cut out a flower and a rectangle to create Mirabel’s banner.

When they have colored their Encanto characters–and they don’t all have to be Mirabel–they should be cut out and glued to the rectangles.

Next, the flowers and the rectangles featuring the cutouts should have small holes punched on either side.

In a back-and-forth pattern, the flowers and the cutouts should be threaded together with yarn or string for a bright classroom banner.

5. Encanto Party Hangings

If your child is having an Encanto-themed birthday party, he or she will have loads of fun making these colorful hangings.

Give the youngster five or six pieces of construction paper in bright colors, and have the child fold them into fans, stapling them at the bottom.

Several different Encanto characters should then be colored, cut out, and glued to the middle of the fans with a few drops of Krazy glue. 

Colorful embroidery thread is perfect for hanging these great party decorations!

6. An Exciting Classroom Project

For an engaging classroom activity, have the students work together to build a house from various size empty boxes or makeshift cardboard squares.

Make sure to have them cut multiple holes for windows and doors. The house can then be decorated with paper flowers, trees, awnings, or even a pet or two.

Once the students have colored and cut out their Encanto characters, they can be added to the house in the different windows and doors or even placed on a balcony made from pipe cleaners! 

7. Make an “I’m Strong, and I Know It” Door Sign

If your youngster needs a confidence boost, making this cute craft is a great choice!

Using a square piece of poster board, have the youngster write Luisa’s famous line, “I’m Strong, and I Know It,” across the top in bright yellow puffy paint.

When Luisa has been colored and cut out, she should be glued underneath the saying.

The famous little burro she’s often seen carrying on her shoulder can be created with pom-poms, wiggle eyes, black yarn, and a pipe cleaner tail and added to this great door sign!

8. Power Trio Collage  

To make this cheerful power trio collage, have each youngster color Luisa, Mirabel, and Isabella, cut them out, and set them aside.

Next, have the youngsters make “bouquets,” using green pipe cleaners and colorful pom-poms as flowers. These should be glued to the poster board with a few drops of Krazy glue.

The three cutouts should then be attached to the center of the bouquet, collage style, for a great Power Trio poster.

9. A Unique Encanta Ornament

To make this super easy craft, have the youngsters trace and cut out two large circles from construction paper. 

Next, have them create a snowflake design on the edges by cutting waves, triangles, or any design they choose.

The two circles should be glued together, with one strip of glue down the center. When dried, it can be fanned out to present four sides.

Using cutouts from the Encanta coloring pages, a character can be added to each half-circle for a terrific 3D ornament.

10. My Special Gift

Give each child a piece of construction paper, and have them draw a door. This can be cut out on three sides so that it “opens.”

Once their Encanta characters are colored, they should be glued to a rectangular piece of poster board and the construction paper glued over the top.

At the top of the poster board, the youngsters should write “My Gift Is…” 

The door can then be opened to show the Encanta character and the chosen gift written underneath.

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