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Coraline Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into a world of mystery, alternative universes, and brave heroines with these 20 Coraline coloring pages, free to download and print! Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman’s enchanting storytelling or the stop-motion movie masterpiece, these pages promise an artistic adventure like no other!

This set includes iconic scenes from Coraline’s journey, from exploring the eerie Other World to her encounters with quirky characters like the Other Mother and Wybie. With each coloring page, you can reimagine this spine-tingling tale, adding your unique palette to Coraline’s courageous quests!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Coraline Coloring Pages

Coraline is the character in that dark story youngsters love to frighten themselves with.

Here are some terrific crafts to do with all those finished pages.

1. 3D Coraline 

This craft begins with embellishing the coloring page to bring out Coraline’s most famous characteristics. For example, use yellow puffy paint to add depth to her rain boots.

Small buttons pasted over the eyes are perfect for recreating that famous bargaining scene, and pieces of blue yarn are ideal for hair. 

Then, cut Coraline out and glue her to a black background in which a door is cut.
Place a silver or white piece of posterboard behind, and it will look like light is glowing from the “door,” just like in the movie!

2. Coraline Jack-o’-Lantern

Few characters are as perfect for a jack-o’-lantern as Coraline.

Have the youngster carve a face in the pumpkin and outline the different holes with permanent magic markers.

In the surrounding spaces, cutouts from the Coraline coloring pages can be used to decorate the pumpkin however the child desires.

Add some black curling ribbon at the top, and seal the artwork in a coat or two of acrylic spray for a wonderfully unique fall jack-o’-lantern.

3. Make a Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag

A plastic bag with handles that snap together is easily found for a dollar or two at any discount store, and it’s perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind bag for Halloween treats.

Once the Coraline coloring pages are finished, invisible glue should be used to attach them in their entirety to either side of the bag.

Two skeleton keys should then be traced and cut out from black cardstock and sealed in contact paper.

Glue these to either side of the plastic handle for the perfect finishing touch on this unique trick-or-treat bag.

4. Spooky Party Hats

All the youngsters need to begin this spooky craft are plain party hats. 

They can be painted black with a single coat of black craft paint and then decorated with silver glitter.

When the children have colored their favorite Coraline characters, they should be cut out and used to decorate the hats.

For extra fun, have the youngsters trace and cut out a skeleton key or black cat to add to the peak of the hat!

5. Dart Game Fun

Use a finished Coraline coloring page to make a game of darts with a twist. Use an old dart board and have the youngster glue the Coraline cutout to its center.

Next, using cutouts from other Coraline coloring pages, decorate the surrounding circles with other items, such as the black cat, the skeleton key, or the logo.

The child can come up with different values for each item a dart hits, and the game can be reinvented whenever new coloring pages are ready!

6. Magic Mirror

For this craft, have the child trace and cut out a hand mirror from cardboard. It should be painted black with craft paint, and glitter can be added for fun if desired.

The handle of the mirror should be cut in the form of a skeleton key to make the theme even better.

Then, one side of the “mirror” should be decorated with a cutout of a happy Coraline from a coloring page and, on the other, a spooky or scary Coraline.

The youngster can turn it back and forth to change Coraline’s mood. Use a string to display this cute craft!

7. Make a Coraline Doll

To make a cute or spooky Coraline doll, begin with an empty shampoo container that’s cleaned and dry. It can be wrapped in a few layers of tissue paper to make it soft.

Next, when Coraline is colored and cut out, she should be glued to the surface with invisible glue or krazy glue.

Add blue yarn as hair, buttons for eyes, and embellish her mouth with red puffy paint.

Your youngster will love this one-of-a-kind doll.

8. A Colorful Classroom Poster

This fun classroom activity begins with each youngster coloring and cutting out one or more Coraline characters and other items from the finished pages.

Then, have the children work together to draw a background for the cutouts. This can be the secret doorway, the mansion, or any part of the Coraline film.

Then, they can decorate the background with all their finished cutouts, letting their imaginations run wild.

Display this creative poster in the classroom.

9. A Coraline Headband

If you have a little girl who likes to wear headbands, it’s easy to turn one of them into a craft.

Start with a simple Coraline coloring page and laminate it to thin cardboard before cutting the character out. 

Leave extra room at the bottom so that a piece of cardboard can be folded completely around the headband. Use krazy glue to attach it.

When the glue dries, the youngster can wear this cute Coraline headband anywhere.

10. Coraline’s Necklace

If your youngster has a jar of craft buttons, they can be put to great use to create a Coraline necklace.

Have the child string some buttons onto a piece of embroidery thread and then color a favorite Coraline character, gluing it to thin cardboard before cutting it out.

Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top, and attach the cutout in between two of the largest buttons for a unique and colorful necklace.

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