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Graffiti Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Spray paint and street style come together in these 20 graffiti coloring pages, available for you to freely download and print. This rebellious collection celebrates the creative urban art form known for its elaborate lettering and defiant attitude.

With outlines depicting everything from authentic tags and masterpieces to exercise books for practicing wild-style lettering, they offer edgily creative coloring opportunities without the risk of real vandalism. So grab your coloring pens and get ready to bring these iconic graffiti designs to life!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Graffiti Coloring Pages

You don’t want your youngsters drawing graffiti on the wall, so let them release their inner artist with graffiti coloring pages.

When they’re finished, they can complete these great, inexpensive crafts with the finished pages.

1. Say What?

To make this graffiti craft, have the youngster start by drawing a giant, funny mouth.

It can be decorated however desired or embellished with puffy paint or any other craft items. The key is to make the lips the frame.

It should then be mounted on a poster board or cardstock background, and the graffiti should be cut from the coloring page and placed inside.

This crazy, abstract craft will look just like the ones graffiti artists draw on city walls!

2. Peeking Through the Blinds

Have the youngster begin this fun craft by keeping the finished graffiti coloring page in its entirety and reinforcing it with a simple sheet of thin cardboard trimmed to size.

Then, using an ordinary piece of construction paper, have the child cut horizontal flaps resembling Venetian blinds.

When the entire page has been cut this way, it should be stapled over the finished coloring page. 

When someone’s hand is passed from the top to the bottom, the blinds “close.”  When this motion is reversed, they “open,” as if you are looking out the window at the graffiti!

3. Retro Lamp

If you have an old, retro lamp, especially a lava lamp, graffiti coloring pages are the perfect item for giving it a facelift.

Various shapes can be cut from the finished pages and glued to the surface of the lamp. The page can also be used in its entirety, to laminate the lamp.

Lanterns are perfect for this craft, too, since the idea is to make it look as if the cutouts are glowing. This retro lighting decoration can be used anywhere.

4. A Fun Group Activity

This engaging craft is great as a classroom activity and is perfect for all ages.

Take a large piece of craft paper and create a border resembling a picture frame using paint or markers. A border can also be made from pom-poms to make it fancier.

Then, each youngster can add his or her cutout from the finished coloring page, grouping them in a giant collage.

The end result will be colorful and striking, and this great poster can be displayed anywhere in the classroom.

5. Graffiti in the Subway

Almost all subways have some graffiti, so this is a fun base for a graffiti paper craft.

Begin with having the youngsters draw a subway wall by sketching large bricks or blocks of cement. They can use standard colors or make a neon or multicolored backdrop.

Then, cutouts from the finished pages can be glued to the subway “wall” to create interesting, framable art.

If desired, the children can embellish their cutouts with glitter, sequins, craft gems, or any other decorative items before displaying this great artwork.

6. Make a Unique Puzzle

Since graffiti designs are intricate, this craft is a great way to use those finished coloring pages.

The page should be glued in its entirety to thin cardboard and made into a puzzle by drawing lines and cutting the page into small pieces.

However, to make it extra difficult, each piece should be in the shape of a triangle. 

This creates a high degree of difficulty for the youngsters, making it extra fun to see how fast they can put each other’s pages back together!

7. Hidden Words Game

To begin this craft, color the pages very intricately. The key is to use as many colors as possible.

Then, using a pencil, the youngsters should write hidden words in the page’s various sections. They can do as few or as many as they like.

The youngsters can then have fun exchanging pages to see who can guess the most words from the other child’s craft!

8. Graffiti Door Sign

For this fun craft, give the youngster a large piece of poster board on which to write “Keep Out” or a similar “Beware” message.

The letters should be drawn very large, similar to real graffiti letters. Then, the inside of the letters should be decorated with cutouts from the coloring pages.

These can be specific items, or youngsters can simply cut out any desired shapes from the finished pages.

The child can hang this unique sign on his or her bedroom door!

9. Graffiti Beads

A graffiti coloring page can easily be turned into three-dimensional artwork with craft beads. 

The best part is this craft can be simple or complex, depending on how many sections the child wants to complete and the size of the beads.

Tiny beads can be used for a more intricate effect, or the youngster can opt for larger beads for a simpler piece of artwork.

Whichever option is preferred, this great 3D artwork will brighten up any wall.

10. Make a Unique Gift

To make this great hippie vase, give the child an ordinary vase or Mason jar to be decorated with cutouts from the graffiti coloring pages.

Then, the cutouts should be outlined with colored string, bright puffy paint, or pipe cleaners. Krazy glue works best for this.

The jar should be stuffed with tufts of multicolored tissue paper or confetti and lots of curling ribbon tied around the top.

Anyone will enjoy receiving this unique, interesting gift.

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