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Hanukkah Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Menorahs, dreidels, and celebrations come together in these 20 Hanukkah coloring pages, available for you to download and print at no cost. This joyful collection honors the Jewish Festival of Lights with designs that highlight treasured traditions.

With intricately detailed images of menorah candles, hanukkiahs, and scenes of festive gatherings alongside more simplistic designs ready for your creative embellishments, they offer endless ways to take part in the miracle and meaning of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Hanukkah Greeting Cards

My Hanukkah pictures would make terrific greeting cards to celebrate the holiday – especially the sassier ones, like This Is How I Roll.

You can copy and paste the entire illustration onto a word processor document that has been oriented to landscape and then center the picture on the right-hand side.

Print it off and then fold the page in half (so the picture is on the front) and color it in.

Don’t forget to include a special message for your recipient on the inside!

9. Paper Plate Menorahs

For this craft, you’ll need paper plates plus a picture of a menorah from my Hanukkah illustrations.

You’re going to cut the paper plate in half and shade it in brown.

Then, color in and cut out the candles from one of my menorah pictures. You’ll glue them from the back of the paper plate so that they stand up and extend beyond the paper plate’s top.

Finally, you’ll prick holes on either side of the paper plate and tie a long piece of string through both to give you something to hang the menorah with.

8. Star Of David Suncatchers

Print off a Star of David picture onto transparency paper, cut out the shape, and set aside.

You’ll cut or tear different shades of blue tissue paper into small bits and then glue them onto the Star.

When it’s filled in to your liking, you can poke a hole near the top and tie off a small piece of string. This is what you’ll use to hang your Star of David in a sunny window.

7. Hanukkah Pageant Props

If your Temple is holding a Hanukkah pageant of some sort, you can use my pictures as props for it.

The Torah picture could be applied to a book as a cover, or the Outline of Clay Pitcher With A Plate Of Sufganiyah could be cut out and set up on a table.

It’s just an inexpensive way to use my pictures as stand-in props for the real thing.

6. Personalized Dreidels

Using one of my pictures of dreidels, you can have your kids (whether they’re your own or your students) personalize them in celebration of Hanukkah.

If there is already something on the dreidels, you can copy and paste the entire image into a word processor document and then remove the letters/words. 

5. Hanukkah Décor 

Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your home or your classroom with my Hanukkah pictures.

It’s easy, inexpensive, and super festive!

You could print, cut out, and color in one of my menorahs and hang it on the wall, or if you’re hosting a Hanukkah dinner party, use the pictures as place settings.

The pictures can be used as food ID tags for your spread, cupcake or cake toppers, or – with a little DIY magic – bunting.

4. Brilliant Flame Menorahs

For this craft, you’ll print out a picture of a menorah and have your kids color in everything except the flames of the candles.

For the flames, you’ll have them cut out pieces of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper and glue them to the candles.

3. Menorah Crafts

For this craft, you’ll print out a menorah onto cardstock, color it in, and then cut off the candles.

The idea is that you’ll use it as a real menorah – placing a colored candle on for each day.

You could mount the menorah on a piece of construction paper or posterboard and hang it somewhere prominent in your home.

Glue or tape the candle into place to mark each of the eight nights of the holiday.

2. Cut-Out Star Of David Crafts

For this craft, you will print out as many Star of David pages as you need onto a thicker paper; cut out the Star and hold onto the page with the cut-out.

Then, you’ll take another piece of computer paper and embellish it with bits of blue tissue paper in different shades glued down.

Next, you’ll place the page with the cut-out over the page with the tissue paper and paste it down.

Let the glue dry, and then hang your creation on a fridge or a wall – you could also frame this, and it would make a lovely Hanukkah wall decoration!

1. Gift And Gift Bag Embellishments

There are so many shapes and figures in my collection of Hanukkah pictures to use for embellishing boxes and gift bags that you give for this holiday.

You can print them out onto cardstock, color them in, and glue them down onto packages you’ve finished wrapping or plain blue gift bags.

For a 3D effect, you can paste a cut-out to a small piece of paper that has been folded in half, then paste that paper into the bag or package.

The added “lift” will make the cut-out appear to float on the page.

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