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Fox Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step softly into the woodlands with these 30 enchanting fox coloring pages, ready and waiting for your imaginative hues, and free for you to download and print! With these sheets, you can dive into the world of these cunning and beautiful creatures, which have graced many with tales of their wit and charm.

In this collection, you’ll wander alongside the iconic red fox, the ethereal arctic fox, the elusive gray fox, cute kawaii foxes, mythical foxes, adorable chibi foxes, mother and baby foxes, fox mandalas, fox zentangles, realistic looking foxes, plus many more that you can see below!

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Fox Coloring Pages

Fox coloring pages can be used to make all sorts of fun crafts. 

Try these top activities if those finished pages are piling up.

1. A Pretty Foxy Scene

To make this fun craft, have the youngster draw a scene depicting an environment where a fox might live.

The fox from the coloring page should be glued to the background’s center.

Cut a circle in a separate piece of construction paper and place it over the scene so that the fox shows through the circle. Staple it on the left side.

At first, it looks like an ordinary card featuring a fox, but when opened, the rest of the artwork changes the entire picture!

2. Fox Stands at Attention

When your child’s favorite fox is colored, have the youngster cut out the head and body separately. 

Glue the body into a snow cone cup, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

Glue the fox’s head to the cup’s peak. You may need to pinch the peak to make it flat.

Whiskers made from black pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, and a fluffy, orange tissue paper tail can be added. Place this fun fox anywhere for a splash of color.

3. Easy Paper Plate Craft

Begin this craft by painting an ordinary paper plate with orange craft paint. Fashion it into a spiral by cutting in a circular fashion from the outside to the inside.

When the coloring page is finished, the fox should be cut out into separate pieces.

Attach the head to the top of the spiral and the tail to the very bottom with invisible glue.

The spiral has two tiers, so glue the fox’s front paws to the top and the back paws to the bottom. Add giant wiggle eyes and hang this adorable fox in a doorway!

4. Make a Fox Pencil Holder

Begin this easy craft by cutting a paper towel cardboard in half and laminating it with orange construction paper.

When the child has colored a favorite fox, cut out the head and tail separately. 

Glue the body around the cardboard with invisible glue and affix the head to the front with a paper fastener.

Use another paper fastener to attach the tail to the back. The head and tail can now be moved whenever the child desires. Use this cute craft to store pencils and markers!

5. A Foxy Get Well Card

A funny fox card is an excellent way for your child to cheer up a sick friend.

Two pages are needed, one of which should be left in its entirety and the other cut out.

The cutout should be glued to a plain piece of bright-colored construction paper. Have the youngster draw three balloons as if the fox is holding them.

The child should write “Get Well Soon” inside the balloons, using a word for each one. Staple this page to the front as a cover for a cheerful and unique get-well card.

6. Good Fox, Bad Fox

The youngsters should begin this craft by making two handprints on a piece of construction paper.

When turned upside down, the hands become the fox’s body, with the thumbs making perfect tails. Whiteout can be added to make realistic tail tips.

The fox faces can be cut from the coloring pages and glued to the tops of the handprints.

The youngsters should choose one face that’s happy and smiling and another face that’s scary for fun and interesting artwork.

7. Shiny Fox Art

Using shiny orange craft paint, coat an ordinary white paper plate. When dry, cut the plate in half, leaving one-half intact and cutting a small triangle from the other.

Turn the halved section upside down, and tape the triangular-shaped piece to its left side with the point facing down. This is the fox’s body and head.

Laminate these with the appropriate sections of the coloring page, adding wiggle eyes, a black pom-pom nose, and fancy toothpicks turned upside down for feet.

Attach a craft magnet to the back of this adorable fox and hang him on the refrigerator!

8. Crazy Fox Keep Out Sign

There’s no better character than a fox for a “Keep Out” sign for a child’s bedroom door.

Choose a scary fox and make him even scarier by adding candy corns as big teeth, crazy wiggle eyes, and a black pipe cleaner fashioned into a grimacing smile.

Glue the coloring page to a larger piece of poster board and draw a text bubble in which to write the words “Beware of Fox” for a fun keep-out sign.

9. Fox’s Mask

An opera-style fox mask is an easy, fun craft for any child.

When a fox’s entire face is colored, glue it to cardboard and trim it so that it covers the child’s face, except for his or her mouth.

Holes should be cut out for the youngster’s eyes, and a long craft stick should be glued to one side of the cutout.

The child now has a fun opera-style mask to play with anywhere.

10. Fox Crossing

To make a funny outdoor sign, give the youngster a rectangular-shaped piece of white cardstock on which to glue the cutout from the fox coloring page.

Seal the artwork with glassine or contact paper, leaving a border at the bottom unsealed.

On this border, the youngster should write, “Caution: Fox Crossing,” and this fun sign can be attached to a craft stick and placed on the front lawn for lots of laughs.

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