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Cursive M Worksheets (10 Free Printables)

On this page, you will find 10 cursive M worksheets that are all free to download or print! These printables are great for students looking to increase their skills and confidence in cursive writing, specifically the letter M.

I created many templates for this series of worksheets, including jumbo-sized cursive M letters, lower and uppercase cursive M, cursive M letters with guide arrows, three and four-letter words starting with M, plus tons more!

Cursive M Worksheets Featured Image

To use any of these worksheets, click on an image or link to open the PDF sheet on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download or print it! All these worksheets are on US letter-sized paper, but they also fit just as well on A4 paper too!

For teachers and parents who need a single PDF file of all the above worksheets, you’re in luck!

This set of printables makes for a quick, free, and fun lesson in the classroom or for assigning homework to students.

I plan on making this series the best online, so if you have any recommendations on what can be added, please share your ideas down below!

7 Ways To Use Cursive M Worksheets

My cursive M worksheets are applicable in lots of different ways; here are seven uses for them.

7. Practicing The Motions Of Uppercase And Lowercase M

While tracing might seem like the natural first step in learning to write cursive M, might I suggest an alternative?

Simply have the children or your students make the uppercase and lowercase M motions, using blank guideline space on my worksheets.

Since uppercase and lowercase M are quite similar, the only real difference is their size – have the kids practice, freehand, making the humps of the letter shape.

Don’t worry about staying within the lines so much and just focus on getting them used to the movement their pencil will make when they are tracing or writing independently.

6. Tracing Uppercase And Lowercase M

When your children or students are ready to trace cursive M in uppercase and/or lowercase, my worksheets can guide them through the motions.

In fact, I have one worksheet devoted solely to uppercase, one solely to lowercase, and then one where it brings the iterations of the letter together.

This is where students will be concerned about making the shape correctly, staying within the guidelines, and conforming to the standard letter creation.

5. Writing Uppercase And Lowercase M Independently

Once your students have practiced tracing the cursive letter M, it’s time for them to move on to writing it independently.

My worksheets have lots of space for that, including on the same pages where they did their tracing.

So they can practice uppercase, then lowercase (or vice versa), and then put them together and practice writing them one right after the other.

You might want to print out multiple pages of each worksheet per student so that they have ample space on which to practice their tracing and independent writing.

4. Tracing Lowercase Cursive M’s Linked Together

A good exercise for students is to practice tracing lowercase M’s linked together.

You can write out traceable M’s linked on a line and then copy the page for your students to write on.

After they have traced the lowercase linked M’s, you can encourage them to try writing the linked letters all on their own below.

It’s a great way to form muscle memory and improve their eye-hand coordination.

3. Tracing Lowercase M’s Linked To Other Letters

I have a worksheet that links traceable lowercase cursive M’s to other letters of the alphabet, so students can get a feel for how M connects in words.

But you could also piggyback off of that exercise and make a worksheet that connects a traceable lowercase M to every vowel or even every other letter of the alphabet.

You could also make a worksheet that connects uppercase M to every vowel or every other letter of the alphabet.

Or, you could make a worksheet that connects every vowel or letter of the alphabet to M, since not every instance of the letter will be a word beginning with it.

2. Tracing Words That Begin With Lowercase M

Speaking of words containing M, I have several worksheets that cover tracing three- and four-letter cursive words that begin with M.

But you could also take some of the blank guideline space on some of my other sheets and create your own traceable words.

You could write five or six-letter words, or words that contain M, such as “Moment” or “Helium.”

1. Tracing Alliterative Cursive M Sentences

Finally, you could use some of the blank guideline space on my sheets to create traceable alliterative cursive M sentences.

Examples include: “Mom makes me so mad” or “Mike moves mountains to meet Mira.”

Not only will it help them practice their M’s, but it’ll also sneak in some other letter practice, even letters they might not have encountered yet.

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