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Disneyland Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Embark on a magical coloring journey with these 20 Disneyland coloring pages, free for you to download and print. These sheets will transport you to the enchanting world of Disneyland, where fairy tales and beloved Disney characters come to life!

In this collection, you’ll explore various iconic Disneyland attractions and landmarks, from the charming Sleeping Beauty Castle to the adventurous rides. Perfect for Disney fans and theme park enthusiasts of all ages, these coloring pages capture the wonder and excitement of the happiest place on Earth!

Disneyland Coloring Pages Featured Image

To access any of these coloring sheets, click on a link or image to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can download or print that page as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Disneyland Coloring Pages

All children love Disney, and their imaginations can run wild coloring all the characters.

Here are ten fun and affordable crafts to complete with the finished pages.

1. Make a Disneyland Keepsake

To make this cute keepsake, have the child color and cut out five items depicting some favorite experiences when at the famous park.

These should be glued to a piece of poster board in a map-style fashion.

Then, the youngster can draw footprints with a black magic marker, leading from one place to the next, as a memento of his or her journey through the magical park!

Have the child write “Disneyland” across the top in magic markers or puffy paint and sign the bottom, adding the date of the visit!

2. Design a Patchwork Picture Frame

To make an adorable Disneyland picture frame, have the youngster cut specific parts from multiple pages, trimming them to the size of a business card.

Then, these “patches” can be taped into a rectangle using invisible tape.

Next, mount the frame onto an ordinary piece of cardboard, trimmed to size, and the youngster has a Disneyland frame for his or her photos from Disney Day.

3. Make a Unique Momento

Start this fun craft by having the youngster cut out approximately five Disney characters from the finished pages.

Then, with other finished pages, the child should fashion five short paper chains, stapling one to each cutout.

String the cutouts onto an old embroidery hoop or a simple circle made from pipe cleaners.

Hang this unique and interesting momento anywhere.

4. My View of Disney

This craft is good for a group of youngsters or as an individual activity.

Begin with a giant piece of poster board or craft paper on which the child should draw a large pair of glasses. These don’t have to be fancy!

Then, in the spaces in between the frames, the youngsters can create a collage of cutouts from the finished Disney coloring pages.

The frames can be colored in any shade the child desires, and “My View of Disney” is written across the top in a calligraphy pen or puffy paint for a unique and interesting craft!

5. Delightful Disney Coasters

To make these adorable Disney coasters, have each youngster cut eight squares from cardboard and glue them in pairs, with a layer of cotton batting in between.

Next, seal the squares in contact paper or clear tape. Then, using cutouts from the finished Disney coloring pages, decorate each square with a different scene or character.

Seal the surface of the coasters in glassine or contact paper, stack them up, and tie them with a colorful ribbon for a terrific gift for virtually anyone.

6. Make a Disney Scrapbook

Making a Disney scrapbook is something all youngsters enjoy, and it’s easy to do. Any kind of paper can be used, but parchment paper or vintage paper are perfect.

Use a hole punch and string these together with packing twine, ordinary string, or if you want to get fancy, colorful yarn.

Before you bind it together, however, have the youngster color two favorite Disneyland pages, seal them in glassine, and use them for the front and back covers.

The child now has a Disney scrapbook in which to record the best part of the trip, add printed photos, or tape small mementos!

7. A Disney Castle Poster

This easy craft begins with a coloring page featuring the Disney Castle. The page should be kept in its entirety and laminated on a piece of poster board.

Next, the youngster should use finger paints to make several arches of handprints in various colors across the top of the poster board.

This will look just like fireworks going off behind the structure. 

The rest of the castle can be embellished with glitter, sequins, craft gems, or anything the youngster desires for a beautiful, fancy poster.

8. Disney Countdown

To make this cute Disney countdown craft, cut the finished Disney coloring pages into strips and create a mouse frame with a big circle for the face and two smaller ones for the ears.

Then, have the youngster write numbers in the center of additional strips, only these should be cut from plain construction paper.

Number these strips for the countdown to the Disney trip, roll them into circles and tape them fast.

Each day, slide one number loop into the Mickey Mouse face circle to depict how many days remain until the trip!

9. Make a Disneyland Commemorative Flag

Begin this adorable craft by having the youngster cut a long triangle from craft paper, wrapping the broad end around an old knitting needle, and gluing it fast. 

Add the word Disneyland to the flag in a permanent magic marker, and decorate the other side with cutouts from the finished coloring pages.

Place this cute Disneyland flag in a flower arrangement, a base of styrofoam, or anywhere the child desires.

10. Easy Disneyland Centerpiece

For this fun craft, have the youngster color several Disney characters and carefully cut them from the finished pages.

Then, each one should be glued to a square background, a little bit larger than the cutout itself.

Slits should be made in the square so that they can be fitted over each other to create a three-dimensional, fan-like centerpiece with a different picture on each side!

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