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July 2025 Calendar (52 Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 52 unique July 2025 calendars that are all free to download and print! Without a doubt, July is one of my favorite months of the year as it ushers in summer break, warmer weather, BBQs, and who could forget the 4th of July celebrations!

If you are looking to keep on top of your schedule and important dates during this busy time of year, these calendars are sure to come in handy! For this series, I created calendars with various July themes, including summer and Independence Day (plus many others), and also in landscape and portrait orientation.

If you would like to access any of these PDFs, you can do so by clicking on the image itself or the text link below it. Once opened, you will then have the option to download or print any of these calendars entirely for free!

All these PDF calendar pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

Looking for something else? Search our 10,000 free printables!

10 Uses For Printable July 2025 Calendars

Here are 10 fun and creative ways that you can use any of the above calendars!

10. Fourth Of July Planners

Your Fourth of July celebrations can span the entire week, from parades to picnics, solemn cemetery visits to flag raising, singing of the National Anthem, and more.

You might also take a few extra days off work; since July Fourth falls on Tuesdays, you could ostensibly take the rest of the week off.

Whatever you have planned for the Fourth of July, you can keep track of it all in one centralized place – my July 2025 calendars.

9. Summer Camp Planners

July is a big month for summer camps, and you can use my calendars to keep them all straight in your mind.

Does Madison have horse camp the week of July 10th, and does Sam have computer camp starting the week of the 17th? Or perhaps they overlap, with one camp starting mid-week?

You can even color code the camps and write down the times for each (provided they’re not overnighters) and keep the calendar in a central location so everyone is aware.

8. Band Camp Planners

Some high school bands start their camps in July, and since they’re pretty intensive – depending on location, your kid might be gone for an entire week or two – they get a special mention.

Use my July calendar to keep track not just of when and where the band camp is but also of rides to and from or any gear or equipment that you need to purchase.

You could also use the calendar to mark down any days your kid needs to bring snacks for the entire band (or just their section).

7. Walking/Jogging/Running Tracker

July is a great month to get outside and get moving, and you can track your progress using my calendars.

Whether you mark down the amount of time walked, the distance, or both, being mindful of your fitness is a great motivator. 

For example, just looking at your calendar and seeing that you didn’t get in as many walks or jogs as you would have liked in a week can persuade you to squeeze one in on Sunday evening.

6. Garden Organizers

In many parts of the U.S., home gardens are really starting to flourish by July, especially late July.

However, if you don’t want your crops to all fruit and then die off, you can stagger your planting and keep track of it using my July calendars.

They’re also handy for reminding you when you last fertilized your plants, as well as writing down any conditional changes or any pest control methods utilized.

5. Farmer’s Market Planners

In addition to home gardens flourishing in the month of July, many larger growing operations are bearing considerable fruit (literally and figuratively).

Thus, depending on how large your city is, there could be any number of farmer’s markets cropping up all over the place, and they can be difficult to keep track of.

Use my calendars to plot out your farmer’s market course for the month, and you could even use the back to write down little shopping lists.

4. Vacation Organizers

If you’re one of the many singles, couples, or families that plans to do some traveling and getting away in July, consider using my calendars to help plan the trip.

Write in other obligations to help you decide when you’re able to go, where you staying, hotel/campsite, etc., reservations, and any sights you want to see either along the way or at your destination.

You can use the back to write down to-do-before-we-leave lists and/or what-to-pack lists.

You could also print out a calendar to write down pertinent information for any pet-sitters or house-sitters you might have coming, so they know where you’ll be every day.

3. Wedding Planners

July is typically a very busy month for weddings, so whether you’re planning one or you’re planning to attend quite a few, my calendars can come in handy.

If you’re planning a wedding, consider using my July calendars as a last-minute “putting everything together” planner, with all the details for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception.

You could write down everything and then make copies to hand out to your wedding party.

If you’re simply attending weddings – but you have quite a few to go to – use my calendars to keep track of whose is where and at what time.

2. Reading Journals

Most public libraries run reading programs throughout the summer for kids, and my July calendars are a great way to help your little ones keep track of their progress.

You could even use stickers to mark every time they finish a book!

The calendar would then make a really cute keepsake to look back on in future years.

1. Sports Events Organizers

Whether you’re part of the summer league or follow local or national sports religiously, my July calendars can come in handy for marking practices or big games.

Maybe you’re attending the NFL training camps? If you live far enough away, you’ll need accommodations, which you can write onto the calendar with other information.

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