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January 2025 Calendars (52 Free PDF Printables)

Are you ready to bring in the new year and get organized for 2025? If so, you’re in the right place! Below, you will find 52 up-to-date January 2025 calendars that are all free to download and print!

For this series, I created a wide variety of calendars, including both landscape and portrait orientation, January-themed calendars (winter, ice skates, cozy cottages, etc.), and calendars with American holidays and observances.

January 2025 Printable Calendars Featured Image

To print any of these calendars, simply click on any of the below images or links, which will open the high-quality PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you please!

All these PDF calendar pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

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10 Uses For Printable January 2025 Calendars

Here are 10 creative and free extra uses for the above calendars!

10. Back To School Planners

When you’re heading back to school, the new schedule can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

Enter my January calendars, which can serve as back-to-school planners where you can plot out your entire first month back.

Write down your schedule for the first few weeks until you get them memorized and don’t miss any important study sessions or meetings with teachers or professors.

These calendars are especially useful for students pursuing graduate work, with more on their plate, but could also be used by middle school, high school and undergrad students.

9. Chinese New Year Organizer

If you celebrate Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, you can plan out every stage of your party on my January 2025 calendar.

From ordering food to grocery shopping, don’t miss a beat or a single step; you can even write out the grocery lists and the guest lists on the back.

8. Workout Journal

For many people, January means making New Year resolutions, and that typically includes committing to a workout regime.

You can use my January calendar to actually plot and see the progress you make as the month goes on.

You could even write in your intended workout and then cross off each day as you accomplish it.

Or you can simply pencil in what workout you did after the fact.

Either way, seeing the physical evidence of your progress is very motivating and rewarding.

7. Food Journal

Another New Year’s resolution that many people subscribe to is to watch what they eat and to have a better diet.

You could totally use my calendar as a food journal, writing down what you consume every day, as well as your thoughts and feelings about it.

This can help you pay attention to what you’re eating and be more mindful of it for the entire month, helping you build better habits.

6. Meal Planner

Another way to serve your New Year’s resolution to eat better is to plan out your meals for the week or even the entire month.

When you have a meal in mind for a certain day you’re less likely to fall back on takeout or fast food.

Plus, you can save money, because you can do one big grocery shop at the beginning of the week (or month) and you won’t be eating out as much.

5. Medication Tracker

For many who resolve to watch their health in January, that means a trip to the doctor, which can mean the start of a new medication regime.

Keep track of which medications to take when and at what time using my January calendar printouts, and never miss a dose.

4. Weather Tracker

Some people like to use calendars to remark on the weather that month, and then save it for future years to look back on. 

If you live in an area that sees all four seasons, then you’re probably going to experience a crazy January 2025, whether that’s a ton of snow or unseasonably high temperatures.

Keep track of all the wintery mayhem on my calendars and then have something to look back on, and compare and contrast, next year.

3. Back To Work Planner

In much the same vein as back-to-school for students, getting back to work after the holiday season can be a bit disorienting, especially if you took time off.

So use my January calendar printouts to get back on track, writing in any big meetings or projects – or small meetings or projects that you simply pushed off until the New Year.

2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Organizer

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day honors the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and in many communities, there are lots of activities going on to commemorate the man.

You can easily keep track of all the events using my January calendars, from spiritual breakfasts to conferences featuring speakers.

1. Vacation Planner

January is a great time to plan a vacation for somewhere warmer, and you can use my calendars to keep track of everything.

From flight dates and times, to activities you want to partake in while you’re on location, my calendars make great planning tools.

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