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Crystal Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to sparkle and shine with these 20 crystal coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Whether you’re interested in geology, fascinated by gemstones, or simply love to color intricate patterns, this collection is a gem of an activity for you.

This set features various designs showcasing many types of crystals, gemstones, and mineral formations. You will also find some boho-themed crystals, intricate crystal mandalas, mystical crystals, meditation and mindfulness crystals, plus many others that you can see below!

To print or download any of these coloring templates, click any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. For tips on coloring these Batman-themed pictures, and more Batman craft tips, make sure to see my list further below!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Crystal Coloring Pages

Crystals are fun and fascinating for all youngsters.

If your child has colored lots of pages featuring this item, here are some terrific ways to put them to use.

1. Make a Designer Trivet

Crystals add a great touch to any room, including the kitchen.

When the child has finished coloring a favorite crystal page, it should be laminated to cardstock and cut out.

Then, cut a simple square from corkboard, and trim the coloring page to fit. 

Attach it with superglue, give it several coatings of acrylic spray, and you have a colorful, decorative trivet to hang on the kitchen wall.

2. Crystal Suncatcher

To make this beautiful, sun catcher-style ornament, have the youngster color a crystal page using every possible shade. The more colorful, the better!

The page should be glued to thin cardboard, and the individual shapes should be cut out and sealed in glassine.

Twist some colorful pipe cleaners around an old wire hanger to make it fancy, and attach the various cutouts with yarn or embroidery thread.

Hang this unique ornament wherever it will catch the sun.

3. A Fun and Educational Craft

Making learning fun is always a challenge, but this great classroom activity is a winner.

Have each youngster complete as many crystal coloring pages as desired and cut the individual items out.

These should then be laminated to a piece of posterboard in whatever pattern the child desires.

Underneath each one, the youngster should write different facts about crystals of that color for a poster that’s both decorative and informative!

4. Design Makeshift Awards

Children who have accomplished something in school or anywhere else deserve to have their successes recognized.

A page with a pile of crystals is ideal for this craft, but the crystals should be colored in a broad range of light shades so that words can be written inside.

In each crystal, have the youngster write something that was accomplished, such as winning first place in a contest, an “A” in a specific subject, or a project successfully completed.

The youngster can display this great artwork as a reminder that any goal can be reached!

5. Hide the Crystal

A complicated crystal coloring page works best for this craft, and the child can color it as intricately as desired.

Then, the youngsters should cut some of the crystals out on three sides so that they can be folded back to reveal something behind them.

The page should then be laminated onto a plain piece of posterboard on which secret messages are written.

This is easily turned into a game where the other children must guess which crystal to lift up to reveal a secret.  All children will have fun with this game!

6. Make a Magic Wand

Magic wands are often made from crystals in movies and cartoons, and your child will love making one of his or her own.

Trace and cut out a sword or wand from ordinary cardboard, and have the youngster decorate it with pieces of the coloring page.

The crystals can be cut out individually, or the child can simply cut random shapes from the page to decorate the sword.

Given a coat of acrylic spray, wrap pipe cleaners around one end for a fuzzy handle, and your child has a great new toy.

7. Revive Old Board Games

If your youngster has old-fashioned toys that use game pieces, some have probably been lost over the years.

Crystal coloring pages are perfect for making homemade game pieces to replace them. Have the youngster color as many pages as necessary and cut the crystals out.

They should be sealed in contact paper and used to replace any missing game pieces from board games or other toys.

8. A Crystal Centerpiece

To make this beautiful centerpiece, simply fill an old mason jar to about two-thirds with water dyed with food coloring in whatever shade the child prefers.

Then, when the crystals are colored and cut out, they can be glued or taped around the jar’s top rim, standing straight up as if they’re glowing.

The shade of the water doesn’t have to match the crystal; the fun is simply in making it colorful.

Tie a bow or ribbon around the jar’s top rim and use this beautiful centerpiece anywhere.

9. Create Unique Wall Art

For this fun craft, all that’s necessary is krazy glue, glitter, and colorful pipe cleaners.

When the page is finished, the youngster can use the pipe cleaners to “outline” the different crystals by bending the pipe cleaners to match the shape.

Even fancy toothpicks can be used to embellish some parts of the page. Then, glitter can be sprinkled in a layer over the page or on the individual crystals.

Frame this unique artwork and display it in the child’s bedroom.

10. Make a Colorful Crystal Mobile

To make a mobile with a twist, have the youngster color two pages, one featuring an intricate design and the other featuring crystals that can be cut out separately.

When the primary page is finished, it should be glued to thin cardboard and cut out, and 5 to 6 holes punched at the bottom.

When the other crystals are colored and cut from the additional pages, they can be strung to the bottom of the main cutout with embroidery thread or yarn.

Hang this unique and interesting mobile in a doorway or window.

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