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March 2025 Calendar (52 Free PDF Printables)

March is, without a doubt, one of my favorite months of the year. It ushers in new life and colors with the beginning of spring and, who could forget, St Patrick’s Day! So, if you are looking to keep on top of your appointments and special dates, then these printable March 2025 calendars are just for you!

For this series, I created a wide range of calendars with various themes, including lush spring themes, animal themes, blossom themes, plus many, many more! Also included are both landscape and portrait orientations of each calendar that will fit any desk, fridge, wall, or even locker!

If you would like to access any of these PDFs, you can do so by clicking on the image itself or the text link below it. Once opened, you will then have the option to download or print any of these calendars entirely for free!

All these PDF calendar pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

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10 Uses For Printable March 2025 Calendars

Here are 10 fun and creative ways that you can use any of the above calendars!

10. Classroom Handouts

If you’re a teacher, you can use my printable March 2025 calendars as handouts for your classroom.

Not only can you use it to teach kids about the days of the week or the months of the year, but you can also have the kids write down important dates, such as when projects or papers are due.

Then, when the month has passed, you can use the calendar printouts as scrap paper – or save all the months of the year from compiling into a keepsake calendar just before school lets out.

9. Meal Planners

My calendars are also terrific for planning your meals for the week or even the entire month.

You can use the back of the printout for grocery lists or recipe ideas, then list the breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners in the day squares.

Not only does planning your meals out relieve the stress and hassle of figuring out what to do for meals, but plotting ahead can save you big time on your grocery expenditure.

8. To-Do Lists

My March 2025 calendar printouts are also handy for your monthly to-do lists.

Anything from cleaning, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, cooking, paying bills, etc., can all be listed on my March printout, helping to keep you organized and in the know.

You can place the calendar somewhere where everyone will see it, like on the fridge, so that all the members of your family are on the same page.

7. Birthday Organizers

If your March is stacked with birthdays, why not use my printout to keep track of everyone’s big day?

You can record when you want to shop for gifts, what you want to get them, when their parties are, etc.

Or, the calendar can serve as a gentle reminder to send that Happy Birthday text on time or get that card in the mail so that it reaches the recipient before their day.

6. Organizing Work Projects

If you’re spearheading a work project and you have a group that you need to get on the same page, you could print out my March calendar for each person.

Yes, you could share and collaborate on a Google calendar, but there is something about the tactile feeling of a real piece of paper.

To say nothing of the feeling of actually writing down deadlines, using a pen.

5. Vacation Schedulers

Taking a big trip over your kids’ Spring Break?

From recording flights to scheduling activities, you can be sure to run a tight ship (or a loose one, with activities scheduled in as “suggestions” for the day but ultimately left up in the air).

Once you’ve filled in my March 2025 calendar with all the information you need, you can make copies and distribute them to your family members.

4. Sports Calendars

March is a surprisingly busy month for sports, with high school and college basketball and hockey, plus baseball spring training.

Keep track of your family’s practices and games, as well as any college or professional events that you plan to attend, like March Madness basketball games.

Put up the schedule somewhere central in your home where everyone will see it so that you can coordinate drop-off and pick-up and dinners on the go.

3. St. Patty’s Day Celebration Planners

Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate St. Patty’s Day or you’re going on a mini-getaway with your sweetie or pals, you can use my March calendars to help you plan it.

Keep on top of the grocery list, the guest list, and when and where you need to shop (you can use the back of the calendar for jotting down notes to yourself).

Or if you’re going away the weekend or week, you can keep track of your flight plans, where you’ll be staying and for how long, and any activities you’ll partake in while you’re away.

2. Family Game Night Schedules

March can be an unpredictable month weather-wise, so you might find yourself doing a lot of game nights to keep the family occupied.

You can use my 2025 March calendars to keep track of family game nights or plan ahead.

If you’re a family that loves to gather around the living room or kitchen table for games, my calendar can help you keep track of which games you’ve already played.

You could also include meals or snacks that you want to serve while playing.

1. Garden Planners

Did you know that in many climates (where you experience all four seasons), you can actually start planning – and in some cases, planting – your garden in March?

Keep track of all those important dates for your zone by using my March calendar to write in when you can start your seeds.

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