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Turkey Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Immerse yourself in the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving with these 62 turkey templates that you can download and print for free! These templates can be used for almost anything, including crafting, sewing, baking, coloring, and classroom decorations, among other many other uses!

Included in this collection is a wide range of templates in a myriad of styles, shapes, and designs. It comprises simple turkey outlines, detailed colored turkeys, black and white turkey templates, cooked turkeys, build-your-own turkey templates, turkeys to color in, and much more!

Turkey Templates Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Turkey Templates

Turkeys are fun at Thanksgiving and all through the year.

If you like to get creative with these funny birds, try these great turkey crafts.

1.  A Funny Textured Turkey

Use a simple, uncolored turkey template for this fun craft, and start by cutting small squares from brown, yellow, red, and orange construction paper.

Following any desired pattern, use one shade in each of the turkey’s feathers to create a colorful, textured surface.

Use large wiggle eyes on the turkey’s face, a small red balloon for a snood, and a triangle cut from construction paper for a beak. Hang this hilarious textured turkey anywhere.

2. Turkey Fun and Games

This craft should be completed with a build-your-own Thanksgiving turkey template, and all you need is an old water pail.

Glue the turkey’s head and face to the top edge of the pail. Don’t forget to add his hat! Next, glue the feathers in a fan along the pail’s back rim.

Add the wings and feet on the sides and at the bottom, and paste on wiggle eyes and a red balloon as a snood.

Let the youngsters play a simple game with the beanbag, seeing how many times they can make it land inside the “turkey.”

3. Thanksgiving Invitations

If you’re inviting guests for Thanksgiving, use small, roasted Thanksgiving turkey templates to make your invitations.

Cut and paste them into the document you plan to use for professional-looking invitations, or use them as-is.

Small, traditional turkey templates are perfect for this craft as well, or you can mix and match and use some of each!

4. Be Grateful Turkey Craft

Use a full-page turkey template for this craft, and trace it onto a posterboard or, if you prefer, color the template itself.

Once it’s finished, write something to be grateful for in each of the turkey’s feathers.

If you really want to challenge yourself or your youngsters, choose the template with the most feathers and see how much you can come up with!

5. Funny Turkey Crossing Sign

A full-page, colored turkey template is perfect for this craft. It should be carefully cut out and glued to a piece of cardstock that’s cut in the shape of a parking sign.

Write “Turkey Crossing” in black magic marker. The turkey should be sealed to the cardstock with contact paper and then glued to sturdy material, such as corkboard.

A wooden knitting needle, extra long craft stick, or similar object should be affixed to the back of the sign.

It can be placed near the entrance of your home, alongside the driveway, or anywhere you want a laugh.

6. Make a Fun Name Sign

Children love anything that features their name, and a turkey template is perfect for making a fun name sign for the youngster’s bedroom door.

Choose a turkey template with a big fan of feathers, and have the youngster write one letter of his or her name inside each feather.

The template can then be embellished with swatches of tissue paper, glitter, or anything the child desires. 

Glue it to a corkboard, put non-damaging wall putty on the back side, and display this cute name sign anywhere.

7. Create an Adorable Hat

Use a build-your-own-turkey template for preschoolers for this easy craft. Make a simple circle from cardboard, and attach the turkey head and face to the front.

Glue the feathers to the back rim of the cardboard and the wings and feet out from the sides on the upper and lower sections.

On the back rim, have the youngster write his or her name in black marker. This outstanding turkey hat will be a big hit with any child.

8. Turkey Turns Human

For this fun craft, use two simple turkey templates and glue them back to back. Let the youngster color one side to resemble a traditional turkey.

On the back side, add a photo of the child’s face where the turkey’s face would be, and let the youngster color the surrounding areas however he or she desires.

This hilarious, two-sided turkey can be hung up and spun back and forth to display both sides.

9. Fancy Front Door Sign

Start with a full-page traditional turkey template, and using orange, red, and yellow construction paper, cut long strips and fold them in half to create bouncy “feathers.”  

Tape the bottoms to the base of the feathers on the template. Next, cut a wide swatch of brown construction paper and bend it so that the two edges meet.

Tape this big loop to the turkey’s middle to create a puffy belly. Add wiggle eyes, orange pipe cleaners for turkey claws, and red puffy paint for a snood.

Hang this adorable turkey on the front door for the holidays.

10. Thanksgiving Dinner Placeholders

For some inexpensive placeholders for your Thanksgiving dinner, print some small, roasted turkey dinner templates and cut them out.

Using cardstock, create small A-frames that will stand on their own.

Write the guest’s name with a calligraphy pen on one side, and attach the turkey template to the other for an adorable placeholder the guest can save as a keepsake!

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