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Bat Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Unearth the mystery lurking in the shadows with these 42 bat templates, all free for you to download and print! Perfect for a Halloween crafting spree, these printables can be used for spooky arts and crafts, baking, coloring, sewing, and terrifying classroom or party decorating, just to mention a few!

For this collection, you will find a wide range of templates in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Included are simple bat silhouette templates, black bat templates, detailed bats, bats ready to be colored in, and many more ghoulish surprises!

Bat Templates Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Uses For Printable Bat Templates

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Halloween Party Decorations

My bat templates are the perfect blank vehicle for decorating your house for a Halloween party.

You can do it all alone, but I recommend getting your kids in on the action – gather supplies, sit them down at a table, and have them color them in and cut them out.

You can use them in many ways, from stringing them together to make bunting for over a doorway to hanging them from the ceiling to make spooky drop-down decorations.

You could also simply hang them on the wall behind the food table or use them as part of your place settings or centerpiece.

9. Halloween Party Activities

To keep the kids occupied during a family-friendly Halloween party, you could sit them down at a table filled with art supplies and my bat templates.

Make it a competition – the best-decorated bat wins a prize!

Set out paints, markers, glitter, glue, construction paper, and even fabric swatches, and let the kids’ imaginations take flight.

Or you could play “pin the bowtie on the bat”; hang up one of my bat templates and print out a few bowties.

Then give the bowties to the kids, blindfold them, spin them around a few times, and let the mayhem unfold!

8. Home Décor 

If you go for a spooky vibe in your home, you could absolutely use my bat templates to help decorate.

For example, you could create shadow boxes filled with creepy trinkets and use a bat template as the backdrop.

Or you could create an accent wall using my bat templates, printed on black paper and cut out, showing a flock of bats flying into the night.

7. Posters Or Signs

If you’re making a poster or sign for a Halloween party or other event, you can use my bat templates as embellishments.

Use a small bat in the corners of the page or a large one, faded as the backdrop.

6. Kids’ Headbands

This is a fun activity that you can use at a Halloween party (or, if you’re a teacher, during a lesson on bats).

Have the kids color in and decorate a bat template as they like.

Then, using black construction paper, cut out two-inch wide strips and loop them together, securing them with tape or glue.

Paste the bat to the front of the loops, and voilà – you have little bat crowns that the kids can wear (and use to pretend to fly into the night!).

5. Halloween Card Embellishments

You can use my bat templates to decorate DIY homemade Halloween cards and make something really special for someone.

Simply decorate the bats however you like, cut them out, and paste them to the front of the card.

You could glue googly eyes to the bats to make them comical or embellish them with black or white lace for a gothic feel. 

4. Batman Party Decorations

When your little superhero wants a Batman-themed birthday party, you can save on decorations by using my bat templates.

Behind the food table, you could hang up a bat cut-out and create yellow spotlights out of paper.

A template could be used to make a Batman piñata, cake topper, table centerpiece, and much more.

3. All About Bats Classroom Activity

Bats are fascinating animals from which we have much to learn, so if you’re a teacher who is doing a lesson on them, you could also have your students do this accompanying activity.

Encourage the kids to use the bat templates as decoration or backdrop for their All About Bats poster, which can feature pictures and facts about bats.

2. Bat Wreaths

Make a spooky impression on your front door by using my bat templates to create oh-so-gothic wreaths.

You can use the smaller templates, or you can print out the larger templates onto shrink sheets, color them in and bake them; they’ll shrink to about half the original size.

Then you can easily hot glue the bats into place on the wreath.

1. Batman-Themed Party Invitations

If you’re going to host a Batman-themed party, you’ll want your invitations to set the tone.

You can cut and paste my bat templates into the document you’re creating for the invitations or actually color them in and cut them out, and paste them on.

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