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Monster Jam Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Rev up your engines with these 20 Monster Jam coloring pages, available to freely download and print! With these sheets, you can dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of monster trucks as you add vibrant colors to these ginormous and gravity-defying vehicles!

Within this set, you’ll encounter fan-favorite Monster Jam trucks like Grave Digger, Max-D, El Toro Loco, and Zombie. Also included are scenes showcasing epic stunts, intense races, and thrilling jumps. Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages, these pages capture the spirit and excitement of Monster Jam events!

To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Monster Jam Coloring Pages

Monster Jam coloring pages are exciting and fun.

Here are some simple, affordable, and engaging crafts to do with the finished pages.

1. Suspended in Thin Air

Make this super-easy craft by coloring a favorite Monster Jam truck, reinforcing it with thin cardboard, and cutting it out.

Next, use black cardstock to create “tires” and attach them to the cutout’s tires with a paper fastener through the center. This allows the wheels to “spin.”

Glue the cutout to a long craft stick at a diagonal angle and push the stick’s base into a square of painted styrofoam. 

When you spin the wheels, it looks like the truck is suspended in mid-air after attempting a stunt!

2. One-of-a-Kind Craft

Start this craft by having your little Monster Jam fan cut “tires” from black construction paper, using white chalk to make them look realistic.

These should then be stapled to green pipe cleaners so that they look like a bouquet.

Use an empty Pringles chips container or an empty jar and laminate it with the finished Monster Jam coloring page. 

Place the “flowers” inside for a fun,  one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

3. In The Trees

Monster Jam trucks are famous for getting “hung up,” so why not turn this into a fun classroom activity?

Have the youngsters work together to draw a giant tree, making it as plain or ornate as they like. The key is letting their imaginations run wild.

When their trucks are colored and cut out, they can be placed in different areas of the tree as if they’re hung up, waiting for the tow truck.

Display this hilarious poster anywhere in the classroom.

4. Paper Sculpture

From a distance, this fun craft looks almost like a sculpture.

Have the youngster color his or her favorite Monster Jam truck and cut it out, leaving an extra tab of paper at the bottom of one tire.

That tire should be reinforced with a circle of cardboard and the tab bent over so that it can be glued to a base.

Use an old coaster, a square of corkboard, or even an upside-down monkey dish. It will look like the vehicle is balancing on one tire!

5. Monster Race

This is another easy craft that’s loads of fun in a classroom. 

Have the youngsters complete their coloring pages to turn their Monster Jam trucks into personalized racers by adding a favorite number, their initials, or an original logo, just like the pros.

When the trucks are colored and cut out, they can be used to signify the winner in a contest or displayed when a child gets 100% on a test. 

No matter how they’re used, they’ll make the classroom colorful.

6. Fun With Old Shoeboxes

An old shoebox is the perfect item with which to make a Monster truck come to life.

Decorate the sides of the shoebox with cutouts from the finished pages.

Then, black cardstock or posterboard can be used to add tires to the sides of the box, and bottle caps or Dixie cups work great as headlights.

Youngsters can use their imagination to embellish their trucks however desired, and they can be displayed anywhere.

7. Make a Competition Arena

This cute craft is surprisingly easy, and all that’s necessary is an old shirt box, some tissue paper, and a few empty paper towel cardboards.

The shirt box should be lined with brown or black tissue paper, and then two empty paper towel cardboards, flattened out a bit, can be added to the center. 

When the Monster Jam truck is colored and cut out, it should be glued to the cardboards, with the back end looking as if it’s sunk between the two rolls.

This creates the illusion that the truck’s back tires are stuck and it’s being revved up to start moving again!

8. Monster Eyes

This unique craft is a big hit with all children and begins with each child making simple “monster eyes.” 

This is easily accomplished by cutting two black circles from construction paper and two smaller, white circles to place in their centers.

The youngsters can then make the white areas into bloodshot monster eyes with colored pencils or crayons.

When a Monster truck is colored and cut out, the “eyes” can be used as the tires for a hilarious piece of artwork to make anyone laugh.

9. In the Driver’s Seat

For this terrific craft, have the youngsters choose coloring pages featuring a side view of the Monster Jam truck.

When finished, the driver’s side door should be cut apart on three sides, leaving the fourth one intact. This makes it possible to “open” the door.

The child should then glue the page to a piece of white posterboard and draw himself or herself in the blank section.

Then, when the door is open, the youngster is inside driving the truck!

10. Make a Fun Autumn Decoration

A child can have lots of fun turning a coloring page into a fall decoration.

When the page is finished, it should be laminated to a piece of yellow posterboard to make a nice border.

Then, the youngster can trace and cut out pumpkins, leaves, hay bales, or any theme that goes with autumn and add these items to the back of the truck.

It will look as if the Monster truck is delivering fall goodies!


Saturday 11th of May 2024

Thank you! My boys LOVE these!

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Thanks for the kind words Bethany and we are thrilled your boys love the pages! Be sure to check out our monster truck coloring pages too :)

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