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Squirrel Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Leap into the whimsical world of woodland creatures with these 20 squirrel coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these sheets, kids (and adults, too!) can embrace the playful spirit of these agile critters and bring their lively antics to life, one coloring sheet at a time!

This collection captures squirrels in their natural habitat, frolicking among the trees, collecting acorns, and showcasing their bushy tails. Whether a lone squirrel preparing for winter or a family enjoying a sunny day, each page promises a delightful coloring experience!

To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Squirrel Coloring Pages

Squirrels are comical to watch and make great storybook characters. 

If your youngster has colored lots of them and you’d like to put them to good use, try these fun, inexpensive, and easy crafts.

1. A Simple Desktop Decoration

To make this fun craft, have the child laminate an empty bathroom tissue cardboard with the squirrel when it’s cut from the finished page.

Cut the head separate from the body, gluing the head to the top of the roll over a piece of cotton batting. This gives it a 3D appearance.

Allow the squirrel’s tail to stick out from the roll instead of gluing it fast, and let the youngster embellish it with tufts of brown tissue paper.

Add wiggle eyes and two candy corns for teeth, and use this cute squirrel as a pencil holder!

2. Easy Paper Cup Squirrels

To make these fun squirrel ornaments, give each child a styrofoam cup turned upside down and have them laminate their cups with cutouts from the squirrel coloring pages.

Add brown pom-poms for feet, a red pom-pom as a nose, and funny wiggle eyes to enhance the face.

Then, have the children cut strips of brown construction paper, curling them at the end. The flat ends should be glued to the bottom of the cups for larger-than-life tails.

Display these cute squirrels anywhere.

3. Squirrel in a Tree

This innovative craft begins with each youngster tracing his or her hand and arm from brown construction paper and cutting it out.

The cutout should be laid horizontally at the bottom of a piece of blue posterboard, where it will look just like a tree branch.

Tufts of green tissue paper make perfect leaves. When the squirrel is cut from the page, it can be placed on the “branch” for a unique and interesting poster.

4. Nutty Cup Craft

To make this fun cup craft, have the youngster color and cut out a squirrel with big teeth. Add wiggle eyes and a big black pom-pom as a nose.

Then, place a clear plastic cup in front of the cutout and wrap the squirrel’s arms around it, securing them with glue to look like the squirrel’s holding the cup.

Fill the cup with real nuts and use it as an innovative table centerpiece!

5. Stained Glass Squirrel

If your child’s looking for something truly different to do with those finished coloring pages, try making this fantastic stained glass squirrel.

Once the squirrel is colored, it should be cut out and glued to a brown or green background.

Use black pipe cleaners to outline the squirrel and give it a sort of 3D appearance.

Then, with tufts of various colored tissue paper or colorful confetti, embellish the squirrel’s tail to look like a piece of stained glass. Display this unusual artwork anywhere!

6. One-of-a-Kind Paper Plate Craft

For this unique craft, have the youngster draw a tree on a white paper plate and add tiny leaves to the branches, cut from ordinary construction paper.

Then, a squirrel and an acorn should be cut from the finished page. Glue the squirrel to the tree’s base and the acorn to the end of one of the branches.

Upturned wiggle eyes should be added to the squirrel to make it appear as if he’s eyeing up the acorn.

Punch a hole at the top of this cute craft and hang it on a front door or in a windowpane.

7. Make a Unique Mobile

This craft is fun and easy for any age child. Have the youngster color a page featuring a squirrel and lots of nuts and acorns.

The page should be sealed in contact paper, and the items should be cut out. Then, glue a pipe cleaner horizontally across the bottom of the squirrel cutout.

Punch holes in the nuts and hang them from the pipe cleaner with string.

Make another hole at the top of the squirrel cutout and hang up this adorable, mobile-style craft!

8. Squirrels in a Box

To make this super-fun craft, give each youngster an old shoe box filled with green tissue paper. Then, have them collect three or four pine cones.

Have the child cut out a matching number of squirrels from the finished coloring pages.

Small tabs should be left at the bottom of each cutout so they can be glued inside the box in a standup fashion.

Place the pinecones in the box by each squirrel to make it appear as if the pinecones are the squirrel’s tails! Place this cute ensemble anywhere.

9. Classroom Fun

For this terrific classroom craft, have the students work together to draw a tree on a large sheet of craft paper.

They can decorate it with autumn leaves and acorns or the green leaves of spring and summer.

When they’ve colored their squirrels, they can be cut from the coloring pages and placed on different branches of the tree for an outstanding mural!

10. Acorn Art

This cute craft begins with each youngster drawing a large acorn on a piece of posterboard. The top can be embellished with brown felt, pipe cleaners, or puffy paint.

Then, when the squirrel is colored and cut out, glue it to the bottom half of the acorn.

Wiggle eyes, a pom-pom nose, and white Tic Tacs for teeth will make this cute craft really pop!

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