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Noah’s Ark Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Set sail on a biblical adventure with these 20 Noah’s Ark coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Whether you’re exploring these stories for the first time or seeking a creative way to share timeless tales, these coloring pages are a fantastic way to engage with the story of Noah and his ark.

This set captures diverse moments from Noah’s story, from building the massive ark to welcoming the animals aboard in pairs. Each page is an opportunity to reflect creatively on this epic narrative, making these sheets perfect for Sunday school, at-home art time, or a peaceful personal activity!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Noah’s Ark Coloring Pages

Noah’s Ark coloring pages with all their exciting animals are popular with all children.

Here are some affordable, interesting crafts to do with all those finished pages.

1. A Cute Hanging Craft

Children love the famous rainbow in the Noah’s Ark story, so begin this craft by having the youngsters draw and cut out rainbows of their own. 

Punch a hole at the top and bottom of each cutout’s center. Then, when Noah’s Ark is trimmed from the page, use yarn to attach it below the rainbow.

It will look like the rainbow is shining down on the ark! Hang this adorable craft in a doorway to display your child’s hard work.

2. Make a 3D Poster

To make this delightful 3D poster, have the youngsters use black magic markers on brown construction paper to draw simple arks.

When cut out, they should be glued to posterboard, with the centers bowing out a bit but the bottom edges glued to the poster. This way, something can be tucked behind.

Then, when the animals and Noah are cut out, they can be slid behind the ark as if they’re watching the waves! Hang this cute poster anywhere.

3. Noah’s Ark Shoebox

Begin this craft by turning a shoebox upside down and laminating it with brown construction paper. Then, use ordinary cardboard to create a “plank.” 

Fold one end over the shoebox’s top rim and glue it fast. Then, glue the finished coloring page to thin cardboard and cut out Noah and the animals.

Approximately half an inch of extra cardboard should be left at each cutout’s base.

These can now be glued to the “plank” as if they’re boarding the ark!

4. Down Comes the Rain

Choose a coloring page with Noah and the animals inside the ark for this craft. When the ark is colored and cut out, glue a layer of cotton balls to the back. 

Next, glue the cotton to blue posterboard on which waves have been drawn with black marker. The layer of cotton makes it look like the ark is floating in water. 

Have the youngsters trace and cut out large water drops and glue them to the posterboard, using the same cotton ball technique to create outstanding 3D artwork!

5. Under the Rainbow

To begin this innovative craft, staple two paper plates together, bottom sides out. 

Cut out the centers so the top halves make a rainbow arc, leaving the bottom halves as is.

When Noah’s Ark is finished, glue it to the bottom section and color the top half like a rainbow.

When animals are cut from other finished pages, tuck them between the two layers. It will look like an ark basket with a rainbow for a handle!

6. Make a Fuzzy Frame

This engaging craft is simple and easy, and all that’s needed is some colorful yarn.

When the Noah’s Ark coloring page is finished, have the youngster frame it by gluing it to a posterboard. The latter should be large enough to make a 2-inch rim around the artwork.

Then, give the youngster craft yarn in rainbow colors to create a fuzzy frame. 

This is easily done by gluing the yarn in squares around the picture with krazy glue, one color at a time. The result is unique, fuzzy-framed artwork.

7. Design a Noah’s Ark Lampshade

If you have an old lampshade, turn it into something fun for your child’s bedroom. Use one coloring page featuring a full-size ark and another depicting all the animals.

When the ark and the animals are colored and cut out, attach the ark to the lampshade with fabric glue.

Then, have the child glue the extra animals in a circle all around the remainder of the shade. 

This makes it look like they’re lining up to board the ark. Your youngster will enjoy this adorable Noah’s Ark lamp!

8. Realistic Noah’s Ark

The base of this craft is an empty tissue box, spray-painted brown like an ark.

Then, when Noah and the animals are colored and cut out, the youngster should glue Noah to the front of the box and attach popsicle sticks to the animal cutouts.

The cutouts can then be propped inside the opening of the box with the popsicle sticks. It will look like they’re waiting for Noah to climb aboard and sail away!

9. Tower of Waves

Start this fun craft by having the youngsters cut waves from strips of blue posterboard in three different lengths.

Staple these in a circle, then stack the circles from largest to smallest in a tower form. They can be glued or stapled in place.

When the child is finished coloring Noah’s ark, glue it to cardboard, cut it out, tape a toothpick to the base, and staple it inside the top of the tower for a fantastic decoration!

10. Make a Unique Window Ornament

Start this craft by having the youngster draw and cut out a simple rainbow from posterboard or thick craft paper.

Then, cut Noah’s Ark from the finished coloring page and glue it to the rainbow’s center.

The animals should then be attached all the way down both sides of the rainbow.

Hang this adorable ornament in a window pane or doorway.

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