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Printable Playing Cards (Free PDF Sheets In 3 Sizes)

On this page, you will find a wide range of printable playing cards that are all free to download or print! They’re also in PDF format and in high resolution!

I have also included three different-sized decks of cards, including mini, standard, and jumbo, for every possible game, project, or activity you plan on doing!

All these PDF playing cards pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!


Mini-Sized Playing Cards

If you are looking to conserve paper or have smaller cards that take up less space (great for traveling), this mini deck of printable playing cards might be what you are after!

While this mini deck is great for card games, it can also serve other purposes, including party decorations, name tags, memory games for kids, crafts for scrapbooking, and more!

Regular-Sized Playing Cards

These standard-sized cards can be a lifesaver if you need a deck of cards in a pinch to continue the party, decide who is a better poker player, or for a rainy day card game.

I recommend printing these cards on thick card stock to make them long-lasting and durable. Alternatively, you can cut the cards out and paste them on thick cardboard or even laminate them!

Jumbo-Sized Playing Cards

While you could technically play cards with these jumbo-sized printables, they may be better suited for party banners, photo booth props, book covers, wall decorations, craft supplies, and more.

This printable is a single PDF file with all 52 cards and suits and is on US letter-sized paper. For those outside the US, the pages also fit perfectly on A4 paper too. If you don’t need to print the entire set, you can opt for selecting one (or more) cards that you need and print accordingly.

10 Popular & Simple Card Games for the Family

On rainy and snowy days, playing cards is a great way to pass the time! Keep reading for 10 easy games you can enjoy as a family with my printable cards, including their instructions. 

1. Go-Fish 

Who didn’t grow up playing Go Fish? This is a classic 2-4 player card game great for kids four and up that kids and parents alike will enjoy playing together.

The objective of the game is to make up all sets of four cards, and whoever has the most sets wins.

If you need a card to complete your set, ask another player for it. If they don’t have the card, they’ll say, “Go fish,” and you’ll have to “fish” for a card from the middle deck. 

Keep going until all sets of four have been collected. 

This is a great game to teach young kids how to play cards, and it can be enjoyed by all ages! 

2. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a great 2-5 player game appropriate for kids four and up. 

To play, you must set a card on top of the middle deck that matches the card facing upward. It either has to be the same value or the same suit.

8’s are wild and can be played over any suit or value. If you play an 8, you set the value for the next card (e.g., you can declare “hearts,” and the next player has to set down a card of hearts).

The first player to discard all of their cards wins the game!

3. War

War is one of the most simple two player card games for kids six and above, and it goes by quickly! 

Split the deck in half so that each player has 26 cards, and deal them out facing down.

Both participants will take a card from the deck and set them face up at the same time. Whoever plays the highest value card keeps the other player’s card. 

If the cards are of the same value, it’s War. You’ll both select two more cards from your deck, facing one up and one down. 

The person with the highest value card takes the other player’s card.

Keep playing until one player snakes all the cards and wins!

4. Slapjack

Slapjack is a 3-6 player game appropriate for kids four and up. This game uses up the whole deck of cards, so make sure to print off plenty of my designs.

The objective of the game is to win the card pile that has a jack on top.

Whoever yells “slapjack” and puts their hand over the deck wins the pile and adds it to their deck. 

This is a fun, fast game that kids are sure to love and that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

5. Snip, Snap, Snorem

Snip, Snap, Snorem is a fun game that can be played between 2-10 people, and is similar to the game Snap (seen below). 

After dealing out the full pack of cards to each player, the first player sets a card face-up in the middle of the table. The next player will try to match this card.

If they match the card, the second player will yet “snip.” If the third player matches the card, they will yell “snap,” and if the fourth player can match, they will yell “snorem.”

Whoever runs out of their cards first is the winner.

6. Cheat/I Doubt It 

Cheat is a classic card game fit for the whole family. The objective of the game is to discard your full deck by taking turns playing. 

You can attempt to discard more cards than the rules allow by pretending your cards are of a different value, hence the name “cheat.” For the full set of rules, click here

7. Snap

Snap is a game that can be played by kids as young as 3. The objective of the game is for players to match cards with the same number as another player’s card. 

Everyone has their own set of cards (split up evenly between the players) and turns over their cards in the middle of the table. If two cards match, the first player to shout “snap” wins the middle card.

Whoever doesn’t lose all their cards wins the game!

8. Chase the Ace

Chase requires 52 playing cards and is the most fun with 4+ players! The object of the game is to not end up with the lowest value card.

Each player will decide whether to keep their cards or pass them on to the next player. If the value is 10 or higher, you’ll want to keep it, and if it’s lower, you’ll want to discard it. 

If a player has an Ace, they can hold onto the card, even if the other players want them to discard it and select a new one. 

This game is energetic and fast-paced, and is a great choice if the entire family wants to join in the fun!

9. Memory 

Memory is a fantastic game for kids as young as three and requires 2-4 players. To play, deal out all the cards and make sure they’re face-down.

Each player takes turns flipping over two cards. If the pair matches in value, they win the pair and get to have another turn. 

Whoever ends up with the most cards by the end of the game wins.

10. Happy Families 

Happy Families is very similar to Go Fish (mentioned above), except that the value and the suit of each card requested must match (e.g., you ask for a King of Spades and not just a King).

The winner of the game will have the most sets of four cards.

This game is ideal for kids who are just learning how to play cards, and is appropriate for ages 4 and up. You can play with up to four people, which makes it a great game for the whole family.


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