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Ahsoka Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Embark on an intergalactic journey with these 20 Ahsoka coloring pages, available entirely for free to download and print! With these sheets, you’re set to dive into the thrilling world of the former Jedi Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, as she navigates her path through the vast Star Wars universe.

This set showcases Ahsoka in various lights – from her early days under Anakin Skywalker’s wing to her formidable duels and encounters in later timelines. Whether it’s her wielding her distinctive lightsabers or joining forces with iconic Star Wars characters, every page is a tribute to her enduring spirit and legacy!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ahsoka Coloring Pages

Ahsoka is that famous Star Wars character with those impressive headtails.

Try these fun and affordable crafts if those finished pages have piled up.

1. Ahsoka Light Sabers

Youngsters of all ages enjoy this craft. Start by tracing and cutting out two sabers from ordinary cardboard: one for each hand! Decorate them with glitter, or spray paint them blue.

The finished Ahsoka coloring pages are perfect for laminating the sabers, and craft glue works best for this.

Add curling ribbon at the bottom to make them extra fancy, and the youngsters have original Ahsoka lightsabers!

2. A New Twist on an Old Craft

Making bookmarks from coloring pages is a popular activity, but when completed this way, it’s extra fun.

To begin, have the youngsters create traditional bookmarks from cardboard, fashioned like sabers. Holes should be punched at one end.

Then, when Ahsoka is colored, glued to thin cardboard, and cut out, she should be stapled to the saber with yarn.

The “saber” should be placed inside the book, and Ahsoka can dangle out as if flying around!

3. Make Those Head Tails Come to Life

Ahsoka’s famous head tails are featured in this fun craft, and it begins by having the youngsters trace and cut out head tails of their own from thin cardboard.

They should leave approximately an inch of extra cardboard at the bottom of each tail so they can be wrapped around and glued to an ordinary plastic headband.

Finally, the tails should be decorated with cutouts from the Ahsoka coloring pages for unique wearable art!

4. A Star Wars Scrapbook

If your youngster likes to make scrapbooks for favorite movies, shows, or comics, Ahsoka is the perfect character to decorate them with.

Make the scrapbook from colorful construction paper, using a three-hole punch to place the pages in an ordinary, plain ring binder.

Both the front and back of the ring binder can be decorated with the finished pages or shapes cut from them and added decal-style.

Decorate the border inside the ring binder with blue-and-white pom-poms for a unique scrapbook to use for many years.

5. Movie Tickets

If your little Ahsoka fan goes to the movies to see various Star Wars films, why not create permanent movie passes!

Using an ordinary white poster board, have the youngster draw a large rectangle or any ticket-shaped design. The borders can be decorated however desired.

In the center, the child should write his or her favorite Star Wars movie and add “Admit One” in black marker, just like an actual ticket.

Decorate the back of the ticket with cutouts from the Ahsoka coloring pages, and seal the artwork in glassine for a fun keepsake.

6. Ahsoka Stick Puppets

Craft sticks, a piece of styrofoam, and cutouts from the finished coloring pages are all that’s needed for this fun craft.

The styrofoam square should be approximately 6” x 6” and should be sprayed black with craft paint. White or silver glitter will give it an outer space look.

When Ahsoka and her friends are colored and cut from the finished pages, they should be attached to craft sticks and pushed into the styrofoam.

Reinforcing them with cardboard is a good idea. Children can play with the stick puppets, and when placed back in the styrofoam, they make a great centerpiece!

7. Easy Ahsoka Doll

To make this fun doll, start with an empty dish detergent bottle spray-painted blue with craft paint

When the paint is fully dry, two cutouts from the finished Ahsoka coloring pages should be used to decorate its two sides.

Ahsoka’s headtails can be embellished with blue and white tissue paper and made extra long if the child desires. Display this adorable Ahsoka doll anywhere.

8. A Colorful Classroom Decoration

To make this exciting classroom decoration, have each youngster color and cut out Ahsoka and glue the cutout down the center of a large craft stick.

The craft sticks should then be glued together in a circular, fanned-out position. Krazy glue will be needed for this.

It will look like the cutouts were a fan that has just been unfurled, and it’s a great way to compare the different ways the youngsters colored Ahsoka.

Display this creative and unique decoration on a classroom wall.

9. Hanging Around

To make this unique craft, have the youngster trace Ahsoka’s headtails on a large piece of white poster board and color in the blue stripes.

Carefully cut out the tails, and use a hole punch to add a hole at each tail’s tip.

Then, decorate the tails with Ahsoka characters cut from the finished coloring pages.

A bright piece of yarn can be used to hang this interesting ornament wherever the child desires.

10. Beware Sign

Ahsoka coloring pages can be used to make a terrific sign for your youngster’s bedroom door. Have the child draw two lightsabers in a crisscross pattern on white cardstock.

Next, the youngster should carefully cut Ahsoka from the finished page, embellishing the cutout, if desired, with glitter, puffy paint, or craft gems.

The cutout should then be glued to the center of the crossed lightsabers. Underneath, “Beware” or “Do Not Enter” can be written with blue puffy paint for a terrific door sign.

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