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Coco Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Strum your guitars and dive into the vibrant world of Pixar with these 24 Coco coloring pages, yours to download and print for free! With these sheets, kids and adults can journey alongside the brave protagonist Miguel as he uncovers the mysteries behind his family’s ancestral ban on music.

For this series, you will find illustrations of many iconic scenes and characters, including the endearing Miguel, his loyal dog Dante, the trickster Hector, and the formidable Mama Imelda, along with various other characters and pivotal moments from this beloved animated film.

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To use any of these free printables, click on any of the images below or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Coco Coloring Pages

Coco is a popular kid’s movie with many loveable characters.

Below you will find 10 terrific, inexpensive, and fun crafts to do with finished Coco coloring pages.

1. Make Miguel’s Guitar

This craft is a big hit with any Coco fan, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Use ordinary cardboard to fashion a simple square, and cut a hole in the middle of one side.

Next, on one of the narrow ends, cut a small hole and slide an empty wrapping paper cardboard through. This is the guitar’s “neck.”

Use simple twine to add “guitar strings” and then laminate the creation with Coco coloring pages! Any youngster will have a ball with this musical toy.

2. Cornmeal Chocolate Cookie Recipe Card

The famous fare shown in the Coco movie is popular with adults and children alike, and favorites such as Miguel’s cornmeal-chocolate cookies can be turned into a fun craft.

Have the youngsters draw and cut out a chocolate cookie from ordinary paper and write a favorite cookie recipe on the back.

Glue the finished Coco coloring page to a bright piece of cardstock, and glue the cookie recipe to the other side. 

The youngster can hang this great craft on the refrigerator to remind mom to make cookies!

3. A Musical Banner

Youngsters will love decorating their classrooms with this colorful craft. 

Once the coloring pages are finished, the students should cut simple notes and guitar shapes from black and white construction paper.

The coloring pages can be displayed in a long banner, with a guitar and a few notes in between each page.

It will look like a handmade movie trailer!

4. A Cool Coco Tumbler

The food and beverages in the Coco movie are famous, such as the Calabaza en Dulce Shake. This is why any youngster would love to have a Coco tumbler!

Start with an ordinary tumbler from any discount store, and use the finished coloring pages to laminate it with pictures of Miguel, Dante, Coco, or Ernesto. 

Then, use a permanent marker or craft paint to draw some Day of the Dead flowers, as well as some musical notes.

Seal the artwork with acrylic spray, and your child has a unique Coco tumbler for beverages.

5. Make a Coco Arm Cuff

Start this craft by cutting off the end of an empty wrapping paper cardboard roll. When it is cut straight through on one side, it instantly becomes a cuff bracelet or arm cuff.

When characters from the coloring pages are finished, they can be cut out and used to laminate the bracelet.

To make it extra fancy, embellish the cutouts with glitter, a yarn border, or craft paint. 

Seal the finished artwork carefully with contact paper, and this arm cuff should last a long time!

6. Magic Can of Wishes

To make this fun wish jar, give the child a small, empty coffee can that has its label taken off. Have the youngster laminate it with construction paper in his or her favorite color.

The finished coloring page should then be added, either with the characters cut out decal-style or the page in its entirety.

With a marker or puffy paint, write “Wishes” on the side and cut a hole in the plastic top so they can be written down on paper and saved in the magic can.

7. Make a Beautiful Hanging Ornament

Miguel is all about music, so this hanging ornament is an ideal craft. Give each youngster a large piece of black cardstock or poster board.

Help them trace a simple note shape and cut it out. Next, when Miguel is colored and cut from the page, he should be glued to the note’s center.

Decorate the border with sequins or glitter, and punch a hole at the top. Hang this beautiful ornament in a doorway with a piece of gold or red yarn.

8. Create a Funny Envelope

Everyone loves Dante, Miguel’s dog, so we can’t leave him out. For this craft, the youngster should use a finished Coco coloring page in its entirety.

Following any simple template, the child should fold the coloring page into an envelope and set it aside.

Next, Dante should be colored and cut out and glued to the inside of the envelope so that when it’s opened, he “pops” out!

9. Make a Unique Abstract Poster

Colorful houses are famous in Mexico, and this classroom activity is the perfect way to have fun with that fact.

Give each child a piece of brightly colored construction paper to make any type of house they want. The color is the main aspect of this craft.

When they are finished, the houses should be stapled or taped together in a random mosaic-type pattern.

Now, they can cut the Coco characters from the finished pages and add them to the collage of houses for a one-of-a-kind, abstract poster.

10. Design a Haunted Mansion

One of the fun things about the Coco movie is the haunted mansion, so why not let the youngsters build their own!

Give them empty boxes–don’t forget shoeboxes–and some odd pieces of cardboard that can be rolled into towers. They can work together to build a spooky structure.

Finally, windows and doors should be cut in the house.

The youngsters can have fun placing the cutouts from the finished coloring pages in those frames to fill up the mansion!

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