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Rainbow Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Discover the wonder at the end of the rainbow with this collection of 42 vibrant rainbow templates, all free for you to download and print! The possibilities for these printables are only limited by your creativity, making them perfect for crafting, sewing, baking, coloring, and classroom decorating, to name a few!

This collection is a colorful array of rainbow templates in a variety of styles, shapes, and designed uses. It includes simplistic rainbow arches, intricate stencils, templates bursting with the vivid detail of each color band, build-your-own rainbow templates, rainbows to color in, plus many more!

Rainbow Templates Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Rainbow Templates

Rainbow templates can be used for a broad range of crafts.

Try some of these unique activities that are fun for all ages.

1. Make a Unique Rainbow Bank

This super-easy craft is perfect for young children and is guaranteed to keep their attention.

Start with a rainbow template featuring clouds, and have the youngster color the arches.

Next, using craft glue, let them glue cotton balls to the cloud sections to make them realistic. 

The entire ensemble can then be pasted to virtually any type of container to symbolize the “pot of gold,” and this can serve as a decorative bank for the child to save coins.

2. Create a Colorful, Textured Rainbow

To make this fun craft, give the youngsters tissue paper in various colors, or use white tissue paper and decorate it with glitter in the appropriate shade.

Glue small tufts of tissue paper in between the appropriate lines of the rainbow, making sure to use the correct colors.

Finally, have the children trace and cut out their initials and attach one to each end of the rainbow with colorful embroidery thread.

Hang this adorable rainbow up in a doorway or window!

3. Catch a Falling Pot of Gold

For this comical craft, use a simple build-your-own-rainbow template. Print it on any type of paper, color the different sections however desired, and cut them out.

Glue the rainbow to a blue piece of poster board positioned upside down. Place the “pot of gold” in the rainbow’s “U.”

Glue the sun and clouds above the rainbow. Embellish the clouds with cotton and use a yellow pom-pom for the sun.

You now have a unique poster in which the rainbow has “caught” the falling pot of gold.

4. Over the Rainbow String Art

If your youngsters like string art, they will love this craft. Use a piece of square corkboard, and write “Over The Rainbow” at the top with craft paint.

Next, use a black-and-white rainbow template with clouds, and attach it to the corkboard with invisible glue.

Fill in the different sections with pushpins in the appropriate color for each area, and then complete this fun craft with embroidery thread.

You can work a simple or complex pattern, depending on your personal preferences, for a lovely piece of wall art.

5. Make a Fun Rainbow Dartboard

Use a full-page, colored rainbow template to make a terrific, homemade game of darts.

Print the template on cardstock, and glue it to a corkboard or thick cardboard.

If you use cardboard, make sure you hang it outside or against something that it’s okay to deface.

Give each color on the template a numerical value, making the clouds the easiest target to hit for a fun and interesting game of darts.

6. A Smiling Rainbow 

For this fun craft, use a black-and-white rainbow template with clouds.

Instead of coloring in the various shades, glue colored pipe cleaners over each line, leaving the spaces in between blank.

Write birthday wishes or anything you are hoping for inside the spaces with a marker or calligraphy pen.

Give the rainbow wiggle eyes and a big puffy paint smile for a unique and interesting piece of artwork.

7. Drying up the Rain

To make this cute one-of-a-kind door sign, use a build-your-own-rainbow template, and arrange it with the two clouds on either end of the rainbow and the pot of gold in between.

Glue them fast, and then staple five to six pieces of thread to the clouds and pot of gold. 

From blue construction paper, trace and cut out approximately 10 raindrops.

The raindrops can then be stapled to the bottom of the strings. 

Affix the entire ensemble to a large circle cut from yellow construction paper to depict the sun drying up the rain!

8. Make a Rainbow Fan

This super-easy craft is fun for any child and begins with a large, colored, standard rainbow template.

This should be traced onto a piece of cardboard, and once the cardboard is cut out, it should be laminated to its surface to make it extra thick.

A large craft stick should be glued to the cutout and decorated with small colored rainbows. 

These can be printed on shrink sheets and hot glued onto the craft stick for a fancy rainbow fan.

9. Fruit Loop Rainbow

Lots of cereals, such as Fruit Loops, come with colored pieces that feature the perfect shades for a rainbow. 

Using a black-and-white template, have the youngster fill in the arches by gluing the cereal pieces to the template.

Use marshmallows to fill in the cloud section, and you have an adorable rainbow made from food. Just don’t eat it! 

10. Make a Pretty Pinwheel Style Ornament

The key to this fun craft is to color four rainbow templates in different colors. Color one traditionally, but then break away from the classic shades to try out other patterns.

When finished, cut them out, and glue them into a circle, using the curved ends on the inside. It will almost look like an ornate cross.

Trace and cut out a big cloud to paste in the center, where the artist can sign his or her name.

Hang this pretty, pinwheel-style ornament anywhere.

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