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Bear Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Roam the wild with these 30 bear coloring pages, ready for you to download and print at no cost! With these printables, you can journey into the world of these majestic creatures as you give life and color to the various bear species and their natural habitats.

In this set, you’ll find a spectrum of scenes from playful bear cubs frolicking in the woods, to the powerful grizzly bear hunting for fish and iconic bear characters like Yogi Bear, Paddington, Baloo, plus many others that you can see below! Also included are cute kawaii-themed bears and simple outlines for younger kids, too!

Bear Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bear Coloring Pages

Bears can be funny, exciting, or scary, so it’s no wonder your youngster likes coloring them.

Here are some interesting and inexpensive crafts to do with all those finished pages.

1. Make a Hat That Doubles as a Mask

Start this innovative craft by giving each youngster an ordinary, plain party hat to decorate with pieces of the bear’s face from one or more finished pages. 

Make sure to add them in such a way that the bear’s nose is the hat’s peak.

Add a big brown pom-pom nose and wiggle eyes, or even candy corns as funny or scary teeth.

The bear can be worn as a hat, but when pulled down over the child’s face, it becomes a 3D mask!

2. Learning Shapes With Funny Bears

Funny or silly bear coloring pages work best for this craft. Have the youngster cut three bears from various finished pages and glue them to a posterboard base.

From brightly colored construction paper, cut three random shapes, such as a square, a diamond, and a circle.

Glue one shape to each bear’s belly and draw a text bubble next to his face.

Inside, the word that matches the shape should be written, as if the bears are learning their shapes for the first time!

3. Polar Bear Fun

For this craft, choose a bear with a big round face and have the youngster draw a snowy background on a piece of blue posterboard.

Decorate the background with homemade snowflakes, glitter, or craft gems.

Use cotton balls to give the bear’s face a three-dimensional appearance, and add a big black pom-pom nose.

Finish up with large wiggle eyes and even mini cupcake wrappers for ears. When mounted on the snowy background, it becomes a unique framable artwork.

4. A Comical Christmas Bear Card

To make a funny greeting card, have the youngster color and cut out a cute or funny bear, gluing it to one side of a piece of cardstock. 

Fold the cardstock in half to create a cover, and let the child write a holiday greeting on the front. Then, embellish the bear to create a funny surprise when the card is opened.

Do this by twisting two pipe cleaners into spirals, finishing up with complete circles at the ends. 

Attach googly eyes to the circles and staple the opposite ends to the bear’s eyes so they “pop” when the recipient opens the card!

5. Create a Country Style Knickknack

Start this easy craft by having each youngster cut their bears from the finished pages, embellishing them with craft items if desired.

Give each child an ordinary styrofoam cup to laminate with the cutout. Add big brown pom-poms as feet and use a pipe cleaner to create a “handle” for the cup.

Fill it with candy, nuts, or other goodies, and set this adorable knickknack on a coffee table, kitchen counter, or windowsill!

6. Valentine’s Day Bear

This easy craft begins with laminating a bathroom tissue cardboard with brown construction paper and a layer of red glitter.

Cut out the bear, separating the head from the body, and glue the head to the roll’s top. Warp the body around the rest of the roll with the paws folded across the front.

Then, cut two pink hearts from construction paper, one large and one small. Add the small one as the bear’s nose, and glue the larger one to the front like he’s holding it. 

Finish up with wiggle eyes and pom-pom feet for an adorable Valentine’s Day decoration.

7. Bear on the Prowl

For this engaging craft, give each youngster one large and one small paper plate, and have them cut four boot-shaped paws from posterboard and attach them to the plate with paper fasteners. 

The children can then have a ball decorating all sections of the bear with cutouts from the finished coloring pages. 

This can be done decal-style in an abstract fashion or traditionally. The youngster can then take this movable bear anywhere!

8. Bears Gone Fishing

Bears love to fish, and this fun craft showcases this. Have the youngsters cut their bears from the finished pages and glue them to upside-down styrofoam cups.

The faces can be embellished with funny teeth, googly eyes, and pom-pom noses. Then, pierce the sides of the cups with toothpicks, to which pieces of thread are stapled.

Have the youngsters trace and cut fish from construction paper and staple them to the threads, making it look like the bears just caught their lunch!

9. Make a Funny Doorknob Hanger

Winnie the Pooh or any famous bear is perfect for this craft. Start with an ordinary paper plate, and use craft paint to make it a bright color.

Then, the bear’s face should be cut out and glued to its center. Ears made from construction paper can be stapled to the top of the plate to make it extra fancy.

Then, staple the bear’s body to the plate’s base so the head looks funny and large.

Add some tiny bells and a string, and hang this cute craft from any doorknob.

10. A Grizzly Keep Out Sign

All youngsters enjoy making this fun “Keep Out” sign. When the youngster has finished the coloring page, it should be made as scary as possible!

Extra large teeth should be made with swatches of construction paper, and scary wiggle eyes can be added. Small pieces of pipe cleaner are perfect for embellishing the teeth.

When the bears are mounted on posterboard, the children can write “Beware” or “Keep Out” and hang these great signs on their bedroom doors.

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