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Printable Numbers (16 Free Templates)

On this page, you will find 16 different types of printable numbers that are entirely free to print or download! I created many different styles of numbers (traceable, block, colorful, outline) and sizes (small, medium, jumbo) to suit any activity you plan on doing.

These printable numbers can be used for many things, including classroom activities, party banners, flashcards, stencils, memory games, decorations, games, craft patterns, coloring in, maths activities, and anything else you can think of!

Printable Numbers Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, click on any of the images or links below. This will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can print or download to your heart’s content!

I have also labeled how many pages correspond with each number size. For the larger numbers, you can print all or just the numbers you need. All of these printables are on US letter paper, but they scale perfectly on A4, too! Enjoy!

Small Printable Numbers

Here are a variety of small number styles that would make great memory card games for kids, stencils, tracing activities, or even cutouts from a scrapbook! You will find numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Medium Printable Numbers

Here is a range of medium-sized numbers that would be great for decorations, classroom activities, craft patterns, or even photo booth props!

Large Printable Numbers

These printable jumbo numbers could make fantastic party banners, fun math-related wall posters, or even big flashcards!

10 Uses of Printable Numbers

Keep reading this article to learn some uses for my printable numbers, such as activities they can be used for, how to implement them in crafts and decor, and other useful tips!

1. Kid’s Bedroom Decor

Decor really affects the atmosphere and cheerfulness of a bedroom, and you likely want your kid to feel their room is a fun place to be. So, why not use some of my printable numbers for decor?

Great ways to implement these numbers into your kid’s room is to make them into a fun calendar, or to create a numbers chart to help them with counting and math. 

I’d recommend choosing from my colorful printable number sheets for such a project to ensure these useful tools have a fun look to them.

For instance, my Printable Colored Numbers in Speech Balloons (mentioned above) are great for kids who love to read comic books or webcomics! 

2. Classroom Items and Activities

Rather than spending money on expensive classroom decorations, activities, and lesson math templates, try downloading and printing my selection of numbers and create your own!

These numbers would be perfect for a numbers banner, classroom calendar, a “class of YEAR” sign, or for creating activities to teach kids about counting and mathematics. 

Some activities could include memory games, flashcards, count and cover games, and other similar tasks. 

3. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great activity to use my printable numbers for, as it presents an easy way to add dates, ages, titles, etc., that are easy to read!

Great scrapbooks to use my printable numbers for are baby books, wedding albums, schoolwork albums, and other similar projects.

I recommend using my Printable Multicolored Numbers With Shadows (above) for a baby scrapbook, as the pastel colors would fit the theme perfectly!

4. DIY Calendar

Another great way to utilize these printable numbers is to make them into a calendar! 

For instance, If you want to use the numbers in a larger size, you could make a perpetual flip desktop calendar.

Or, if you’re creating your own wall calendar, you could cut out and paste the numbers onto your calendar pages, or download my Black Outline Numbers (above) and use them like stencils.

5. Party Decorations

If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, throwing a baby shower, or arranging an annual event, you may find a use for my printable numbers for decorations!

For instance, you could make numbered banners (e.g., Happy 25th Anniversary, 50th annual event, etc.), cake toppers, and invites with the anniversary or annuity date. 

Or, if the party is a baby shower, you could make signs, invitations, and gift bags with the baby’s date of birth! For such an event, I recommend using my multicolored numbers (above). 

6. Cake Decorating

As mentioned above, my printable numbers can easily be used for making cake decorations, such as cake toppers made with cake pop sticks, cut-out numbers, and tape or glue.

You could also print out my black outline numbers (above), cut out the white spaces inside the numbers sheet, and stencil numbers onto the cake using buttercream or edible glitter.

I recommend making these types of cake decorations for anniversaries or annual events!

7. Signage

If you need to make a sign for your work, classroom, or your home, you can use my printable numbers for this project!

The types of signs you could make include classroom/office door numbers, home addresses for gates or houses, café and restaurant menus, and other similar uses.

If you’re able to be creative with your sign (a café menu, for instance), fun bases like chalkboards, rustic wood, or rustic metal will add more personality and flair to it!

8. Stationery

If you enjoy sending letters and cards, or have invitations to send, another great way to use my printable numbers is to use them for dates, addresses, and other information. 

By using my numbers instead of writing out the information, this will ensure that friends and family are better able to read the font, and it also makes the card more fun and creative.

For stationery, I recommend printing my black outline numbers (above), cutting out the white part of the numbers, and using the sheet as a stencil rather than pasting the numbers with glue/ tape.

Using the numbers as a stencil will help you keep the card organized, clean, and simplistic, which is ideal for relaying important information like the date, time, and address of an event.

However, if you’re sending invites for a kid’s party or you’re teaching your child how to write numbers, cutting and pasting these numbers into cards can look fun and cute for kids!

9. DIY Memory Game

As mentioned in the classroom items above, another way you can utilize these printable numbers is to create a fun game for your students (or children).

One idea is a memory game, which can be used to teach kids about concentration. To make this game, start by downloading and printing off multiple copies of my number sheets. 

Next, cut out the numbers and sort them into different denominations. The best way to play this game is to start with simple numbers and work up to more difficult figures.

After selecting your number denominations, paste the numbers onto index cards or card stock.

To play the game, hold up a number to your class (or children) for a few seconds and then take it away. After, get the kids to write down what the number was.

Whoever remembers the most numbers wins the game!

10. Stenciling

As mentioned above, in addition to cutting and pasting my printable numbers, you can also use my black outline sheet (above) as a number stencil.

Simply cut out the white space within the number outline, and trace the inside of the number onto your paper and projects!

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