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Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Whimsical rhymes, imaginary places, and quirky characters come together in these 22 Dr. Seuss coloring pages, available for you to download and print for free! This lively collection celebrates the classic children’s books full of zany illustrations and playful plots.

With scenes depicting the Cat in the Hat’s antics, the Lorax defending the trees, Sam I Am tempting people to try green eggs and ham, and more, they offer endlessly fun coloring opportunities for Seuss fans of all ages!

Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Dr Seuss Coloring Pages

Dr. Seuss is famous far and wide, and coloring pages featuring Dr. Seuss’s characters have remained popular for decades.

Try these engaging and affordable crafts with all those finished pages.

1. One Fish, Two Fish

Virtually all youngsters love One Fish, Two Fish, and if your child has colored out lots of fish, provide a corresponding number of popsicle sticks.

The fish should be carefully sealed in contact paper and glued to the tops of the sticks with invisible glue.

Spray paint an ordinary square of styrofoam blue, and have the youngster push the sticks into the top for a unique and original decoration.

2. Make a Grinch Christmas Ornament

If Mr. Grinch is your youngster’s favorite Dr. Seuss character, have him or her cut the character from the page with the feet and hands separate from the body. 

Using green or red construction paper, have the youngster make four short paper chains, about three links in length.

Use these to make Mr. Grinch’s arms and legs long and floppy. Add a tiny craft jingle Bell to his hat and mean wiggle eyes to his face. 

Hang this adorable ornament on a Christmas tree or anywhere!

3. Make Board Game Pieces

All Dr. Seuss coloring pages work for this craft, and it’s simple and easy. If your child has board games with missing pieces, new ones can be made from the finished pages. 

Have the youngster cut a thin piece of corkboard into small rectangles, making a slit at the top of each one. 

Then, the various coloring pages can be glued to thin cardboard, cut into small shapes, and sealed in contact paper.

When these cutouts are tucked into the slits of the corkboard pieces, your youngster has stand-up board game pieces to use with any game.

4. Classroom Fun With Dr. Seuss

To begin this craft, have each youngster write his or her name on a strip of red or white construction paper.

Then, cut a giant circle from the white poster board. Add wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers, and a pink pom-pom to the plate’s center to depict the famous Cat in the Hat.

When the youngsters have cut the characters from their finished pages, glue them in a vertical line from the paper plate’s base, as the cat’s scarf.

Use the red and white strips with the youngster’s names to create the famous hat and display this interesting artwork anywhere in the classroom.

5. Truffula Tree Abstract Art

To make an original piece of artwork, have the youngsters color pages featuring truculent trees from The Lorax.

When they’re cut out, embellish them with tissue paper or cotton coated with colored glitter.

Next, have the youngsters draw a dartboard on white cardstock and arrange the “truculent trees” in a circle around it.

Display this zany, modern art anywhere!

6. Decal a Bicycle

Dr. Seuss’s coloring pages are perfect for decorating an old bicycle.

They can be glued to any part of the bike’s frame, using whatever pattern the child chooses.

The youngster can pick a specific theme, such as The Lorax and I or Sam I Am, or the child can use any characters at random.

Just make sure to seal the work with several coats of acrylic spray!

7. Dr. Seuss 

Start this fun craft by having the youngster hollow out an ordinary paper plate so that just the rim remains.

A long rectangle should be cut from a white poster board and stapled to the top rim of the plate to look like a tall hat. 

Decorate the rectangle with cutouts from various Dr. Seuss coloring pages, and glue a long craft stick or knitting needle to the rim’s base.

Your child can hold it up to frame his or her face, and it looks like the youngster is wearing a tall hat decorated with Dr. Seuss characters!

8. Make a Thing Crown

All little Dr. Seuss fans like Thing One and Thing Two, and this craft is fun for any age child.

Using red craft paper, have the youngsters fashion a simple band to wear as a crown. Then, decorate it with Thing cutouts from the finished pages.

Next, using blue construction paper, have the youngsters cut and curl lots of paper strips to paste inside the crown, allowing the curling parts to spill over the top.

They’ll look just like their favorite Thing characters!

9. Create an Original Dr. Seuss Story

There are lots of Dr. Seuss characters and stories, but why not let youngsters create one of their own?

This cute craft is simple and easy and begins with the youngsters fashioning a “book” from ordinary writing paper, a hole punch, and paper fasteners.

Using cutouts from the finished Dr. Seuss coloring pages, they can pair the characters up in any way desired and create a story.

Once the cutouts are attached to the pages, the youngsters can draw text bubbles and add dialogue for adorable, original artwork.

10. Put Me In The Zoo 3D Art

Lots of youngsters adore that lovable bear from Dr. Seuss’s “Put Me in the Zoo.”  

To make this into a fun craft, have the child cut the finished bear from the page and center it on a cardstock background.

Next, the bear can be embellished with tufts of yellow tissue paper or gold puffy paint.

Then, using tiny pom-poms in multiple colors, the youngster can finish this adorable 3D art, which will look exactly like the Dr. Seuss character when finished.

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