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Curious George Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to go on a wild adventure with these 18 Curious George coloring pages that are all free to download and print! This lovable monkey has been capturing the hearts of children and adults alike for generations with his mischievous antics and curious spirit.

With these printables, you can bring your favorite Curious George moments to life and create your own unique designs featuring this beloved character! Just be sure to hold on to the pages as you can turn them into wall art, placemats, book covers, or even decorations for a Curious George-themed party!

Curious George Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Curious George Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Yellow Hat Headbands

Find a Curious George illustration featuring the Man with the Yellow Hat. You’ll probably have to isolate and enlarge his hat in a word processor.

Print it off and have your kids color it in.

You will take yellow construction paper and cut it into two-inch strips. Loop the strips so that they form a headband (you might have to use a few pieces for one loop).

You’re going to paste the yellow hat to the headband. Once the glue is dry, your kids can wear their own yellow hats!

9. Hanging Curious Georges 

Find a Curious George illustration where his body is face-on (not sideways or twisted as the curious monkey so often is!).

You’re going to have your kids color him in and then cut him out – except they’ll leave off his arms and legs.

Cut a brown or red pipe cleaner into four five-inch pieces per George. Glue the pieces where his arms and legs would be.

The pipe cleaner is super bendy so you can link his arms and legs off anything – chairs, the refrigerator door, backpacks, hooks – you name it!

8. Curious George Paper Plate Faces 

To make these paper plate faces, you will need a Curious George illustration where his face is prominent.

You’ll have your kid’s color in just the inside portion of his face (the part that is lighter than his dark brown body).

Then they will take a paper plate and color it in with a darker brown marker. They can color the entire thing or just until about three inches in.

They will glue the lighter part of his face to the paper plate, add googly eyes and make little ears out of construction paper – two circles in different shades of brown.

Attach the ears to the side, and voila! 

7. Gift Bag Decorations

Curious George is the perfect decoration for a gift bag, whether you’re attending a birthday party or a baby shower.

You can get your kids in on the action by having them color in Curious George and cutting him out.

Then you can fold a small paper rectangle like an accordion and glue one side to the bag and one side to the Curious George cut-out.

This will give the cut-out a 3D effect!

6. Book Covers

You can turn my Curious George pictures into cute book covers for the small piece of literature that needs a facelift.

You’ll want to copy/paste the illustration into a word processor and then change the orientation to landscape.

Resize the image so that at least two inches of margins are all around.

And then follow these instructions for folding the page into a book cover!

5. Keychains

To make Curious George keychains, you’ll need shrink sheets, which you can find online at Amazon, as well as keychain hardware and access to an oven.

Have your kids pick out which Curious George figures they want to use and print them off on the shrink sheets.

They’ll color them in with markers and cut them out, then punch holes where they want the keychain hardware to be attached.

Bake the cut-outs and let them cool completely; you can add the keychain hardware once cooled.

4. Finger Paintings

A perfect activity for preschoolers, get a vinyl tablecloth or drop cloth, put your kids in clothes you don’t mind getting messy, and give them my pictures and some finger paints.

They can try to stay between the lines and use the “right” colors – or they can just get completely creative and interpret the illustrations however they see fit!

3. Cupcake Toppers

To make cupcake toppers, choose which Curious George figures you want to use, copy/paste them into a word processor, and then resize them to about two-to-three inches.

You can put multiple figures on one page this way and then print them out all at once.

Have your kids help color in the Curious George characters and then cut them out.

You’re going to hot glue the cut-outs to wooden stirrers or longer toothpicks. Wait until the glue is dry (you don’t want dripping!) and stick it in your cupcakes.

2. Masks

To make Curious George masks, you must use a coloring page where his face is head-on and featured prominently.

(You might have to resize an illustration to be larger, too.)

You’ll have your kids color it in and cut it out, then poke holes on either side of the face near his ears.

Connect pieces of string or yarn, enough so that the two pieces can meet behind your kid’s head and be tied into a bow.

1. Party Decorations

Curious George would make an excellent theme for a child’s birthday or even a baby shower.

You can use my illustrations in various ways, from cutting out figures and stringing them together to make bunting to using the entire pictures as place settings.

You can also use cut-outs as food labels at your table spread or create centerpieces using toilet paper rolls to prop up the figures.

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