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Medusa Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Explore the captivating legend of Greek mythology with these 16 Medusa coloring pages, available for free download and print. These sheets bring to life the intriguing tale of Medusa, known for her snake-laden hair and gaze that turns onlookers to stone.

In this collection, you’ll find various illustrations of Medusa, from traditional depictions rooted in ancient myths to more modern, artistic renditions. Perfect for those fascinated by mythology, these pages provide an engaging way to connect with one of the most enigmatic figures from Greek lore.

Medusa Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Medusa Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and artistic craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Masks

I have several Medusa pictures that are perfect for converting into masks for your next Halloween or costume party.

Pick out the one you want to use and, if necessary, enlarge it a bit on the page to fit your face.

Then, print it out onto white cardstock and color it using high-quality colored pencils or markers.

Next, you’re going to carefully cut out her face, going around the snakes as best you can.

Once you have cut her out completely, you can either poke holes on either side of her face and tie off the string (to tie behind your head) or glue a wooden dowel to the back.

Once the glue has dried, the dowel serves as a handle so you can lift and uplift the mask at your leisure.

9. Journal Covers

Beautiful Medusa would make a forbidding journal cover – warning off any would-be readers who don’t have permission.

You’ll likely want to resize the picture of choice before printing it out, which you can do by copying/pasting the entire illustration into a word processor document.

Print her off onto cardstock, color her in, and cut her out carefully. Then, paste her to the cover of the journal in question, making sure the glue goes all the way to the edges of the cut-out.

This is to prevent snagging in the future. You could even use Mod Podge.

8. Decorative Trays

Pick up an inexpensive tray at a craft store or the dollar store.

Print out the Medusa picture you want to use, color it in, and cut it out. Center it where you want it on the tray and apply a few layers of Mod Podge.

This will not only adhere the cut-out to the tray but also seal it so that the surface is waterproof. If you want, you can use the tray to serve beverages.

7. “Stained Glass” Suncatchers

My Medusa pictures would make glorious suncatchers, but they are not for the faint of heart!

You’re going to print out the picture you want to use onto transparency paper.

Then, you’ll take tissue paper and cut it into shapes roughly resembling the snakes/her face and glue them down carefully.

You can obviously use whichever colors you like, but I recommend greens and blues.

Once you’re done filling in the shape, you’ll carefully cut her out, navigating the scissors deftly around the snakes, etc.

Punch a hole near the top of her head and tie off a piece of string that you can use to hang her in a sunny window.

6. 3D Medusa Head Hanging

Pick a Medusa picture where the snake pattern is a bit simpler; print onto cardstock and set aside.

Then, you’ll need toy snakes – but make sure you pick ones that are more bendable and flaccid versus rigid.

You’ll then glue the snakes over the illustration, interweaving them just like the picture. Once you’re done, you can opt to color in the rest of the picture or not.

Put the page into a frame and hang your beautiful 3D art!

5. Snake Hair Headbands

To make snake hair headbands out of my Medusa pictures, you will need to pick an illustration where her hair is large and in charge.

Print that out onto cardstock and color it in, then carefully cut it out, snipping off her face as well.

You’ll need a cheap plastic headband that’s about an inch wide; you’re going to glue the snake headpiece to the headband and let the glue dry before wearing it.

4. Halloween Decorations

For your next Monster Mash, you can use my Medusa pictures as decorations in a variety of ways.

From simply coloring her in and hanging her up on the walls to making name placards or food ID tags at the table, Medusa is spooky and scary enough to enliven any party.

3. Medusa Fact Mini-Booklets

Medusa has a fascinating backstory, rooted as she is in Greek mythology.

As an activity for young students, you can have them look up three or four different facts about her, write them directly onto the page, and then color her in. 

It’ll be interesting to see all the different facts about this intriguing monster!

2. Necklaces

Harness the power of Medusa around your neck with a piece of DIY jewelry.

You’ll print out the picture you want to use onto shrink sheets, color her in with markers, and cut her out.

Then, you’ll punch a hole where you want the jewelry findings to attach and bake the cut-outs per the shrink sheets’ instructions.

Once the cut-outs have cooled, you can attach the jewelry findings and embellish the necklace with beads, etc.

1. Medusa Yarn Hair

A fun activity for younger kids, you can tone down the scariness of Medusa by having them glue strands of yarn over her snakey locks.

They can use thin yarn for a more spaghettified look or chunky yarn for an authentic “snakey” vibe.

They can complete the picture by coloring in her face (and any other parts of her body that may be in the illustration) while letting the glue dry!

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