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Avocado Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to “avo” lot of fun with these 20 avocado coloring pages, which are all free for you to download and print! Whether you’re an avocado aficionado or enjoy artistic activities, these pages offer a delightful way to relax and unwind, one delicious coloring page at a time!

For this series, you will find many interpretations of avocados, from realistic renderings to whimsical avo-artworks. You’ll encounter avocados as adorable kawaii characters, intricate patterns incorporating the fruit, and even some cute avocado characters hanging out in scenic landscapes!

Avocado Coloring Pages Featured Image

If you would like to color in any of these avocados, you can begin by clicking on any of the below images or links. This will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page, which you can then download or print for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Avocado Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Cookbook Covers

Whether your cookbook features the avocado or you just want to use this savory fruit because it’s popular and tasty, my avocado pictures make an excellent jumping-off point for a cookbook cover.

You could fade the illustration of your choice and add the text over it in bold font, or carve out a “frame” from the picture and use that to center your title and author info.

9. Felt Avocado Pit Picture

This is a fantastic craft for kids who like sensory play! You’ll need a bit of brown felt, as well as construction paper.

Print out the avocado of your choice and have the kids color it in and cut it out. 

They’ll also cut out the pit (so you might have to start the cut in the center, depending on how agile they are with scissors).

Then, take the piece of felt and glue it from the bottom to the avocado cut-out. Wait for the glue to dry a bit, and then glue the avocado to a piece of construction paper.

From there, you’ll wait for the glue to dry, and then your kids can feel the soft felt of the avocado pit!

8. Avocados With Arms And Legs

This is a cute little craft that makes little avocado men that are silly and fun.

You’ll pick a few avocados that are fully illustrated, color them in, and cut them out.

Then, you’ll take half-inch strips of construction paper and fold them up accordion-style – you can make them as long or as short as you want, but you’ll need four per avocado.

Glue one side of each strip where a limb should go (so arms up top, legs down below).

Then you can also add a face: glue on googly eyes and draw in a smile.

7. Straw Decorations

For this craft, you will need silly straws that come shaped in twists and curls.

You can size down the avocados, depending on how large they are initially.

You’ll print them out onto cardstock and have your kids color them in and cut them out.

Then, work two holes into each about an inch apart. You’ll slip the straw through the holes (into the bottom and out the top hole).

And you just made a super funny silly straw even more goofy and fun!

6. Keychains

My avocado pictures would make adorable keychains for the whimsical kid (or adult) in your life!

You’ll print out the avocado you want to use onto shrink sheets and color it in with markers.

Then, you’ll cut it out and punch a hole where you want the keychain rings to go.

Bake per the shrink sheets’ instructions and let cool completely.

Once they’re cool to the touch, you can attach the keychain rings. Makes a cute gift!

5. Count The Avocados Game

If you’re a teacher or head of a classroom of kindergartners, you can play this fun counting game with them.

You’ll print out up to 10 avocados, color them in, and cut them out.

Then, using construction paper, you’ll cut out a bowl-shaped figure.

Using magnets on your marker/chalkboard, you can put a different number of avocados into the bowl and have the students count how many are in there.

It’s challenging because they’ll only be able to see parts of some, so they’ll have to make inferences as to how many are in the bowl.

4. Tissue Paper Avocado Page

For a simple craft that will keep little hands busy on a rainy afternoon, you’ll just need tissue paper and glue.

You’ll cut the tissue paper into roughly uniform squares (doesn’t have to be perfect!) that are about 4” x 4”. 

Print out the avocado pictures you want to use, and then have your kids pinch the tissue paper square in the middle and twist.

Then they’ll glue the twist down by where they pinched and repeat over and over again, filling in the lines with different colors (green for the flesh, yellow and/or brown for the pit, etc.).

3. Avocado Jewelry

Not to toot my own horn, but my avocado pictures would make absolutely adorable earrings, necklaces, bracelets – even anklets.

You’ll need a jewelry-making kit that has a little bit of everything, which you can find at your local craft store or online at Amazon.

Print the avocados you want to use onto shrink sheets and color them in with markers.

Then cut it out, and if attaching the jewelry findings with O-rings, chains, or anything that requires pliers, punch a hole where you want the findings to go.

Bake per the instructions and let cool. Once they’re ready, you can attach the findings.

2. Avocado Faces Cards

Turn my regular avocado pictures into goofy greeting cards with some googly eyes!

You’ll just resize the illustration of choice to be a half page and print out as many copies as you need.

Then, liberally apply googly eyes to the avocados – you can draw on mouths, too.  

1. Buttons

For this craft, you will need a button maker – they can be purchased off Amazon if you really want to commit!

You’re going to isolate the avocados you want to use and resize them so they fit inside a circle with the dimensions of the buttons your machine makes.

You can add text, too! Consider the pictures a jumping-off point for your imagination.

Print out the circles and cut them out; from there, your button maker’s instructions will vary.

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