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Printable Wrapping Paper (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 60 free printable wrapping paper designs for almost every imaginable occasion! You will find decorative wrapping paper for birthdays (kids and adults), general purpose, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and even Valentine’s Day!

These printable wrapping paper designs are a real clincher for last-minute gift-wrapping emergencies, a budget alternative to store-bought, and are more environmentally friendly as you only print what you need.

Printable Gift Wrappers Featured Image

All of the below wrapping paper designs are in US letter size (8.5in x 11in), which also scales perfectly on A4-sized paper. 

While the size won’t compare to a roll of wrapping paper, these printables are handy for smaller gifts like jewelry, iPhones, smart watches, kindles, paperback books, or anything within that size!

Birthday Wrapping Paper 🎉

Here is a wide range of general-purpose and birthday-themed wrapping paper. I tried to do a mix of themes so there would be ones for adults, kids, girls, and boys.

Christmas Wrapping Paper 🎄

Here are 16 festive wrapping paper designs that include Santas, gingerbread men, candy canes, reindeer, mistletoe, and more! Save the trip in the snow and use these instead!

Halloween Wrapper Paper 🎃

Here are 4 Halloween-inspired printable wrapping paper designs that will come in handy for decorations, party-wrapped treats, and more!

Anniversary & Valentines Wrapping Paper ❤️

If you are giving a gift to a loved one, here is some beautiful cupid-inspired wrapping paper that will be the perfect theme and size for small jewelry boxes!

Easter Wrapping Paper 🐣

Here are some Easter-themed printable wrapping paper designs, from cute little bunnies and Easter eggs to classic Easter patterns!

5 Benefits of Using Printable Wrapping Paper

Keep reading for the benefits of using my printable wrapping paper, such as the environmental impact, having a more personal touch to your gift, and other similar positives!

1. It’s Better for the Environment

It’s incredibly easy to waste gift wrap, especially if you go through some trial and error trying to wrap your gift properly. As a result, you end up with unused paper that you have to throw out.

However, if you print your wrapping paper from home, you can choose exactly how much you need for your gift, rather than having to deal with an entire roll of paper.

If you’re unsure how much you need, measure the dimensions of your gift. 

For example, if your gift is 17×22 inches, you’ll need about two sheets of my wrapping, which prints well on US letter/A4 sheets.

Overall, printing off your wrapping paper cuts down on waste.

It also sets a good example to your family about the different ways we can care for the environment, as cutting down on paper waste can save a lot of trees!

2. Allows You to Personalize Your Gift

One of the most fun things about gift-giving is being able to show your friend or family member just how much you care about them. 

By adding a more personal touch to a gift, that sentiment is well-conveyed! 

You can scroll through my collection of printable wrapping paper and choose a design that is more suited to the recipient’s style. 

For example, if your friend loves vintage or antique decor, books, and similar items, you could use my Vintage Handwritten Wrapping Paper, which is available above. 

Putting that extra effort shows your friends and family that you care about them and take an interest in their life, their interests, and the more detailed parts of their personalities.

3. It’s a Cheaper Alternative to Store-Bought Paper

Gift-giving can be an expensive venture, especially during the holiday season when you’re likely buying presents for multiple people, or if you have a major event coming up (e.g., a wedding).

So, printing off your wrapping paper rather than purchasing it is one small way to reduce your expenses when giving gifts to friends and family. 

This is especially true when it comes to purchasing different wrapping paper for individual people. 

After all, we all have different design tastes, so using individualized wrapping paper is a nice way to show extra affection and attention to loved ones.

However, buying different rolls of wallpaper for each person can be costly. Therefore, why not simply print off a few designs from my collection and give your wallet a breathing space?

4. Can Be a Fun Family Project

Gift-giving is a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their children. 

If your family is giving a gift to a loved one, you can get your kids involved by having them select which wrapping paper design they like best, and teaching them how to wrap gifts. 

This is particularly fun if your kids also have gifts they want to give to friends and family. You can select some designs you all enjoy, and spend some quality time putting the gifts together.

A great occasion for such an activity is if your family has a wedding anniversary coming up. 

If your kids want to celebrate with you and give you gifts, help them choose a design, print it, and individualize it for their mom, dad, or whoever is on the receiving end!

For example, the Lavender Heart Wrapping Paper design available above is perfect for a wedding anniversary. 

5.  Better for Smaller Gifts

As mentioned above, printing off your own wrapping paper is a great way to prevent waste build-up, especially when you have smaller gifts. 

Gifts that work great for 8.5in x 11in wrapping paper are books, notebooks, DVDs, stationery sets, phone cases, smartphones, headphones, or other similar items. 

Overall, using my collection of printable wallpaper will ensure you don’t spend too much time on gift wrap cleanup!

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