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Adventure Time Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Venture into the Land of Ooo with these 24 magical Adventure Time coloring pages that are totally free to download and print! Adventure Time, with its quirky characters and whimsical settings, has captured the hearts of many, offering endless imaginative scenarios for color enthusiasts!

For this collection, we have spotlighted Adventure Time’s vibrant cast, from Finn and Jake to Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, BMO, and Lumpy Space Princess. Also featured are characters like the Ice King, Flame Princess, Lady Rainicorn, and the unforgettable Lemongrab, just to name a few!

Adventure Time Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Adventure Time Coloring Pages

Adventure Time coloring pages come in lots of variations.

Here are ten easy, affordable crafts to make with the finished pages.

1. Unique Bookends

Cinnamon Bun or Peppermint Butler is perfect for this cute bookend craft, but other characters will also work!

Take two empty containers–the size simply depends on the child’s preference–and fill them with sand, aquarium pebbles, or anything heavy.

Laminate them with the chosen Adventure Time character, give them a coat of acrylic spray, and you have adorable bookends to use for a long time.

2. Easy Jake the Dog Craft

This Jake the Dog craft is surprisingly easy for any age child. 

Once he’s colored and cut out, the cutout should be laminated around an empty bathroom tissue cardboard or the end of an empty roll of wrapping paper.

Next, give Jake legs by sticking fancy toothpicks into the bottom of the cardboard roll. He will stand on his own, and the effect will be hilarious.

3. Make a BMO Treasure Box

Begin this craft by giving the youngster a small square box spray-painted green with craft paint.

Several BMO coloring pages should be used, and when the youngster has three or four finished, the sides of the box can be decorated with the cutouts.

Using them decal-style gives the box a great look. 

Stickers, craft gems, pom-poms, and other items can be used to embellish his buttons and gadgets, and the youngster has a terrific treasure box.

4. Design a Fancy Windchime

Flame Princess and Flame King are excellent choices for this craft. The characters should be colored, cut out, and embellished.

Glitter, puffy paint, craft gems, and anything sparkly should be added to enhance their already fiery appearance. Seal the work in contact paper. 

Then, attach some tufts of red or orange tissue paper to the bottom, and add some craft bells with string or yarn.

Next, punch a hole at the top of the cutout and hang this unique and original wind chime anywhere.

5. Peppermint Butler Hiding Place

All that’s needed for this fun craft is some yarn, a red pipe cleaner, and an empty toilet tissue cardboard. 

Have the child use a red pipe cleaner to create “legs” for the cardboard roll. Place two at either end of the roll so that it can stand on its own when positioned horizontally.

Next, red and white yarn should be wrapped around the tube in any desired pattern. When Peppermint Butler is colored and cut out, carefully glue him to the roll’s top. 

This creates a funny desktop ornament, and tiny objects can be hidden in the tube.

6. Princes Bubblegum Centerpiece

To make this cute centerpiece, the child should color and cut out Princess Bubblegum and carefully glue her to an empty paper towel cardboard, cut down to about two-thirds.

A coffee filter should be wrapped around the base of the cardboard and secured with a rubber band. Using krazy glue, add a row of pink pom-poms around the base.

Finally, pink tissue paper should be glued around the cutout’s middle to create a big fluffy dress, and the youngster has an adorable Princess Bubblegum centerpiece. 

7. Sailing Away

For this engaging craft, have the youngster use a coloring page featuring multiple Adventure Time characters.

 Once they’re colored, they should be sealed in glassine and cut out.

Have the child add a “sail” to the bottom of an empty egg container by tracing and cutting out a triangle from construction paper.

Glue the edge of the sail around a craft stick and push it into the bottom of the “boat.” The cutouts can then be placed in the individual holes for one-of-a-kind craft.

8. The Lich Comes to life

To make this hilarious and unique craft, have the youngsters fashion simple stick people with pipe cleaners.

When finished, ordinary masking tape should be used to encase the figure. The idea is to create a flat frame with tape and pipe cleaners.

When The Lich is colored and cut out, invisible glue can be used to laminate him to the homemade frame.

Now he can be put in different positions almost like a Gumby doll, for loads of fun.

9. Fun With Flame Princess

If your child’s favorite Adventure Time character is Flame Princess, this craft is a winner!

Give the youngster an empty hairspray bottle that’s been rinsed out and filled with water that’s been colored with red food dye.

When the Flame Princess is colored, the page should be trimmed and wrapped around the empty bottle. It can be embellished with red or glitter or ribbons around the top.

When the pump is depressed, the red water will shoot out like the Princess’ famous flames!

10. Make a Play Sword

Finn the Human and some of the other Adventure Time characters are often seen with swords, so your child may enjoy making a sword of his or her own!

A sword can be traced from ordinary cardboard, cut out, and sealed in contact paper.

When the characters are colored and cut out, they can be used to laminate the sword decal-style for a terrific toy.

Make sure to seal the sword in contact paper to keep it nice for a long time.

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