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250 Memorable Adult Party Themes

You probably have lots of happy memories of birthday parties, end-of-school celebrations, and Christmas gatherings from childhood. But as much as you may want to keep these traditions going into adulthood, work and family obligations can make it difficult.

Just because you’re busier now doesn’t mean that you can’t throw an awesome shindig! This article is jam-packed with hundreds of adult party themes that are sure to delight you and your guests!

Adult Party Themes For All Ages & Budgets

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1. Oscars

Celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night by having friends and family over for an Oscars watch party. Invite guests to wear their fanciest clothes and decorate the space using the Oscars’ black and gold color scheme.

When it comes to food, serve plenty of fancy appetizers like gourmet popcorn, smoked salmon, deviled eggs, and mini fruit parfaits.

During commercial breaks, ask movie trivia questions and give a prize to the person who gets the most answers right.

2. Karaoke

Whether you sing well or not, a karaoke party is a great way to bring friends together for a fun night of belting out their favorite songs. Either rent a karaoke machine or display the karaoke versions of songs on a laptop.

To create even more of an atmosphere, hang a silver shower curtain to create a stage area. You can also invite guests to spruce up their act by wearing over-the-top accessories like boas, sunglasses, or wigs.

3. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Invite your guests to show up as their favorite Oz character and award a prize for the best costume. In terms of decorations, lay down a yellow brick road floor runner, put up rainbow banners, and hang green tinsel curtains.

For food, use a cookie cutter to shape sandwiches into dog bones and hearts, serve corn on the cob in honor of the scarecrow, and arrange colorful fruit into a rainbow.

4. 50s Theme

Take guests back in time with a 50s diner-themed party. Use checkered tablecloths, balloons (pink, blue, black, and white), and wall hangings (records, poodles, milkshakes) to set the scene.

Try playing retro games like What’s My Line, tabletop bowling, and vintage Majong to keep guests entertained. For food, serve up diner favorites such as hamburgers, chili dogs, and soda floats.

5. Ugly Bridesmaid Dress-Up

This party is perfect for a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, or just a regular girls night out. Invite all of your friends to come dressed up in the ugliest bridesmaid dress they can find secondhand.

Create a runway area and have guests vote on the ugliest dress of the bunch. Give the winner a prize (e.g., free drinks for the night or a bottle of alcohol).

6. Titanic

For your Titanic-themed grown-up party, send out nautical-themed invitations featuring anchors, ships, or seascapes. When guests arrive, have them enter using the boardwalk (some pieces of corrugated cardboard do the trick).

Decorate the walls with “life preservers” made of polystyrene rings decorated with red rectangles and lettering reading “R.M.S. Titanic.” Serve Titanic-era treats like cream cakes, pinwheel sandwiches, and white wine.

7. Team Colors

Team Colors

This party is a great option if you’ve got some sports-obsessed friends or if there’s a big game coming up. Guests are invited to wear clothing from their favorite team, whether that’s a jersey, a t-shirt, or a beanie.

Serve classic stadium food like hot dogs, nachos, large pretzels, and beer. For activities, you can either watch the game or have guests play a pick-up game in the neighborhood.

8. Ice Cream Social

The sweet tooths in your life will rejoice when they hear you’re throwing an ice cream party. Give them even more to celebrate by providing several flavors of ice cream and lots of toppings (nuts, chocolate chips, syrup, candy, whipped cream, cherries).

For activities, have a blind ice cream taste test and an ice cream-themed photo booth. For this, provide a summery backdrop and plenty of silly props for guests to play with.

9. The Great Gatsby

Take a trip back in time with a Prohibition-era party for adults inspired by the greatest host of all time, Jay Gatsby. This party is all about classiness, so glam up your space with gold balloons, glass candle holders, and ostrich feather centerpieces.

Entertainment is easy—simply clear space and invite guests to dance the night away to 20s jazz standards. Allow guests to recharge in between songs by offering them plenty of champagne, shrimp cocktails, and finger sandwiches.

10. Potluck

Just because you’re short on cash, pressed for time, or don’t feel like cooking doesn’t mean that you can’t have friends over for dinner. That’s the beauty of a potluck party!

Assign each guest a type of food to bring (e.g., appetizer, dessert, main dish) to avoid having too many of the same foods.

11. Famous Couples

Famous Couples

This costume party asks guests to come dressed as a famous (or infamous) couple. Popular ideas include Barbie and Ken, Sonny and Cher, and Mario and Luigi.

The beauty of this theme is that it’s open to interpretation and gives guests the flexibility to be creative in their outfit choices. Choose a winner for the best costume at the end of the night.

12. Painting Party

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Picasso, you can still have fun making art with your guests. For this party, purchase small canvases, brushes, and paints.

Play an instructional painting tutorial on YouTube to help guests out. Serve light refreshments such as wine and cheese.

13. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah, the party theme that needs no introduction. For decorations, anything Christmas-related sets the mood.

To keep guests full, serve easy-to-eat foods like meatballs on a stick, veggies with dip, and pigs in a blanket. Play your favorite Christmas hits as you enjoy this classic holiday tradition.

14. Dress Up As Your Biggest Fear

For a unique take on the traditional costume party, have guests come dressed up as the thing they fear the most. That could be anything from spiders to rejection, the theme is pretty open.

Complete the scary mood by playing menacing music, hanging up fake spider webs, and dimming the lights.

15. Hawaiian


Get into the aloha spirit by inviting guests to a backyard luau. To get into the spirit of things, have guests wear Hawaiian shirts or bathing suits.

Decorate the space with tiki torches, flower lights, and anything pineapple. For refreshments, serve tropical cocktails, pulled pork sandwiches, and upside-down pineapple cake.

16. Grease

Vintage is the way to go when decorating for your Grease party. Put down checkered tablecloths and hang up cut-outs of records and classic cars.

Have guests dress up in 50s fashion staples like leather jackets, poodle skirts, and skin-tight white tees. Serve hot dogs, milkshakes, and fries to really create the diner experience.

17. Wine Tasting

For this party, invite each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine or a wine they’ve been meaning to try. Hide the labels and have guests sample each one, making sure to note how much they like it and what kind they think it is.

At the end, reveal the answers and award a prize to the person who got the most answers correct. Serve cheese, olives, and other finger foods to make sure guests don’t get too tipsy.

18. Anything But Clothes

For this dress-up party, invite friends to fashion a costume out of anything they have laying around the house. The only rule is that it can’t be clothes!

Streamers, dish towels, paper, and CDs are just some of the things that can be used to fashion an outfit. Have each guest describe their garb and award prizes like “most creative” and “best dressed.”

19. Star Wars

Star Wars

Transport your guests to a galaxy far far away by hanging up black fabric, cardboard stars, and silver paper lanterns. Offer themed treats like Star Wars sugar cookies, Princess Leia cupcakes, and lightsaber pretzels (rod pretzels dipped in red or blue frosting).

For entertainment, play movie trivia or try Two Truths and a Lie. For this game, guests must guess which movie statement is false.

20. Bake-Off

For this party, choose a type of dessert or a secret ingredient that guests must make ahead of time. At party time, have a blind taste test of the treats and award a prize to the best one.

After eating, tune into your favorite cooking or baking show while you share baking tips with friends.

21. Fondue

What’s not to love about dipping bread and meat into smoking-hot vats of melted cheese? For this party, you’ll need to buy or rent a fondue machine.

Serve drinks like Pilsners, IPAs, Riesling, or Prosecco, as these pair best with cheese. Complete the retro vibe by playing some 70s music and finishing the night off with a game of Charades.

22. Coachella

Maybe you weren’t able to get tickets to the famous California music festival, or maybe your schedule didn’t allow you to get away. Whatever the reason, you can recreate the event at your own place.

Create a playlist of artists headlining the event, hang up concert posters, and have guests show up in their best festival gear (e.g., jean shorts, crop tops, leather pants, and band tees). Offer activities like a face painting station, a flower crown bar, and a temporary tattoo bar.

23. James Bond

James Bond

Get your guests excited about your party by sending them a 007-themed invitation. Choose a black-and-white color scheme with pops of gold or silver for an elegant touch.

Set a black-tie policy to ensure guests come looking the part. For entertainment, play casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Craps. This is one adults are sure to love!

24. 60s Theme

To create the groovy vibes the 60s are known for, decorate your space with smiley faces, peace signs, and flowers. Invite guests to don themed clothing like long wigs, colored sunglasses, and psychedelic prints.

A tie-dye station is a great way to keep guests entertained while staying on theme. For food, serve up fruit punch, “magical” brownies, and cocktail sausages.

25. Saint Patrick’s Day

Pull out anything green and shamrock-shaped when decorating for your Saint Patrick’s Day party. Offer Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage, beef stew, and soda bread.

Drinking games like flipcup and beer pong are obvious choices for entertainment, but if you’re looking for something tamer, watch an Irish movie or decorate shamrock cookies.

26. Bollywood

To set the stage for your Bollywood party, deck out the area with bright colors (pink, orange, gold, and yellow), printed fabrics (paisley works well), and plenty of throw pillows for sitting.

Serve traditional Indian starters like samosas, bajis, poppadoms, raita and tikki chaat. Play Bollywood movies in the background and provide a shisha area for guests who wish to partake.

27. Oktoberfest


Enjoy all the fun this traditional Bavarian holiday has to offer, minus the crowds. To keep things traditional, use blue and white decorations (as a nod to the Bavarian flag).

Offer a beer-tasting stand with traditional German beers or special Oktoberfest brews. Soft pretzels, sausages, sauerkraut, and apple strudel are delicious accompaniments.

28. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Invite guests to your party by writing party details on a piece of paper and tucking it into a candy wrapper. Once guests arrive, allow them to grab some sweet Wonka treats (e.g., Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and Gobstoppers).

Play the movie in the background to set the scene while playing candy-themed games. Some ideas include a bubblegum-blowing contest, M&M bingo, and a cupcake decorating station.

29. When I Grow Up Costume Party

Halloween isn’t the only time when you can dress up. For this adult-themed party, have guests show up in a costume representing their dream profession as a kid.

Put a spin on traditional cocktails by tailoring them to specific careers. For example, you could serve a cinnamon cocktail for firefighters or shots served in play syringes for the aspiring doctors.

30. Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so why not make an event out of it? Give each guest some pre-made pizza dough and allow them to create their own pie with their favorite toppings.

You can also serve up salad, garlic bread, and dessert pizza. As an activity, invite each guest to decorate an apron with iron-on letters or permanent markers.

31. Avengers


To supercharge your Avengers party, have your guests come dressed as their favorite character. When they arrive, take their picture in a Marvel-themed photo booth and hand out the pictures as party favors.

For treats, serve up Thor’s hammer cupcakes (stick a pretzel rod into a marshmallow and place on top of a frosted cupcake) and a fruit platter in the shape of Captain America’s shield.

32. Historical Figures

For this party, guests will have to wrack their brains a bit to come up with a historical character they’d like to dress up as. Characters can be real or fictional people from any era in time.

Have guests try to guess the person and award prizes in categories like “most accurate” or “funniest.”

33. Alice in Wonderland

Host a mad tea party in honor of this classic movie. To set the scene, lay down a colorful tablecloth and top it with teacups of various sizes.

Serve up cupcakes and cookies with the words “Eat Me” written on them. In between snacks, guests can play croquet, and chess, or decorate top hats.

34. Camping-Themed Party

Even if it’s the dead of winter, you can still enjoy all of the fun that comes from camping. Have guests dress in their favorite outdoor wear (flannel shirts encouraged).

“Roast” marshmallows and hot dogs over the stove or fireplace. Play camping-themed games like charades or bingo, then have a spooky story contest.

35. Crazy Hair

Crazy Hair

Let guests show their wild side by inviting them to a crazy hair party. This could include accessorizing with colorful clips, spraying temporary color, or spiking hair to the max.

Hang up a blank white sheet to create a photo booth area where guests can memorialize their crazy ‘dos.

36. Mean Girls

To create a Mean Girls party that is so fetch, fill your space with pink balloons and attach iconic quotes from the movie on the wall.

Recreate the Burn Book by buying a plain pink notebook and decorating it with cut-out letters. Invite guests to sign it, so you have a memory of the party.

37. The Sound of Music

Hang up a vinyl mountain backdrop, decorate tables with blue tablecloths, and add touches of wildflowers around the space to give guests the impression of being in Austria. Serve up Austrian delights such as pretzel twists, bratwurst, and steins of beer.

Play oompah music while guests eat. Once they finish, invite them to form groups to compete in a Sound of Music lip sync challenge.

38. 70s Theme

Let yourself be inspired by disco music for this 70s party. Decorate your space with a giant disco ball and some beaded curtains.

Create a 70s playlist and invite guests to participate in a dance contest. In between songs, provide snacks like fondue and finger sandwiches for people to munch on.

39. Shrek


Your guests will fall accidentally in love once they see your Shrek-themed party. All you need to do to create Shrek’s swamp is add some green balloons, fake vines, and brown tuile to the party area.

Delight your guests with treats like vegetable quesadillas (made with spinach tortillas) and dirt pudding (add green food coloring to vanilla pudding to make it Shrek green). As an activity, have guests decorate gingerbread men cookies.

40. Kids Party Games For Adults

Let guests reconnect with their inner children by inviting them to a kid’s party game night. Some examples include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, and Duck, Duck, Goose.

Serve childhood favorites like pigs in a blanket, trail mix, and Rice Krispie treats to add to the hit of nostalgia.

41. Mission Impossible

Invite guests to your party by sending them an invitation written in a secret code. At the party, serve spy-themed foods like donut bombs (chocolate donuts with red licorice “fuses”) and “pop” secret snacks (popcorn).

In terms of activities, play retro detective games like Guess Who? Or Clue. You can also create a scavenger hunt and see which team solves the mystery first.

42. Jaws

For a fresh take on a summer pool party, invite friends over for a Jaws-themed event. To decorate, find shark balloons, plates, and inflatable toys.

Serve up cocktails with nautical names like “The Captain is on Duty” and “Feeding Frenzy.” Play pool games like Marco Polo or Chicken and have a belly flop contest.

43. 80s Themes

80s Themes

Dust off your fluorescent leggings and dig up that can of Aquanet. The 80s are back in full force for this party! In addition to inviting guests to wear their favorite retro threads, set the mood by playing 80s hits.

Dancing is sure to be the main event of the evening but don’t forget to include other activities like 80s trivia and charades. For food, think about serving retro treats like Hi-C juice boxes, popcorn, and neon Jello.

44. Sushi Making

Instead of ordering take-out sushi (again), why not invite some friends over for a sushi-making shindig? For this event, you’ll need ingredients like sushi rice, seaweed, sesame seeds, and fresh fish.

Give each guest a sushi mat and watch an instructive video on how to roll your own sushi. After you’re done, indulge in a taste test.

45. Adult Day Spa

For a relaxing (and unique) girls-only party, invite friends over for an at-home pampering session. Greet guests with a cold drink and a warm towel when they walk in.

Set up pampering stations around your home for things like pedicures, foot spas, and manicures. Another option is to hire a team of professionals to provide mini massages and facials.

46. Christmas in July

Who said you had to wait until December to spread a little holiday cheer? When hosting this event, serve frozen hot chocolate, reindeer muddy buddies, and Christmas jello shots.

For the rest, play Christmas music, have a present swap, and do a slip-and-slide instead of sledding.

47. Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

Create a desert-like atmosphere by hanging up purple sheets, twinkle lights, and paper lanterns. Accessorize the space with colorful throw pillows, Persian rugs, and golden statues.

Serve traditional Middle Eastern foods like falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, and pita bread. For dessert, baklava or Turkish Delight are both good options.

48. Letter Themed Party

As the host of this party, you get to choose a letter for the theme. The letter you choose determines the food that’s served, what people wear, and the music that’s played.

For example, if you choose ‘C,’ you might serve cheese and crackers and play music by Coldplay or Calvin Harris. Guests could come wearing cheetah print clothing or a checkered shirt.

49. Pajama Party

Who said slumber parties were just for kids? Invite guests to wear their favorite jammies and slippers to your event.

Serve classic party foods like delivery pizza, popcorn, and soda. For activities, tell ghost stories or play games like truth or dare and spin the bottle.

50. Taco Bar

This idea is as simple as it sounds—invite guests over to enjoy some delicious food. Provide fixings like shells (hard and soft), assorted meats, grilled veggies, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and more.

Elevate the event by serving Mexican beers and hanging up decorations like paper pinwheels and colorful flowers.

51. Viva Italia

Viva Italia

Invite your friends to chill out and enjoy la dolce vita with this Italian-themed event. Use green, red, and white streamers to create the full Italian effect.

Serve olives, bruschetta, and cheese as appetizers before moving onto a main course (or courses) of soup, salad, pasta, and dessert. Popular Italian drinks like Aperol Spritz or prosecco make for the perfect finishing touch.

52. White Party

You don’t have to be P. Diddy to host this kind of classy gathering. Simply invite guests to come over decked out in all white.

Decorate your space with white tablecloths, chairs, and balloons. Serve up white candies, cake, and cocktails (champagne margaritas and white chocolate martinis work well).

53. Board Game Night

Give your Netflix account a rest and break out the board games! Choose between classic favorites like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, or opt for the newest games on the market.

Have finger foods like peanuts, chips, and mini sandwiches available to keep guests full as they play their way to victory.

54. Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate this Mexican holiday with an over-the-top fiesta. Decorate using colored garlands, paper fans, and pots of colorful flowers (fake ones are okay!)

Delight your guests with dishes like 7-layer dip, enchiladas, and churros. For drinks, margaritas, sangria, or Mexican beers are good options.

55. Adult Prom

Adult Prom

Now that you’re older, better looking, and have more disposable income, it’s the perfect time to revisit prom night.

Formalwear is essential, but you can also challenge guests to color-coordinate with their date and come wearing a boutonniere or a corsage.

Set the scene with balloons, tinsel, twinkle lights, and paper lanterns. Play music that was popular at your first prom and invite your guests to bust a move on the dance floor.

56. Movie Marathon

Get your cinephile friends together for an evening (or an entire day) of movie-watching. When it comes to choosing what to watch, select a theme, a year, or a favorite series—the sky’s the limit.

Serve up traditional movie treats like popcorn, nachos, and candy (e.g., M&Ms, Milkduds, and Reese’s).

57. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Use this 1961 film as inspiration for a classy brunch event or bridal shower. Decorate your space in black, white, and Tiffany blue to set the stage.

Add fake pearls, fake diamonds, and dark sunglasses to accessorize the tables. Serve delicious treats like mini berry champagne cheesecakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and champagne.

58. Safari Or Nature Theme

For this event, have guests come dressed up as either their favorite safari animal or in traditional safari attire. Decorate the space with fake trees, animal cut-outs, and fake fur pelts.

Provide animal-themed snacks like hungry hippo dip (spinach and sweet potatoes) and tiger bites (smoked salmon roll-ups). Play a nature documentary in the background as a finishing touch.

59. Masquerade


This party requires guests to come dressed in their finest evening attire and a mask of their choosing. Use a black and gold color scheme to complete the classy ambiance.

Serve finger foods like mini sausages, cheese and crackers, and bite-sized vegetables. Offer plenty of fancy drinks like champagne and gin fizzes.

60. Project Runway

Invite your fashion-conscious friends over for an interactive event. To pull it off, divide guests into two teams, provide a theme (e.g., nature, winter wonderland, or high fashion), and give materials.

Each team has two hours to create a look worthy of the runway. When time is up, have each team showcase their creation and vote on a winner.

61. Blue Party

As the name suggests, this party is dedicated to everything blue. Guests should come wearing their favorite blue clothing.

The party area should be filled with blue balloons and streamers. Serve blue foods like blue cheese, blueberries, and blue cool ranch Doritos.

62. French Party

Your guests will be saying oh la la when they see what you’ve come up with for this party. Use the French tricolor (blue, white, and red) as your color scheme, and be sure to include plenty of Eiffel Tower pictures.

Provide guests with cheese, bread, grapes, and wine to snack on. Play songs by Serge Gainsbourg and Edith Piaf to really create the atmosphere.

63. Beach


Do you and your friends have a case of the winter blues? Why not cheer yourselves up with a beach-themed party complete with fruity drinks, classic summer movies, and games?

Offer traditional treats like chopped veggies and finger sandwiches or get creative and decorate cupcakes with your favorite ocean animals. Play music by The Beach Boys and The Drifters to complete the effect.

64. Mardi Gras

This yearly event is all about being over the top and indulging, so don’t hold anything back when it comes to this party. The decor should be purple, green, and gold (the traditional colors of the holiday).

Serve traditional New Orleans dishes like jambalaya, macaroni and cheese, and grilled shrimp. For entertainment, play Mardi Gras trivia or bingo.

65. Harry Potter

For this party, invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite Potter character. Decorate the party area with banners representing the four houses, owl statues, and plenty of candlesticks.

To keep guests entertained, create a Quidditch beer pong table—it’s the same as the regular drinking game, except the ball has to pass through one of three hoops attached to the table. You can also play an officially-licensed Harry Potter version of Trivial Pursuit.

66. Barbie

This party invites your guests to come dressed up as one of the most iconic dolls of all time. They can come dressed in the black and white swimsuit worn by the original model or don an evening dress.

For decorations, the pinker, the better. That goes for the food as well—think pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, and Rice Krispie treats with pink food coloring.

67. Geeks


Grab your pocket protector and get ready to channel your inner nerd for this party. Have guests dress up in super high-rise pants, suspenders, and thick glasses.

Decorate using classic nerd staples like Rubik’s cubes and video game paraphernalia. Play games like science bingo or watch a geeky show like The Big Bang Theory.

68. 90s Theme

Although the 90s may not seem that long ago, this decade still provides plenty of options for a theme party. Guests can come wearing 90s fashion (e.g., oversized flannel shirts, overalls, or mini skirts).

Serve nostalgic treats like pizza rolls, fruit roll-ups, and Lunchables. Play traditional paper games like MASH and Fortune teller while jamming out to hits by Will Smith, TLC, and Nirvana.

69. Pirate

Round up your favorite bunch of scalawags for a pirate-themed bash. Costume ideas include striped shirts, red scarves, and a tricorn hat.

For decorations, think skull and crossbone wall hangings, fake wooden barrels, and fishing nets. Pirates Booty, fish and chips, and rum punch all make excellent refreshments.

70. Chicago

Get ready to get sexy and sultry for this party inspired by the hit Broadway musical and movie. Have guests come in their best 20s outfits (e.g., suits and ties for men, flapper dresses for women).

Decorate using red, black, and white balloons, tablecloths, and napkins. If you’re feeling really inspired, you can find a light-up letter C to complete the decor.

71. Rockstar


Let guests channel their inner rockstars by hosting an evening of music. Invitees can even come dressed as their favorite rockers.

Find musical note-shaped balloons, guitar cut-outs, and rock n’ roll plates to complete the theme. Put on a playlist full of artists like ACDC, Def Leppard, and Queen, and watch the magic happen.

72. La Croix

Now everyone’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage gets its own party theme.

Have friends come dressed up as their favorite flavor and create signature cocktails that complement each one.

73. Disney Favorites

Disney adults, rejoice, this is the party for you! Come dressed as your favorite character and enjoy snacks like Mickey cupcakes, Disney Pineapple Dole Whip, and Disneyland fried pickles.

To decorate, you can stick to the traditional red, yellow, white, and black color scheme or choose a specific Disney movie from which to inspire yourself. Play hit songs from the movies and finish the night off with a favorite movie.

74. Drag Party

If your friends are a wilder bunch, then why not invite them to an evening of drag? The concept is simple, men come dressed up in over-the-top women’s clothing, and women come dressed up as masculinely as possible.

Play some hits by female singers like Brittany Spears, Heart, and Rhianna, and have a dance-off.

75. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Recreate Walter’s lab by turning down the lights and bringing in a chalkboard with the show’s name written on it. Arrange beakers, test tubes, and jars around the room to create a science-y feel.

In terms of food, serve up Heisen’burger’ sliders, Los Pollos Hermano’s buffalo wings, and blue ice (blue rock candy). Put on an episode and playing a Breaking Bad-themed drinking game.

76. Travel

Your friends who love to travel will revel in this internationally-themed party. To set the mood, hang up maps, arrange suitcases in the party area, and place some globes on tables.

For activities, go around and share your best/funniest/scariest travel moments. Alternatively, you could watch a travel-themed movie like Eat, Pray, Love or The Darjeeling Express.

77. Taylor Swift

This party is dedicated to everything Taylor Swift, so play all of her albums, hang up, and encourage guests to wear concert t-shirts if they have them.

Use Taylor’s songs to inspire your food selection. For example, Taylor mentions things like breakfast, fish and chips, and champagne in her songs.

78. Seven Deadly Sins

Invite your guests to get naughty and indulge in one of the seven deadly sins. Have people dress up as their preferred sin (e.g., lingerie for lust or a bathrobe for sloth).

Set up seven different areas in your home or apartment, with each one dedicated to a particular sin. Each station should have decorations and drinks related to the theme (e.g., greed could be represented by gold decorations, money sign balloons, and Goldschlager liquor).

79. Craft Beer Tasting

Craft Beer Tasting

Round up your booziest friends for this tasty event. Select a number of beers from countries around the world, doing your best to find a mix of styles and flavors.

Have guests sample the options and rate their favorites. Keep refreshments simple with things like chicken wings, sliders, and chips with dip.

80. Carnival

Invite your guests to step back in time to enjoy a carnival-themed party. Serve festive drinks like lemonade, root beer floats, or even popcorn milkshakes.

Have activities like ring toss, bobbing for apples, and balloon popping available to keep guests entertained.

81. Dessert Bar

Allow your guests to indulge a bit at this sugary get-together. Offer a variety of treats like cupcakes, candies, ice cream, and pie.

For an even easier option, have each guest bring their favorite sweet treat and sample them all!

82. Toga

Toga parties aren’t just reserved for the guys in Animal House. In fact, you can create a classy affair if that’s more your style.

To decorate, hang up fake vines, place potted plants around tables, and install some foam columns. For food, provide traditional Greco-Roman treats like grapes, figs, cheese, olives, and bread.

83. Chocolate


Celebrate your love for all things chocolate with a party dedicated to this delicacy. Serve up a variety of chocolate treats like cake pops, chocolate martinis, and fondue. Guests could also come as their favorite candy bar.

After your guests have had their fill of sugar, pop in a sugary movie like Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, or Romantics Anonymous.

84. Star Trek

When decorating, use blue, red, yellow, and grey decorations to match the characters’ uniforms. To make themed desserts, find Star Trek cookie cutters in the shape of rockets and the Vulcan hand salute.

For activities, have stations where guests can write their name in Klingon, match quotes to characters, and vote on their favorite Star Trek captain.

85. Rainbow

What better way to celebrate Pride than with a rainbow party? Encourage guests to wear either one solid rainbow color or come dressed in rainbow clothing.

Food choices should represent the colors of the rainbow and can include things like tomato soup, raw vegetables, blueberries, and rainbow cake bites.

86. Book

Calling all bookworms, this party is for you! Invite your friends to come dressed up as their favorite fictional characters and try to guess who they are.

Serve dishes that appear in different books, like seed cake from Jane Eyre or Deeper ‘N Ever Turnip ‘N Tater ‘N Beetroot Pie from the Redwall series. As an activity, have guests participate in a book swap.

87. Olympics


Invite your sportiest friends over to celebrate the Olympics in style. Create easy decorations by painting five styrofoam rings in the Olympics colors (red, black, green, blue, and yellow).

Keep the theme going with Olympics-colored donuts, fresh fruit rings (strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, blueberries, and pineapple), and gold medal pies. Play Minute to Win It games or watch the opening ceremony.

88. Paint The Town Red

The name of this party says it all. From the decorations to the food to the music (Taylor Swift’s Red, anyone?), everything should be red.

At the end of the evening, hand out red party favors like Red Hots candy, red lip balm, and Swedish Fish.

89. 2000s Theme

The early 2000s were only a couple of decades ago, but they’re already back in style. To celebrate, have guests dress up as their favorite celebrities or characters from the decade (think Paris Hilton or Elle Woods from Legally Blonde).

For decorations, use CDs to make a unique wall hanging, hang up glittery streamers, and plaster butterflies everywhere. Sing Y2K karaoke songs or play 2000s-era movie trivia.

90. Glow In the Dark

Turn the lights out, paste the glow-in-the-dark stars, and hand out the glow sticks, you’ll need them for this dark party.

Play dance music and invite party-goers to show off their best moves. You can also invite guests to come dressed in white and get some blue lights!

91. Craft Party

Craft Party

Give your friends the gift of quiet time to complete their craft projects at this event. They can either bring something they’re working on (e.g., knitting, collage, or a wall hanging) or create something new with the materials you supply.

Speaking of materials, make sure to have plenty of (hot) glue, sequins, buttons, thread, fabric, paper, and markers on hand.

92. Lord of the Rings

Transport your friends to Middle-Earth with a Lord of the Rings-inspired party. To decorate, find some maps online and have them made into posters.

Served food inspired by the book, like Bilbo’s berry pies, Frodo’s fingers (pigs in a blanket), and honey cakes (mini coffee cakes). Play a Lord of the Rings trivia game to finish off the night.

93. Space

If you’ve got a friend who’s fascinated with planets, stars, and other galaxies, then why not throw them a space-themed party? Create a spacy atmosphere by hanging up black sheets, stars, and rocket ships.

Dish out rock candy, rocket-shaped kabobs, and moon-shaped cake. Watch space movies like Apollo 11, Ad Astra, or Interstellar.

94. Dress Like the Decade You Were Born

This is a great idea for an intergenerational family party. The name pretty much sums it up, have each guest wear clothing from the decade they were born in.

Play games like Trivial Pursuit (80s, 90s, and 00s editions are available) and Life, or share your favorite memories of the decade you were born in.

95. Royals


If you and your friends can’t get enough of the royal family, then this is the party for you. Have guests dress up in classy attire (over-the-top hats are a must) to really set the stage.

Serve mini cakes, tea sandwiches, and delicate fruit parfaits. Relax in style by putting on an episode of The Crown or watch a movie like Mary Queen of Scots.

96. Moulin Rouge

Head back to 1890s Paris for this saucy party. Decorate the party area with red sheets, tea lights, and plenty of black lace.

Serve cocktail snacks and champagne and have the movie soundtrack playing in the background to set the scene.

97. PowerPoint/Slides

Although you probably associate PowerPoint and Slides with work, both tools can be used for a unique get-together with friends.

Before the event, ask each guest to make a short presentation (10 slides or less) about whatever funny, wacky, or weird topic they want. At party time, take turns sharing your knowledge.

While this does sounds boring at face value, the irony factor of presenting a PowerPoint slide with a drink in the hand can lend for some real big laughs!

98. Après Ski

Even if you haven’t hit the slopes in years, you can still throw a totally on-theme après event. The dress code for this event is ski chic, so think chunky sweaters, furry hats, and stylish snow boots.

Serve up hot comfort food like French onion soup, macaroni and cheese, and tartiflette. For drinks, mulled wine, hot toddies, and whisky cocktails will all be welcome.

99. Target


Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite store here. For this soirée, decorate your space in red, white, and polka dot.

Encourage guests to wear red shirts and have employee name tags made up for that extra special touch. You can even create a Starbucks corner to complete the experience.

For a bit of extra fun, you can also come dressed as a normal Target shopper, and even Walmart!

100. Unicorns

These beautiful horned animals aren’t just for kids to enjoy. Create a whimsy theme by hanging up unicorn balloons and rainbow banners.

Your food choices are endless—think unicorn cake, colorful dip (a blend of yogurt, cream cheese, and vanilla extract), and fantastical fudge.

101. Vampire

Indulge in your love of vampires by hosting a sexy soirée for your friends. For the decorations, use a black and red color scheme and accessorize with fake gravestones, bats, and candles.

Let guests fill up on themed snacks like Mississippi blood pie, bloody candy apples, and vampire donuts. Finish the night with a vampire movie like 30 Days of Night or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

102. Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead

For this traditional Mexican holiday, decorate using colorful skulls, flowers, and candles. Incorporate these elements into your food as well (e.g., cupcakes and popcorn bags).

To keep guests occupied, have a flower crown-making station, play Coco, and offer a picture frame decorating area.

103. Summer Camp

Summer Camp

No one can resist the happy memories that come along with summers spent swimming, making friendship bracelets, and singing campfire songs. Recreate those simpler times by hosting a summer camp party.

Hang up banners, twinkle lights, and anything flannel to create the mood. For activities, have a trail mix-making station, host a scavenger hunt, and make s’mores.

104. Murder Mystery

Choose your favorite murder mystery game (some even have dinner instructions built-in), invite some friends over, and try to figure out who done it.

Finger foods like spring rolls, sliders, and cherry tomato bites are the perfect accompaniments for this party.

105. Astrology Party

Listen to the universe when it tells you to throw a party. For this one, have guests dress up as their favorite zodiac sign (let others guess based on the outfit).

Complete the cosmic vibes with spacy decor like suns and moons. Do a tarot reading for each guest and discuss the possibilities it reveals.

106. Mermaid

Perfect for a birthday or a baby shower, this theme is all about things under the sea. Decorate using blue and white and incorporate tails, clam shells, and pearls into the decor.

Serve blue punch and sea-inspired sweets to complete the theme.

107. Caftans and Cocktails Pool Party

Caftans and Cocktails Pool Party

Level up your regular pool party by asking guests to come dressed in their most colorful caftans and sunglasses.

Serve up summery drinks like Mojitos or Swimming Pools, play some fun music, and let the party unfold!

108. Saloon Party

Round up your best friends for some ragtime music and a rootin’ tootin’ good time. The dress code is cowboy anything—bonus points if you have the biggest hat.

Print up Wanted posters with guests’ names on them to complete the decor. Serve up tasty cocktails like Apple Pie Moonshine and The Original Cowboy.

109. Characters from Directors’ Movies

Choose a well-known director like Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, or Steven Spielberg and tell guests to dress up as their favorite character from one of the movies.

Decorate using cutouts in the shape of tickets, popcorn buckets, and film slates. Serve classic movie snacks or let yourself be inspired by food from the director’s movies.

110. Zombie

The living dead are definitely having a moment right now, so capitalize on it by throwing a zombie-themed party. Fill your space with fake gravestones, cobwebs, and bloody candles.

Serve themed snacks like Rice Krispie Treat brains, zombie boogers (green popcorn), and zombie finger cookies. Gather around something zombie-related like The Walking Dead, Zombieland, or Santa Clarita Diet.

111. Onesies


Partying just got a whole lot more comfortable thanks to this genius idea. All you have to do is slip on your favorite onesie, and you’re ready to go!

Head out for a night on the town in your silly outfits or stay home and watch your favorite flicks.

112. Egyptian

All of your friends will be walking like Egyptians over to your Egypt-themed event. Decorate the space using the pharaoh’s tomb, palm trees, and hieroglyphics.

Serve a pyramid cake, gold coin-topped cupcakes, and finger foods (cheese cubes, raw vegetables, olives, fruit). For an activity, have everyone practice writing their name using hieroglyphics.

113. John Hughes Party

Pay homage to the legendary 80s director by hosting a dress-up party featuring characters from movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, or Home Alone.

Award a prize to the best-dressed guest and pop in your favorite Hughes movie to complete the event.

114. Coffee Tasting

If you’ve always wanted to know the difference between a Columbian roast and a Kenyan blend, then this is the party for you. To pull off this event, select coffee beans from several countries.

Share the tasting notes with guests and discuss which blends you like best. Alternatively, you can make up several types of coffee beverages (e.g., flat white, cappuccino, or latte) and try them out.

115. Canadian


Pay tribute to the Great White North with a party done Canadian style. Serve Canadian beers like Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian and foods like poutine, butter tarts, and anything with maple syrup.

For the decor, use a red, white, and flannel color scheme accented with maple leaves and moose signs.

116. Winter

Celebrate the start of the season with a winter-themed party complete with snowflake decorations, a hot chocolate station, and comforting food like gratin.

Cuddle up with some blankets and watch a winter-themed movie like Frozen, The Mountain Between Us, or Groundhog Day.

117. Golden Girls

This theme is perfect for everyone who’s a fan of Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose. Decorate using a pastel color scheme accented with palm trees, tropical flowers, and wicker to create the late 80s Miami look.

For food, serve up antipasto (in honor of Dorothy and Sophia’s Italian heritage), crispy treats (a nod to Rose’s sperheoven crispies), and plenty of margaritas. Keep guests occupied with the Golden Girls edition of Clue.

118. Boho

Get in touch with your earthier side by hosting a bohemian-themed party. Invite guests to wear flowery dresses, cowboy boots, and anything paisley. Greet them with a party area that’s decked out with wood, feathers, and flowers.

Entertain guests with soap-making and flower crown-making stations while playing a boho playlist in the background.

119. Yoga


Reconnect with friends and get your daily exercise in by throwing a yoga party. Ask guests to come in workout clothes and have them bring a yoga mat if they have one (have some extras on hand just in case).

Select a yoga video on YouTube and get your sweat on together. After you finish, serve healthy snacks like smoothies, fresh fruit, and granola with yogurt. Or for a spin on this theme, make it a yoga wine party!

120. US States

Invite guests to come dressed up as their favorite state. That could mean wearing something typical of the state or dressing up as a famous person from the state.

Request that each guest brings a dish from their state (e.g., smoked salmon from Alaska, Key lime pie from Florida, or peach cobbler from Georgia) and have fun sampling the various dishes.

121. Elvis

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog if you skip this Elvis-themed event! Have guests dress up like the King (we’re talking over-the-top suits, rhinestones, and sunglasses) and have a costume contest.

Play Elvis’ greatest hits and have a dance-off. Refuel with some of Elvis’ favorite snacks like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, pound cake, and fried pickles.

122. Heaven or Hell

This event invites you to be on your best behavior (or not!). Dedicate one part of your house or apartment to heaven and the other to hell by decorating accordingly.

For example, the heaven section can be white and cloud-filled, while the hell section can be red and black.

Serve angel food cake and meringue in the heaven section and spicy foods like hot wings and sinfully stuffed potatoes in the hell area.

123. Jungle


Create jungle vibes by filling up your space with fake leafy plants, animal wall hangings (butterflies, birds, cheetahs), and wicker accessories.

Serve mini vegetable cups, banana cream pie, and elephant-shaped finger sandwiches. Watch a movie like Jungle Cruise, George of the Jungle, or Jumanji to finish off the event.

124. Miami Vice

Take a trip back to 80s Miami with this dress-up party. Have guests wear their best Vice-inspired outfit (pastel suits, floral shirts, and shoulder pads all the way).

Decorate with plenty of neon, flamingos, and greenery. Be sure to serve the Miami Vice cocktail as well (pineapple juice, coconut, rum, and strawberries).

125. Anything But a Cup

This silly theme asks guests to bring something wacky to hold their drinks. As the name suggests, it can be anything from a sand pail to an empty ketchup bottle—the only rule is that it can’t be a cup.

With a theme this weird, hilarity is sure to ensue, so as the host, you don’t have much to do except to provide plenty of drinks and play bangin’ music. This is also a great budget themes for both guests and you!

126. Salad Dressing

For this costume party, guests are asked to wear something inspired by their favorite salad dressing. Some examples include a toga (for caesar dressing) or a cowboy (for ranch dressing).

Have a costume contest and award prizes for the most unique, funniest, and weirdest outfits. Keep the theme going by providing plenty of vegetables and dips for guests to snack on.

127. Japan


Take a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun without getting on a plane. To decorate, use a red, white, and black color scheme and add cherry blossoms, fans, and paper lanterns as design elements.

Offer sushi, ramen, and gyoza to keep guests satisfied. Depending on your interests, you could play J-Pop music, watch a Studio Ghibli movie, or play a traditional Japanese tabletop game like mahjong.

128. Spring

Welcome the return of warmer weather with a spring-themed party. Decorate using plenty of flowers, plants, and bright colors.

Serve seasonal fruits, fresh meringue, and a seasonal cocktail like an elderflower and herb cooler or a Saint Germain spritzer.

129. Hygge

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a mood of coziness and feelings of contentment. To create the hygge experience for your guests, dim the lights, light some white, unscented candles, throw on some jazz music, and lay out the blankets.

Serve simple comfort foods like soup, gratin, or pasta. After dinner, watch a movie, play a board game, or just have a chat.

130. Nursery Rhymes

It might be a long time since you read a nursery rhyme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome nursery rhyme-inspired party. Have guests dress up as their favorite nursery rhyme, whether that’s Humpty Dumpty or the cow jumping over the moon.

To complete the theme, serve nursery rhyme foods like curds and whey (from Little Miss Muffet), muffins (from the Muffin Man), and star-shaped cookies (from Twinkle, Twinkle).

131. Madonna


Pay homage to the Queen of Pop with a Madonna-themed bash. Invite guests to come wearing their favorite Madonna look (cone bra, anyone?)

Play Madonna’s hits, dance, and choose the best costume winner. For a calmer activity, play a Madonna trivia game.

132. Kentucky Derby

Horse racing’s biggest event deserves a party that’s just as spectacular. Use red, black, and white for your color scheme, and be sure to incorporate red roses into your decor (they’re the official flower of the event).

Encourage guests to wear their best spring clothing (i.e., pastel suits, floral dresses, and massive hats). Serve hot brown bites (a Saint Louis tradition) and mint juleps.

133. Friends

So no one told you a Friends party would be this way. For this event, a lavender and yellow scheme is a perfect nod to Monica’s apartment.

Serve food and drinks from the show like Joey’s meatball sandwiches, Chandler’s macaroni and cheese, and plenty of Central Perk coffee. For activities, play the officially licensed game Friends: The One with the Apartment Bet.

134. Denim Delight

The name of this theme says it all. Have guests show up wearing their favorite denim items—the more, the better! Keep the theme going with blue and white balloons, streamers, and food.

Blueberry pie, blue corn tortilla chips, blue cheese, and blue lagoon cocktails are just some of the items you can serve up. Have a fashion show and choose the winner in categories like Best Dressed, Most Creative, and Wildest.

135. Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

If someone in your life is a fan of fishing, then this is the party for them. In addition to fish banners, hang up some fishing-related signs like “Gone Fishin’,” “Reel Good Times,” and “Live Worms.”

Serve “bait” cups (cups filled with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, and gummy worms), beer, and fresh-caught fish if you have them.

136. IKEA

For a party idea that’s truly out of the ordinary, use the popular Swedish furniture store for inspiration. Decorations should be blue and yellow, and feel free to accessorize with some Swedish flags for good measure.

Keep guests full by providing classic IKEA treats, including hot dogs, meatballs, and smoked salmon with salad. If your guests are feeling generous, they may even help you assemble that bookcase you’ve been meaning to work on.

137. Pumpkin Carving

Nothing says fall like a classic pumpkin carving get-together. For this event, clear some table space, put down newspaper, and lay out the carving equipment.

After your work is through, lay out some easy-to-eat dishes like chips and dip and cheese with crackers.

138. New England Clambake

Get into the summer season by hosting an old-fashioned New England Clambake featuring stone-cooked clams, mussels, corn, potatoes, and lobster. To make cleanup easier, we recommend setting up the dining area outside.

Decorate the table with a red and white gingham tablecloth, some loose shells, and woven placemats. Finish off the night with some fresh fruit or s’mores.

139. Come As You Were

Come as You Were

This retro party idea requires guests to wear what they were wearing when they were invited to the party. That could mean pajamas, workout clothes, or even just a towel.

Have fun laughing at the arrangement of silly outfits while guests drink and snack on party foods.

140. Tie Dye

Ask each guest to bring a white item (e.g., t-shirt or tote bag) to tie-dye. Set up the tie-dying area (outside is preferable) by putting out plastic tubs, mixed dyes, and rubber bands.

Play some 60s and 70s music to set the scene. Fill guests up with satisfying colorful treats like rainbow fruit salad, colorful taco salad, and Fruity Pebbles Krispie treats.

141. Wigging Out

Don’t lose your head when it comes to this party. All it requires is wearing the weirdest, most colorful wig you can find.

Host a beauty contest where guests can vote on categories like “Most Beautiful” and ‘Wackiest.” Set up a photo booth area complete with props (e.g., oversized sunglasses, my printable emoji icons, silly signs, and toys) so guests can remember the party.

142. Halloween

Everything spooky, creepy, and candy-related is fair game when it comes to hosting a Halloween party. To keep things simple, invite guests to wear a costume of their choice, add some cobwebs to the party area, and play creepy music.

Delight guests with seasonal treats like pumpkin cheesecake, spooky spinach dip, and mummy brie. For activities, have guests bob for apples, participate in a scavenger hunt, or watch a scary movie.

143. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Indy might be famous for saying, “I don’t know, I’m making it up as I go,” but that doesn’t have to apply to you when hosting an Indiana Jones-themed party. Start by decorating your space with old maps, fake skulls, and plastic snakes.

Serve cookies stamped with fossils, cupcakes with skull toppers, and monkey brains (really just buttermilk biscuits). Cue up your favorite movie while you eat.

144. Reality TV

Gather your reality TV-obsessed friends together for a party inspired by your favorite shows. Have friends dress up as their favorite personalities, whether that’s an evening gown-clad bachelorette or a food-obsessed chef.

Keep guests full with snacks like Survivor trail mix and rose-topped cupcakes (from the Bachelor). Have show-inspired challenges like a Dancing With the Stars dance-off or an America’s Got Talent talent show.

145. Whiskey Tasting

Get some friends together for an evening that’s sure to leave you a bit tipsy. To pull this event off, choose five or six whiskies representing a variety of styles (e.g., Canadian or Scottish-style single malt).

Additional items to have on hand include proper glasses, spoons (for adding water), and paper and pens for people to write down flavor notes. Enjoy chatting about each whiskey in between tastings.

146. Jolly Old England

This party is about all things British. Decorate the party area with red, white, and blue items, the Union Jack, red phone booth decals, double-decker buses, and Big Ben.

Offer guests traditional British dishes like Toad in the Hole, fish and chips, mushy peas, and sticky toffee pudding. Play music from British bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and The Who.

147. Flamingle


Bring your friends together for a flamingo-themed mixer. As the name suggests, this event should include plenty of pink decorations and flamingo items.

For food, anything pink is the way to go. That means beet-dyed deviled eggs, strawberry pineapple popsicles, and pink popcorn.

148. Area 51

We may not know what goes on in Area 51, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some creative ideas inspired by extraterrestrials. Set the stage with alien balloons, spaceship wall hangings, and caution tape.

Make alien-shaped cookies, alien wraps (veggie-filled wraps), and alien smoothies to serve. Play a movie like Alien, Paul, or War of the Worlds.

149. Shark Week

Every summer, Discovery Channel hosts Shark Week. It’s the perfect time to get a group together to celebrate everything shark-related.

To decorate, make sure you have plenty of shark items on hand (e.g., wall hangings, plush toys, or banners). Serve treats like Goldfish, shark fin cupcakes, and gummy shark candies.

150. Chinese New Year

New Years might be over, but Chinese New Year is just beginning. Use a red color scheme and plenty of paper lanterns, dragons, fans, and bamboo elements to set the scene.

Serve good luck foods like dumplings, rice, fish, and spring rolls. Play games like Chinese New Year bingo or mahjong.

151. Favorite Meme

Favorite Meme

This is a party for all of the internauts out there. Have guests come dressed up as their favorite meme and watch the ensuing hilarity.

During the night, guests get to vote on categories like “Funniest” or “Most Accurate.” Play What Do You Meme and let the laughs continue.

152. Scotch Tasting

Bring your friends together for a scotch-tasting party that will help them determine their favorite blend once and for all. Choose about four varieties by selecting from different regions, smoke levels, or cask finishes.

Talk about each scotch before allowing guests to taste them. Have them note aspects like color, body, nose, palate, and finish.

153. Fire and Ice

Wear clothing inspired by either of the elements (e.g., red or orange clothing or fire or blue and white clothing for ice). Mix up your decorations by using snowflakes, candles, and red lighting to set the mood.

Your food table should also reflect the theme so think about serving spicy chicken wings, red hot candies, rock candy, and coconut balls.

154. Brazilian Carnival

Recreate the high energy of Carnival right at home. Decorations can include feathers, masks, beaded necklaces, and anything peacock.

Serve Brazilian sweets like Brigadeiro (a type of chocolate toffee), Docinho de Coco (coconut toffee), and mini Quindim (coconut custard tarts). Have a mask-making station or do a mini samba lesson for guests.

155. Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands

Even if you can’t afford Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Prada in real life doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend for this party. To start, invite guests to recreate their favorite designer looks using budget pieces.

Serve desserts emblazoned with your favorite designer logos and watch a fashion-inspired movie like The Devil Wears Prada or Confessions of a Shopaholic.

156. Periodic Table

This adult theme is sure to please all of the nerds in your life. Decorate the area with a periodic table banner, beakers, and test tubes.

Label foods with the elements they contain (e.g., chocolate is full of magnesium, and broccoli is full of calcium). Play a periodic table game like Periodic or Trivia Escape.

157. Galentine’s

Round up your best gal pals for a sweet celebration of friendship. Create a beautiful area using heart balloons, pink tassels, and roses.

Serve sweet treats like macarons, fruit cups, and bellinis. Have a DIY picture frame decorating station with supplies like rhinestones, flowers, and hot glue.

158. Beyonce

Celebrate all things Queen Bey with a party worthy of royalty. Keep the decor classy with black, white, and gold elements accented with glitter and rhinestones.

Use Bey’s lyrics to inspire your food spread. Think of things like Ring Pops (à la Single Ladies), lemonade (from the album Lemonade), and Drunk in Rub (whiskey-brined chicken wings).

159. New York, New York

New York, New York

Start spreading the news about this party dedicated to the city that never sleeps. Keep your color scheme in line with the city by using red, yellow, black, and white.

Serve food inspired by the city, like bagels, pizza, and coffee served in to-go cups. Play songs about the city like Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York, and Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind.

160. Fall

Welcome the start of a cozier season by throwing a fall party for your friends. Have activities like a corn husking race, a pumpkin seed toss, and bobbing for apples.

For food, offer pumpkin bars, mini sweet potato pies, and cranberry sauce meatballs. In terms of drinks, apple cider, mulled wine, or pumpkin beer are all excellent options.

161. Jurassic Park

Welcome your friends to Jurassic Park with a party inspired by the movie. Transform the party area using dinosaur wall hangings, vines, and plenty of green balloons.

Keep hunger away with dino-shaped chicken nuggets, dino eggs (deviled eggs), and swamp water (lemon-lime drink mix). Play the Jurassic Park Danger! game or watch one of the movies.

162. Caribbean

Guests will feel the stress melt away the moment they step into your Caribbean adult themed party. Encourage them to get into the Caribbean spirit by wearing a tropical shirt, sundress, or sun hat.

Decorate with plenty of bright colors and palm tree accents. Serve island favorites like Jamaican Jerk chicken skewers, shrimp bites, and chilly cocktails.

163. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

If you can’t get enough of the hit show, then why not host a theme party in Westeros? Hang up a Medieval castle backdrop and house pennants before adding detailed touches like candles, coins, and crowns.

Have the show playing in the background as guests enjoy snacks like Brie of Tarth, Cersei salt chips, and Sansalsa.

164. High School Stereotypes

Step back in time for this adult costume party inspired by all things high school. For this event, you can choose whether you want to be a cheerleader, a nerd, or a bad boy.

Decorate the party area using team mascots, locker wall hangings, and a chalkboard or two. Create a photo booth area where friends can take pictures to remember the evening.

165. Nautical

It’s time to get nauti with this sea-themed party. To decorate, think of things like lighthouses, life preservers, and anchors.

Feed guests oyster and pearl cookies and phyllo dough flag sandwiches. Play a sailing-inspired movie like Maidentrip, White Squall, or Dead Calm.

166. Honeycomb

Use bees and honey as inspiration for this springtime party. Recreate the look of a honeycomb in your home by hanging up yellow and white hexagons on the wall.

Offer delicious honey-themed foods like honey fig dip, honey cupcakes, and bee’s knees cocktails.

167. Down Under (Austalia)

Down Under (Australia)

Take your guests on a trip down under without the long plane ride. Create the feeling of Australia by hanging up the Aussie flag, putting up some kangaroo decals, and placing city names around the room.

Get in the spirit by serving foods like meat pies, pavlova, and fairy bread. Play some typical Australian party games like backyard cricket or sandal toss.

168. Game Show

If you can’t get enough of game shows, then come on down, this party is for you! Transform your space with tinsel curtains, money signs, and plenty of stars.

Split into teams and play a board game like Jeopardy! or The Price is Right. Award the winning team with a trophy and a fake check.

169. Stranger Things

Recreate the hit show by hanging up twinkle lights, alphabet decals, and wood slat signs reading “Castle Byers” and “All Friends Welcome.”

For dishes, you can create an Eggo waffle bar with toppings like fruit, sprinkles, and whipped cream. After food, play Stranger Things Monopoly, or just binge the latest season.

170. Margaritaville

Your friends will be wasting away in Margaritaville if you do this theme right. To recreate Jimmy Buffet’s legendary oasis, hang up signs saying things like “Tiki Bar,” “Cancun This Way,” and “Parrothead Club.”

Serve paradise cheeseburgers, french fried potatoes, Corona beer, and margaritas (of course!) For the rest, throw on some of Buffet’s hits and put your feet up.

171. Friendsgiving


Get your closest friends together for a celebration of gratitude and food. To make things easy on yourself, assign each person to bring a dish (e.g., appetizer, casserole, or bread).

Keep board games like Life, Taboo, and Uno on hand to keep guests entertained.

172. Picnic

Celebrate the return of warmer weather with a picnic-inspired event. Stick to a barbecue-themed menu that includes burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and baked beans.

Play classic games like potato sack racing, bean bag toss, or corn hole.

173. Mad Men

Slip into classier times by asking guests to dress up in their finest Mad Men-inspired outfits. Decorate using Mod wall hangings, classic advertisements, and a couple of typewriters (if you can get your hands on them).

Serve 60s-style foods like prawn cocktails and tuna stuffed in cherry tomatoes. Play some retro games like Charades or bingo.

174. Elements

Earth, fire, water, and air are your inspirations for this party. Combine different accessories to highlight each element (e.g., fake trees for earth and red lighting for fire).

Have food choices for each element as well. Some options include air-fried appetizers, ranch water cocktails, and raw vegetables.

175. Favorite Food

Favorite Food

Have each guest bring a few of the same item they love. These should be small items with a maximum price (e.g. hair clips, hand lotion, socks).

Have guests write their names on slips of paper and place them in the bowl. Whoever’s name gets drawn gets to keep the item.

176. Flower Arranging

Hosting a flower-arranging party is a great way to reconnect with friends at the start of spring. Provide guests with tools like floral foam, small vases, floral shears, and of course, flowers.

Serve rosé wine, cheese, meat, and crackers.

177. Sopranos

Recreate the hit TV show by setting the table with a red and white checkered tablecloth, breadsticks, and plenty of red wine.

Cook up hearty Italian favorites like spaghetti, panzerotti (potato croquettes with parmesan and salami), and olives.

178. Bring Your Pet

Bring your favorite furry friend to this gathering. Have plenty of pet treats like bones, doggy ice cream, and cat nip on hand.

Serve the hoomans animal-shaped cookies, chips and dip in pet bowls, and mini pup-eroni pizzas.

179. Spice Girls

Spice Girls

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, and that’s a party dedicated to the ladies of Spice! Have your guests come dressed as their favorite member and have a costume contest during the night.

Decorate using animal print, Union Jacks, and disco balls. Serve foods inspired by each member, like Posh cucumber sandwiches, Sporty protein balls, and Ginger and lime cordials.

180. Squeaky Clean

This party is all about rubber ducks, bubbles, towels, and soap. Use blue, white, and yellow for your color scheme.

Have activities like a bubble-blowing contest, a balloon toss game, and a hook-a-duck game.

181. Brunch

Save yourself the headache of making a brunch reservation by hosting family and friends at home. Serve a mixture of brunch foods like muffins, yogurt parfaits, a quiche, and waffles.

For drinks, make sure you have plenty of coffee and tea options on hand. If you want to add a special touch, offer smoothies, fresh juice, and cocktails as well.

182. The Office

Call the party planning committee, it’s time to get your friends together for an Office-themed bash. Hang up quotes and pictures from the show to complete the theme.

Let guests fill up on foods inspired by the show, like Big Tuna sandwiches, Kevin’s M&Ms, soft pretzels, and Nard dogs (hot dogs). Play The Office edition of games like Clue and trivia.

183. Korea


The Land of the Morning Calm is the perfect choice for your next party. Decorate with the colors of the Korean flag (red, blue, black, and white), fans, and hibiscus flowers.

Serve Korean dishes like bibimbap, kimchi, and Tteokbokki. Play some K-Pop music or watch a K-Drama to finish off the evening.

184. Dolly Parton

Take a break from your 9 to 5 with a Dolly Parton-inspired party for adults. Use pink and white for your color scheme, and be sure to incorporate plenty of flowers, sequins, and pearls into your decor.

Offer Dolly’s favorite foods like walnut pie and chicken with dumplings. Play a Dolly Parton movie like Steel Magnolias or Rhinestone.

185. Wacky Tacky

For this party, the tackier and wackier the better! That means you have plenty of options when it comes to decorations, for example, plaid tablecloths with dinosaur balloons—why not?

Guests should also wear a mixture of prints and styles to create a silly atmosphere. Serve tacky foods like beef jerky, kitty litter cake, and cheap beer.

186. Doctor

If your parties been a bit dead lately, then liven them up with a medically-themed party. Hang up medically-related decorations like an eye chart, fake x-rays, and anatomy posters.

Serve Jello shots in syringes and fruit punch from IV bags. For food, offer body part candies and bone-shaped cookies.

187. Favorite Country

Favorite Country

Invite guests to come dressed up in an outfit inspired by their favorite country. Decorate the party area with maps, globes, suitcase decals, and a country flag banner.

Have a variety of international dishes on hand, like Italian bruschetta, Greek spanakopita triangles, Brazilian coxinha, and Indian samosas.

188. Disney Villains

Let guests connect with their evil side by inviting them to dress up as their favorite Disney villains. A black, purple, and green color scheme works well to create a menacing effect.

Offer treats like “poisoned” apples with dip, Ursula’s tentacles (pretzels dipped in purple frosting and covered with chocolate chips), and Cruella DeVil cupcakes.

189. Grill and Chill

Keep things simple by hosting a background barbecue party for your grown-up friends and family. The menu should include both meat and vegetarian options, as well as plenty of sides like corn, coleslaw, and potato salad.

Use red and white checkered tablecloths, mason jars, and fresh flowers to complete the scene.

190. Vintage Christmas Crafts

Take a step back in time with a party dedicated to making vintage Christmas crafts. Some ideas include Pomander oranges (oranges with cloves stuck in them), fabric ornaments, and recycled bookmarks.

Keep the event on theme by serving retro Christmas food like a Jello mold, pecan tassies, plum pudding, and mincemeat pies.

191. Cocktail Tasting

Cocktail Tasting

Throw out your usual drink order, if only for one night. To pull off this adult-themed party, choose a theme such as a martini tasting, vintage cocktails, or shots.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, make up 4 to 5 different cocktails for everyone to try. Have guests vote on their favorites.

192. Barnyard

Create a farm scene by putting up cow print balloons, animal pictures, gingham tablecloths, and plenty of sunflowers. Serve rustic pies with fresh ingredients like blueberries and apples.

Play classic outdoor games like bobbing for apples, a potato sack race, and a wheelbarrow race.

193. Reggae

All of your guests will be feeling irie once they arrive at your Jamaican-themed party. Set the stage by decorating with green, yellow, red, and black.

Serve Reggae-inspired foods like Buffalo Soldier buffalo wings, Jamaican Jerk chicken strips, and fresh fruit ka’Bobs. Play Reggae music to complete the effect.

194. Spanish Tapas

Give your guests a taste of Spain by serving them a variety of little dishes. Some classic tapas include stuffed mushrooms, patatas bravas, empanadas, and butter bean dip.

For drinks, serve a crisp sparkling wine like Cava, a light Spanish white like Albariño, or ice-cold beer.

195. Traffic Light

Traffic Light

The premise of this party is simple—each guest wears the color corresponding to their relationship status. Red means happily taken, yellow means it’s complicated, and green means single and ready to mingle.

Offer groups of foods in all three colors, like fruits (strawberries, pineapple, and grapes), vegetables (cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, and broccoli), and candy.

196. Gingerbread House Making

Get into the holiday spirit by inviting loved ones over for a gingerbread house-making event. Provide assorted candies (e.g., peppermints, marshmallows, and sprinkles), gingerbread, and icing.

Play some Christmas music and watch the holiday magic happen.

197. Tour de France

Celebrate cycling’s biggest event by hosting a Tour de France-inspired party. Use a yellow, black, and white color scheme and accessorize with red polka dots.

Serve French delights like cheese, bread, savory cake, and mini Croque Monsieurs. Turn on the live coverage and cheer your favorite team to victory.

198. Fraternity and Sorority

Channel your college days by hosting a fraternity and sorority party. Tap into the cliches by wearing Greek letter t-shirts, bow ties, and bright sunglasses.

Serve punch in red Solo cups, play beer bong, and play loud music to get everyone dancing.

199. Caveman


Step way back in time with a caveman-inspired costume party. Have your guests dress up in their best caveman garb (e.g., animal pelts, bone necklaces, and a headscarf).

Create a cavernous atmosphere by hanging up fake vines, putting fake animal pelts on furniture, and accessorizing with stone and wood.

200. Retro Boy Bands

Pay homage to your teenage idols with a party entirely focused on retro boy bands like New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC.

Have guests dress up as their favorite singer and decorate with a musical theme (e.g., record and microphone decals). Cue up some greatest hits and have guests belt out their favorites.


Get your motor running with a NASCAR-inspired party. Decorate using black and white checkered flags and red, green, and yellow banners.

Serve stoplight skewers (watermelon, honeydew, and pineapple) and racecar cake. Tune into the race if there’s one on TV.

202. Dirty Dancing

Transport your guests to Kellerman’s with sultry lighting and music from the film. To make things even more fun, have a dance contest or see how fast guests can carry a watermelon from one end of the room to another.

For food, serve up dishes like lemon bars, watermelon margaritas, and ice cream-stuffed watermelon.

203. Boba Making

Boba Making

Recreate this popular Asian drink at home with friends. Provide black tea bags, sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar, and tapioca starch.

Pair the drinks with Asian-inspired snacks like air fryer tofu, squid balls in a honey miso glaze, and Asian popcorn chicken lettuce cups.

204. Speakeasy

Take your guests back to a time when drinking alcohol had to be done on the sly. Decorate the party area with a brick-style wall hanging and twinkle lights.

Have guests dress up in their best 20s costumes to really set the mood. Serve dishes of the time like Oysters Rockefeller, lobster canapés, and stuffed mushrooms with classic cocktails like Sidecars or Martinis. This is a crowd favorite theme for adults that I have personally hosted (it was a hit!).

205. Bowling

Don’t strike out on this awesome party theme for the bowler in your life. A black, white, and red color scheme works well. Just make sure to accessorize it with plenty of bowling pins and bowling balls.

Serve chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and bowling pin-shaped sandwiches. Play a round of outdoor lawn bowling or watch a bowling movie like The Big Lebowski.

206. Michael Jackson

Grab your leather jacket, fedora, and sequined glove, this event is all about honoring the king of pop. A black, white, and red color scheme accented with musical wall hangings, glitter, and images of MJ hit the perfect note.

Keep guests full with an assortment of desserts accented with Michael’s image. Play concert footage and popular hits to keep guests entertained all night long.

207. Ninja


Fans of Japan will rejoice when they see your ninja-themed party. Black, white, and red decorations will give your guests the impression that they’re in Japan.

Serve throwing star-shaped cookies, sushi, and ninja Babybel cheese face snacks. Offer a ninja headband-decorating station and play a movie like Ninja: Shadow of a Tear or Azumi.

208. Easter Egg Decorating

Invite guests over for a good old-fashioned afternoon of Easter egg decorating. Provide supplies like hard-boiled eggs, dye, stickers, markers, paintbrushes, and containers of water.

Offer light refreshments such as fruit kabobs, sandwich roll-ups, and quiche. Give out prizes in categories like “Most Creative” and “Most beautiful.”

209. Magic

Your friends will be stupified when they see the amazing adult magic-themed party you’ve whipped up. To create the effect, use red, white, black, and gold decorations accented with white rabbits, black top hats, and glittery stars.

Have a magician come to perform, or watch some how-to videos online and practice your skills. Providing supplies like cards, invisible thread, and coins is helpful.

210. Golf

If you’ve got a golfer in your life, then don’t make a bogey, start planning a golf-themed “par-tee” now. Search for green and white decorations to transform your house into a golf course, and add buckets of balls to the party idea to complete the effect.

Have on-theme foods like club sandwiches, fruit “par” faits, and golf ball salad (cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls). Play a golf-themed game like GOLO or Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf!

211. Retro Cartoon Characters

Retro Cartoon Characters

For this adult dress-up party, guests should come dressed as their favorite retro cartoon characters. Some examples include Jimmy Neutron, Doug, and She-Ra.

Set up a catwalk and have guests vote on categories like “Best Costume” and “Funniest.” Play a round of a board game like Scooby Doo Clue.

212. Bridgerton

Break out the tea cups and florals, you’ll need plenty of both to pull off a successful Bridgerton party. Treat guests to champagne, tea cakes, and lively conversation at this event.

Challenge guests to a Bridgerton trivia contest, then tune into the latest season to check your answers.

213. Pub Party

Recreate the cozy feel of a classic English pub from the comfort of your own home. To do so, rent bar stools and tables, line up beer bottles on your shelves, and write the night’s specials on a chalkboard.

Make sure guests don’t get too tipsy by providing them with pub snacks such as baked potato soup, chicken wings, and peanuts. Play darts or rent a foosball table for entertainment.

214. Parks and Recreation

Transform your space into Pawnee, Indiana, for a Parks and Recreation-themed bash. Incorporate jokes from the show into your decorations with things like raccoon wall hangings, waffles, and plush horse toys to represent ‘Lil Sebastian.

Offer some of the characters’ favorite foods, including bacon for Ron, waffles for Leslie, and calzones for Ben. As an activity, have guests create a collage inspired by The Camel episode.

215. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Delight your guests with an enchanted forest-themed party. To create the look, hang up green and gold drapes, large shimmery flowers, twinkle lights, and glittery stars.

Serve butterfly pasta salad, a goat cheese moss ball (goat cheese covered with herbs and served with crackers), and caprese mushrooms (cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on toothpicks).

216. Top Spotify Artists

Have your invitees go through their Spotify profile to determine their most-listened-to artist of the year. Instruct them to come dressed up as that artist.

Decorate using a green and black color scheme and incorporate the Spotify logo into cupcakes and cookies. Play hits from the “artists” in attendance and dance the night away.

217. Donuts Make Me Go Nuts

If you’ve got a thing for jelly rolls, then why not host a donut-inspired party? Transform your space by hanging up a donut-shaped pinata, donut balloons, and a donut garland.

When it comes to food, donuts are a must but make things even more interesting by offering a DIY donut bar complete with frosting and sprinkles. For activities, hit the pinata and play the donut on the string game.

218. Partner Clothing Swap

Pair up with your significant other or best friend and come to the party dressed up in the other person’s signature look. You do can that by borrowing clothes from the other person’s closet or by recreating the look with pieces from the thrift store.

Serve up snacks and drinks while laughing at each others’ outfits. Play some music and dance, or play Guess Who for a calmer option.

219. You Are What You Drink

You Are What You Drink

Ask your guests to come dressed up as the mascot of their favorite alcoholic beverage. For example, Captain Morgan lovers could come dressed as a pirate, or Bacardi drinkers could come as a bat.

Keep the food, music, and entertainment simple (drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, and king’s cup are good ideas).

220. Christmas Gift Cast Off

It’s basically a given that you’ll receive a Christmas gift that makes you shrug and say, “huh?” Instead of letting it collect dust in your closet, why not have a gift exchange with friends?

To do this, set up a White Elephant exchange in which invitees draw numbers and take turns unwrapping gifts until all of the presents have been opened.

221. Top Gun

Your guests will be feeling the need for speed the minute they walk into your Top Gun party. Make sure they show up wearing on-theme clothing (e.g., aviator sunglasses, bomber jackets, or a flight suit).

Use a red, white, and blue color scheme, and be sure to incorporate plenty of American flags into the decor.

Use a fighter jet-shaped cookie cutter to create on-theme snacks and serve American favorites like coleslaw and hot dogs.

222. Dreams of Retirement

Whether someone you know is getting ready to retire or you’re just dreaming of lazier days, this is the party for you. Whether guests fantasize about hitting the golf course or lazing on a beach, have them come dressed in clothing that fits their dream.

Serve tropical cocktails like strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas before playing backyard shuffleboard or bingo.

223. Greek Dinner Party

Greek Dinner Party

Whisk guests off to the Mediterranean with a delicious Greek dinner party. Start off the evening with appetizers like olives, pita bread with hummus, and grilled halloumi cheese.

For the main course, offer grilled meat or veggie skewers, roasted potatoes, and Greek salad (tomatoes, olives, lettuce, and feta cheese). Decorate your table with a white cloth accented with olive branches.

224. All Holidays

This theme is a free for all as it invites guests to come dressed up for whichever occasion strikes their fancy. That means you could have New Year’s revelers, Independence Day patriots, or silly Santas in attendance.

To keep the theme going, decorate with a smattering of different items (a Valentine’s day tablecloth with Saint Patrick’s Day plates, why not?). Serve foods from all of the different holidays as well.

225. Studio 54

Studio 54 was a legendary disco nightclub in Manhattan and makes for an awesome party theme. Black, gold, and silver are great colors that set the mood, as do disco balls and balloons.

Guests should come dressed up in their finest disco wear (that means jumpsuits, bell bottoms, and lots of sparkles). Play hits from Tina Turner, Cher, and Diana Ross.

226. Downton Abbey Tea Party

Get upstairs and downstairs together for a Downtown Abbey-themed event. Use a color palette of peach, light pinks, and gold, and accessorize with white and peach roses in crystal vases.

Serve a variety of teas (caffeinated and decaffeinated), finger sandwiches, scones, and cake. Play the Downton Abbey edition of Clue or challenge friends to trivia.

227. Superlatives


Invite friends over for a very unique kind of awards show. For this event, they’ll be voting on awards like “Most Likely to be Late” or “Best Dressed.”

Keep the awards show theme going by incorporating stars, a red carpet, and black wall hangings into your decor.

228. Black and White

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A black-and-white party is a simple way to create a classy atmosphere at your next event.

Request that guests come dressed in black and white and use these colors in your decorating. Serve black and white foods like Black bean soup with crumbled white cheese, Oreos, and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

229. Food Truck

Pizza and hors d’oeuvre are so expected. For your next party, offer guests a new culinary experience by serving food truck-style dishes.

Some examples include corn dogs, fish tacos, Mexican street corn, and mini maple cinnamon rolls. To really help guests get in the mood, serve food on paper plates, hang up some twinkle lights, and scatter beach chairs around the room for a relaxed seating option.

230. What Happens in Vegas

Indulge in a little debauchery at this Vegas-themed party. Decorate using red, green, black, and white, and incorporate dice, poker chips, and playing cards into your decor.

Keep food simple by offering finger foods or go all out and set up a buffet where guests can nibble from throughout the night. Play classic Vegas games like poker and bingo.

231. Gold Rush


A gold-themed event is a perfect choice whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party or a milestone birthday. Use black and white decorations highlighted with plenty of gold (e.g., balloons, confetti, napkins) to create the atmosphere.

Serve golden cocktails like a turmeric ginger gin or a Meyer lemon French 75. Play some classy music and let guests dance the night away.

232. Escape Room

Throwing an escape room party may seem challenging but luckily, there are plenty of pre-made board games that take the work out of planning. has several different game options for you to choose from.

After guests solve the room (or not), reward them with spy-themed sweets like a cake with fingerprint icing), dynamite sticks (beef jerky), and firecrackers (fire Cheetos).

233. Horror Film Viewing Party

Channel films like Friday the 13th, It, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre for your decorations. Lanterns, masks, and bloody signs are just some of the decorations you can use to create the effect.

Serve creepy snacks like witch fingers (carrots with cream cheese and silvered almonds) and bloody bandages (graham crackers topped with vanilla icing and a dap of red food coloring). Choose a scary movie to watch and let the frights begin.

234. The Queen’s Gambit

Use the hit Netflix show as inspiration for this classy and elegant party. Use black, white, and hunter green as your color scheme, and make sure to add some chess boards to the decor.

Serve a checkerboard cake, Gibson cocktails, and “tranquilizer” (vodka, blue curaçao, and pineapple juice). Host a chess tournament and see which of your friends is the strongest player.

235. Soup Bar

Soup Bar

Sometimes it’s so cold that only soup will do. When that’s the case, invite your friends over to indulge in some of your favorite pottages. Offer a variety of styles (e.g., vegetable soups, stews, and chowders).

Label each soup and list the ingredients to help guests choose which ones they’d like to try. Serve bread and toppings like croutons, cheese, chives, sour cream, and bacon bites as well.

236. Festivus

This made-up holiday from Seinfeld is the perfect pre-Christmas party. Decorate with a Festivus pole (aluminum poles only), prepare meatloaf, and air your grievances with everyone in attendance before digging in.

After dinner, engage in the Feats of Strength in which one guest wrestles the host to the ground. If that sounds a little too silly for your taste, then you can also watch the Festivus episode.

237. Toy Story

Use this delightful film as inspiration for your party (most adults in the 25-35 range love Toy Story). Recreate Andy’s room by hanging up a blue backdrop with white clouds on it and scattering cardboard boxes labeled “Andy’s Toys” around the space.

For food, serve pigs in a blanket in honor of the slinky dog, green Jello shots to represent the aliens, and cowboy hat cupcakes for Woody. Play your favorite Toy Story movie at the end of the night.

238. Clothing Swap

Your old clothes are just sitting there in your closet, so why not swap them out for some new pieces you’ll actually wear? Invite your friends to bring several gently used items they’d like to part with to the party.

Display the items on a clothing rack or a table and take turns selecting new pieces.

239. Rhyme without Reason

Rhyme Without Reason

Grab a friend or a partner and dress up as two items that rhyme—don’t worry, they don’t have to make sense! Some examples are flapper and rapper queen and Mr. Clean.

Watch as your friends try to guess each other’s costumes and have a prize on hand for the most creative/silliest/most ridiculous costumes.

240. Waffle Bar

Having a waffle bar at your next party is an easy way to wow your guests without killing yourself in the kitchen.

To pull this party off, measure waffle batter in cups ahead and fill bowls with toppings like fruit, sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips.

Offer additional toppings like maple syrup, caramel syrup, and whipped cream. Accompany the waffles with fruit juices, coffee, or morning cocktails (e.g., Mimosas or Bloody Marys).

241. Musical Characters

Get your theater friends together for a dress-up adult party inspired by your favorite musicals. Have invitees show up dressed as their favorite character from a musical (e.g., Annie, Sweeny Todd, or Alexander Hamilton).

If guests are feeling brave enough, invite them to sing one of their characters’ songs. Alternatively, you can play the movie version of a musical and sing along together.

242. Thrift Shop

The premise of this party is simple, have guests come dressed up in their funniest, wildest, or chicest outfit—the only rule is that it has to have been purchased from a thrift shop.

Serve classic party foods like meatballs, mozzarella sticks, and chicken wings. Award a prize for the best-dressed guest.

243. MASH


To recreate the feel of this classic TV show, have guests come dressed up in military gear. Transform the dinner table into a mess hall by serving food on stainless steel trays.

Serve on-theme treats like Hawkeye’s cookies, Winchester’s Whoppers, and Colonel Potter’s chocolate-covered pretzels. Play a MASH trivia game and see who knows the most about the show.

244. Farm-to-Table Dinner

Get all of your foodie friends together for a locally-sourced dinner that’s sure to delight the senses. For this event, you’ll want to head to your local farmer’s market or farm and select the freshest ingredients you can find.

Keep your decorations simple, perhaps adding flowers or greenery as a centerpiece (depending on the season).

245. Country Club

Invite friends to get classy with a country club-themed costume party. For this event, polo shirts, tennis skirts, and visors are the things to wear.

Serve a simple menu of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. For drinks, classic libations like Whiskey Sours, Moscow Mules, and Old Fashioneds are all welcome.

246. Dr. Seuss

For this party, the brighter and zanier, the better. Start off your decorations with red and white elements, then highlight with light blue and yellow.

Accent the table with Dr. Seuss books, striped top hats, and clocks. Offer themed foods like Hop on Pop popcorn, Cat in the Hat fruit kabobs, and colored Goldfish.

247. Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas Cookie Exchange

For a unique take on the classic holiday party, invite friends and family over for a Christmas cookie exchange. Each guest should come with enough cookies for all of the other guests to try.

Set up a drinks station next to the cookies, complete with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and punch. Play some Christmas music and dig in.

248. Under the Stars

Use cloth drapes in blue, purple, and silver to create a romantic atmosphere. Accessorize with twinkle lights, glittery moons, and mirror balls.

Serve star-shaped foods like cookies, finger sandwiches, and fruit slices. Cue up a playlist of star songs like Lucky Star by Madonna and Starman by David Bowie.

249. Anime

Choose a yellow, black, and white color scheme with bamboo elements and an occasional pop of red. Feel free to incorporate character images from some of your favorite books or shows as well.

Offer Japanese foods like onigiri (rice balls), gyoza (dumplings), and sushi. Play your favorite anime in the background to set the scene.

250. Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening

Your guests will be singing “What is Love?” over and over after attending your Rocky Horror Picture Show screening. Decorate your space to look like Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s spooky castle by draping furniture with black fabric, scattering faux cobwebs, and hanging vintage clocks.

Serve movie-inspired treats like toast, rice, and meatloaf. Practice the Time Warp dance before turning on the movie.

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