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100 Christmas Messages For Teachers (Funny & Heartfelt)

Celebrate the season of giving with our pick of 100 Christmas messages for teachers! Penned by students, parents, and principals alike, each note captures the essence of gratitude, respect, and a sprinkle of holiday humor, celebrating the tireless efforts of our educators.

If you are stuck for words on what to write for that special teacher, this list of messages and wishes is sure to help portray the messages you want to get across. Also, be sure to use the interactive menu below, which has organized the Christmas messages by categories!

40 Christmas Messages To Teachers From Students

1. Merry Christmas! Wishing all the joy of the holiday season to you and yours!

2. You’re an amazing teacher, and I have learned so much from you in just this half-school year. You deserve a break to rest and rejuvenate over this Christmas holiday!

3. Thank you for making your classroom such a warm, welcoming environment to be a part of. Merry Christmas and may you get some well-deserved rest!

4. Thanks to you, our class is made up of more than just a teacher and students – we’re like a family. Merry Christmas!

5. You have motivated me like no one else has before. Thank you so much, and may you have a Merry Christmas with your family!

6. You are so much more than just a teacher – you have become a mentor, a guide and a true friend. May your holiday season be bright and cheerful!

7. You make us work very hard, but you are always kind and fair. That is perhaps your greatest gift to us. Merriest of Christmases to you and yours!

8. A teacher as great as you deserves nothing but the best – so I hope your Christmas break is the very best, from start to finish!

9. You’ve taught me the value of hard work, discipline and responsibility – and that’s better than any Christmas gift I could ever receive.

10. I just want you to know before we break for Christmas, I see all that you do for us and I truly appreciate it. 

11. Teacher, there is no one quite like you and I’m so grateful for that! Hope your Christmas break is full of peace and joy!

12. You are full of the Christmas spirit all year round – I hope you have the break you deserve!

13. Even though you have retired, your lessons live on in my heart and mind. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

14. Professor, you always challenge us to think outside of the box. So this Christmas break, I am challenging you to have a wonderful holiday!

15. As you gather around your dinner table with your loved ones this Christmas, I hope you know how much you deserve all the love and joy in the world.

16. You’ve worked so hard this past half-year, I hope your family spoils you with love and presents this Christmas!

17. I couldn’t do what you do every day, and I’m so glad you show up for us students – in more ways than one. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

18. I know you’re an awesome cook, teacher, but this Christmas break I hope you get to put your feet up while someone else makes you the delicious meal you deserve for all your hard work!

19. This Christmas, I hope Santa brings you everything on your list – you deserve nothing less! Happy Holidays to the very best teacher ever!

20. There are few better Christmas gifts in this world than an amazing teacher like you. Thanks for all that you do and all that you are!

21. Your classroom is always warm, inviting and inclusive, and that is better than any Christmas gift I could receive!

22. May your Christmas be as magical as the joyful classroom environment that you create every day!

23. In just half a year, I’ve gone from not liking (subject) to it being my favorite subject overall, and that in itself is a gift. Thanks for being such a great teacher and Merry Christmas!

24. While you are the head of the classroom, you never pull rank; you’ve taught all of us how a leader treats everyone with kindness and respect. I hope you have an amazing Christmas break!

25. Thanks for bringing out the very best in me and for always having my back. Wishing you the joys and pleasures of the season!

26. It’s such an honor and a privilege to be taught by you every day. I hope your Christmas break is filled with blessings and love!

27. You always bring light and laughter to the classroom, so I am hoping that you receive light and laughter in your home for Christmas!

28. I had no idea that learning could be so much fun or so interesting – until I had you as my teacher. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a terrific break!

29. Teacher, you are more sweet than all the Christmas candy and cookies in the world combined! Thanks for being you and Merry Christmas!

30. May you take this Christmas season to reflect on how much you have made a difference in your students’ lives. It’s the greatest gift you could give us!

31. I want to say how much I appreciate your perseverance and kindness. I hope you take the time to decompress and relax over Christmas break!

32. May all your Christmas wishes come true, dear teacher! No one deserves it more than you!

33. I’m so blessed to have a teacher like you in my life – you embody the Christmas spirit 365 days of the year!

34. This holiday season, I want to share with you that you have inspired me to become a teacher as well. Merry Christmas!

35. You have shown me that someone cares over the past few months. It means the world to me. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

36. I know I was a troublemaker at the beginning of the year, but through your compassion and kindness, I can feel myself changing into the student I want to be. That is such a precious gift this Christmas season!

37. Through your lessons we have learned (subject); but through your lived example, we have learned leadership, compassion and patience. Merry Christmas from the entire class!

38. After a long journey of touching students’ lives every single day, I wish you the best (and most relaxing!) Christmas ever, as well as a very happy retirement!

39. Hope you take some time over Christmas break for self-care; no one could deserve it more and we need you back in the classroom after New Year’s, teaching us new and exciting things!

40. Merry Christmas to the most influential teacher I’ve ever had. You make me think about things, and see the world, in ways I wouldn’t normally.

20 Funny Christmas Messages To Teachers From Students

1. Happy Holidays, (Teacher’s Name)! You’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and I’m not just saying that because grades are due soon!

2. Here’s hoping Santa brings you many days of sleeping in, not having to brush off your car in the morning and – best of all – not having to deal with us crazy animals, your students!

3. What’s more fly than Santa’s reindeers? Having you as a teacher! Hope your break is awesome!

4. May this holiday season bring you enough peace, hope and goodwill to last you all throughout the year (emphasis on the “peace” thanks to our crazy class!).

5. Maybe we can keep my grades just between us – no need for Santa to know!

6. Don’t you dare pick up that pen and grade a single paper over Christmas break – Santa is watching, and you will get put on the BAD list if you do anything except relax!

7. Two things that fly by during the holiday break: Santa’s sleigh and the days! Hope you make the most of your Christmas time off!

8. The fact that you stay sane while teaching is a Christmas miracle that occurs every single day!

9. You work as hard as an elf in Santa’s workshop, deliver amazing lessons like Santa delivers presents and you’re truly a light in the dark – just like Rudolph’s red nose!

10. Merry Christmas to the best teacher around! Now if only Santa delivered snow days like he delivers presents…

11. (For a gift tag on a bottle of wine) Merry Christmas – Love, the Reason You Drink

12. You’d be as jolly as Santa, too, if you only worked one night out of the entire year! Oh well, you stay in pretty good spirits for someone working 180 days out of the year.

13. Here’s hoping Santa brings you everything on your list. And extra strength Tylenol – for the headaches sure to come in the new year!

14. Dear Teacher, I would have given you the biggest and best Christmas present ever – but then I realized you already have me in your class!

15. Rudolph and his red nose leading Santa’s sleigh through the fog on Christmas Eve has nothing on what you do in the classroom every day! 

16. Even Santa’s reindeer needed someone to teach them to fly!

17. You can’t buy Christmas spirit, but you can buy Christmas candy, and that’s basically the same thing. Hope your holiday is so very sweet!

18. You know what the best part of this card is? It immediately precedes almost two weeks of not having to deal with your classroom full of kids!

19. The weather outside might be frightful, but just try getting between a teacher and their Christmas break!

20. It was touch and go there for a sec – but you definitely made the “Nice” list when you didn’t assign any homework over the break!

20 Christmas Messages To Teachers From Parents

1. Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours – we hope you have a restful break and are able to come back refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the second half of the school year!

2. You have done such an amazing job with our son/daughter this year; from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your care and attention. Merry Christmas!

3. We don’t know how you do it, day in and day out – but we are so grateful that you do! Wishing you a joyful holiday season!

4. Your patience is to be commended, but no more so than that week before Christmas break! Hope your holidays are full of joy and cheer!

5. There are no words for how much we appreciate you – from staying after school to help tutor our son/daughter, to fielding concerned emails on the weekend, you are the brightest star this Christmastime.

6. Teacher, you have taught our son/daughter so much over the past few months, but the most important lesson they have learned from you is grace under fire. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

7. You are such an amazing teacher – it feels like we have a third parent sometimes! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8. May your Christmas holiday be filled with good food, family and friends and most importantly – no thought of school or students!

9. Thank you for caring for these students as if they were your own kids. Your love for and support of them means the world to this family, especially at Christmastime!

10. We’ve noticed a marked change in our son/daughter, and we just know it’s because of your influence. Thanks for being the role model he/she needs, at just the right time. Happy Holidays!

11. At Christmastime, we reflect on all the things we’re grateful for – and the thing we’re most grateful for is you!

12. You’re like Santa’s ultimate elf – super helpful and can take small pieces and turn it into something whole and wonderful. Thanks so much for being such a crafty teacher!

13. Without you, our son/daughter would be lost in school. You make him/her look forward to each day! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

14. You have given so much of your time and energy to these kids – we see you and we appreciate you. Hope your Christmas break is the most relaxing!

15. Merry Christmas to the best teacher our son/daughter has ever had – and we don’t say that lightly!

16. Seeing our son/daughter learn to love school is the best Christmas gift we’ve received this year. Thank you so much!

17. You’re a marvel with these students, especially around Christmas break – sincerely, two parents who don’t know how you do it!

18. We sincerely hope you get the rest you deserve over Christmas break – while we’re in the trenches with the little monsters!

19. You are a gift that keeps on giving, even outside of school. Here’s hoping it lasts the next two weeks!

20. Have a lovely Christmas with your family and friends; looking forward to continuing our partnership in the new year!

10 Christmas Messages To Teachers From Principals

1. Thank you for all your hard work – you deserve this Christmas break and then some!

2. You make your classrooms warm and welcoming – may you go home to just the same for Christmas!

3. This year has been tough so far, make no mistake – but you have handled it with grace and compassion. I hope your Christmas is a special, joyful time with your family!

4. I am so proud to be part of this incredible team. Go home and enjoy the holidays, and I’ll see you back here in the New Year!

5. Your hard work and dedication is all the Christmas gift I need this year. Thank you so much for being you!

6. May your homes be full of joy and light this Christmas break; no one deserves it more than you!

7. This 10-day stretch of Christmas break might not be why you got into teaching – but it sure doesn’t hurt!

8. To the teacher who always goes above and beyond – I see you and I appreciate you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

9. You’re out there touching student’s lives and making a positive difference every day – you deserve a magnificent Christmas break.

10. This Christmas, I’m saying thank you for your hard work 

10 Christmas Messages To Preschool/Kindergarten Teachers

1. It takes a special person to teach kids this young, and you are incredible at it. Merry Christmas and enjoy your break!

2. Kids this age look at everything with wonder – and you help to nurture their natural curiosity. Have a “wonder”-ful Christmas!

3. Is there anything more hyper than kids this age, jazzed up on sugar and excitement for Santa? I think not! Here’s to a great Christmas break – you’ve earned it!

4. A is for amazing, B is for the best and C is for Christmas – so our ABCs say, I hope you have the most amazing and best Christmas ever!

5. We’re so lucky our son/daughter has you teaching them in their most formative years. They’re learning patience, kindness and compassion, all of which embodies the Christmas spirit. 

6. It takes wonderful people like you, who help to guide our little ones, to make the world a brighter place, especially at Christmastime.

7. You have made this time of year so special for our littles, it’s like you’re part of the family! Merry Christmas and may you enjoy time with your actual family!

8. Hope you find some time to relax and take it easy this Christmas, after all the time you’ve spent teaching these kids their ABCs!

9. Thanks for treating our son/daughter just like any other student in your class – it’s done a world of good for their confidence! I’m confident you’ll have a very Merry Christmas!

10. You’re better than Santa, because he only comes once a year; you’re here all the year long, doing what you do best!

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