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Santa Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Indulge in festive cheer with these 66 Santa templates that are all free to download and print! The potential uses for these printables are only limited by your holiday spirit, making them ideal for crafting, sewing, baking, coloring, decorating, ornaments, and anything else you can envision!

Included in this collection is a broad array of Santa templates in various styles, shapes, and intended uses. It encompasses simple Santa outlines, Santa stencils, templates with detailed Santas (hat, beard, suit, etc.), Santa ornaments, Santa heads, build your own Santa, and so much more!

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Santa Templates

If your youngster enjoys making holiday crafts, here are 10 terrific ideas you can do with Santa templates.

1. Santa Brings Gifts

This fun craft is an ideal classroom activity, and Santa with his arms up is the perfect template. 

Give each youngster a template to color and cut out. Then, have them trace and cut out two small squares to decorate as Christmas packages.

With a colorful marker, they should write the names of the two gifts they want most for Christmas on the packages.

These should be taped to Santa’s hands as if he’s arriving with the presents! This cute artwork can be displayed in the classroom or taken home to mom and dad.

2. The Man on the Moon is Santa

For this great craft, give each child a piece of dark blue construction paper and let them add glitter, foil stars, and cut out a large white moon to place in the center.

Next, a full-page easy Santa face template can be decorated and cut out.

This should be glued to the center of the moon. Underneath, the children can write “Better Watch Out!” from the famous Santa Claus is Coming to Town song.

The finished artwork will make a great holiday sign for the youngster’s bedroom!

3. A Funny Naughty or Nice Craft

This comical craft starts with two identical colored Kawaii Santa templates and their blank sides glued back to back.

Next, use small posterboard squares or light-colored construction paper to create two lists. 

Using a black magic marker, “Naughty” should be written at the top of one, and “Nice” at the top of the other.

Youngsters can have fun writing the names of friends and family members on one list or the other, and the craft can be turned back and forth to display the lists!

4. Make a Unique Christmas Ornament

Use a full-page, detailed colored Santa face for this great craft, and then have the youngsters trace and cut out a handprint from white card stock.

Turn it upside down, and tape it behind Santa’s beard so that the “fingers” are trailing below it. 

Next, cover this part with silver and white glitter to make it appear like the finger cutouts are icicles clinging to Santa’s beard.

Punch a hole at the top and add some simple yarn or ribbon, and you have a comical Christmas tree ornament!

5. Helium Balloon Fun 

This craft Is great for a Christmas party where you’ll be using helium balloons, and a full-page Santa carrying a sack works perfectly. 

The youngster’s name should be written on the sack with a magic marker, and when the template is printed and cut out, place a few dots of invisible glue on the backside of the sack.

Glue this part to the balloon’s surface, leaving the rest sticking out. It now looks as if Santa’s being carried away by the balloon!

6. Countdown to Christmas

Use a full-page, detailed Santa face for this super-fun craft. The top can be colored and embellished in any way desired, but Santa’s beard should be plain.

Using a magic marker, the beard should be turned into a calendar, counting down to December 25th, which should be the only square at the bottom point of Santa’s beard.

Hang the calendar up, and glue a cotton ball over each day that passes so that by the time Christmas arrives, Santa has a big fluffy beard!

7. A Unique Christmas Card

Santa waving is perfect for this original holiday card. Print two templates, cut them out, and glue the blank sides back to back. Don’t get any glue in the cutouts’ centers.

On one side, cut a line around Santa’s torso so that it can be bent upwards to reveal the plain backing of the other Santa cutout.

In this space, a Merry Christmas message can be written, or any holiday greeting desired for a one-of-a-kind card!

8. Fun With Paper Chains

All youngsters love to make paper chains, so give them lots of white construction paper and let them go to town.

When an easy, colored Santa face is printed, the paper chains can be added to his beard. Youngsters can make it as long as they desire!

When tiny jingle bells are randomly attached to the paper chains, and a craft stick is connected to the back, the youngsters have their own jingle bell toy to play with for the holiday.

9. Christmas Parachute

You’ll need a template featuring Santa with his arms up for this engaging classroom craft.

Have the youngsters trace and cut out a hot air balloon from ordinary construction paper and decorate it however they choose. 

Using string or yarn, the balloon should be attached to Santa’s hands as if he were sailing in the sky. 

In the balloon, the youngsters can cross off numbers, counting down to Christmas! 

10. Secret Christmas Message

For this comical craft, choose any full Santa face. Add a mustache cut from additional paper and attach it to Santa’s face with a paper fastener.

Make sure that both sides of the mustache can slide upwards.

On the left side, write “Merry,” and on the right side, “Christmas”

This way, when the mustache is pulled up, the secret Christmas message can be seen. No one will expect it, and the result will be many laughs.

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