Good Vibes

Our take on the world of coloring and mandalas.

Bardo Journey

I love the combinations of colors on this mandala. The wavy lines throughout the mandala allowed for some fun creativity...

Blue Monday

I decided to make my Monday Mandala for today a happy one. I used blue as a main color but added some bright accent colors to make it seem a lot lighter and happier.

Bohdi Tree

I didn't get time this Sunday to sit down and color, so I actually colored this one today.

Buddha's Star

At first I wasn't sure how I wanted to color this particular mandala. I briefly considered blues/greens, but I've done a lot of those lately...

Calming Thoughts

A simply colored mandala with only two shades of blue. Equipped with my trusty favorite markers...

Online Tools for Choosing Colors

When I pick a mandala coloring page, sometimes I know exactly what kind of color scheme I want to use. Other times, I've got no clue.

Dandelion Pandemonium

I was certain this one was going to turn out particularly ugly, but I'm wondering if it's even possible to create an ugly mandala... Challenge accepted?

Deer Park

Lately I've been enamoured with mono-chromatic coloring, but for this mandala, I wanted a varied splash of color.

Field of Feathers

This was particularly fun to color. I'm quite a fan of using splashes of rainbows on my mandalas...

How to Spot a Good Pencil Sharpener

Tips on what to look for when buying a pencil sharpener.

My First Color Mandala

I picked this design out of a book I had on hand. It reminded me of a coat of arms, and I wanted to reflect that in the colors I chose.

Naga of the Seas

I was super excited about coloring this and I knew exactly what color scheme I wanted to use before I even printed it out.

One Brave Night 2016

About a year and a half ago I embarked on a long journey of recovery from alcohol addiction, discovering that I also suffer from depression and anxiety.

Path to Gati

I normally start coloring from the center and go out, mostly so I can keep my colors in order. That might be a little evident here...

Rupa in Balance

This mandala is interesting to me because of the alternating patterns from the middle to the outside.

Shortage in Colored Pencils

Coloring pencil suppliers are now reporting that they're not able to keep up with the demand.

Temple of Fire

This is one of the more complex mandalas I have on file to color, which made for a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon binge watching Netflix and coloring.

Time Goes On

Looking a bit like a retro clock, I summoned peace and love colors from the 70's for this mandala.