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350 Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

Get ready to show off your knowledge this festive season with this ultimate collection of 350 Christmas trivia questions and answers! Ideal for trivia aficionados and Christmas enthusiasts alike, each question combines the delightful tales of Christmas traditions and the thrill of discovering hidden holiday facts!

Included in this list are Christmas movie trivia questions, Christmas music trivia, hard Christmas trivia, multiple-choice, trivia for kids, and true or false options! Don’t forget to make the most of the interactive menu below, which neatly categorizes all the questions for your convenience!

90 General Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

30 Christmas Food Trivia Questions

60 Kids Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

50 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions & Answers

30 Christmas Music Trivia Questions & Answers

30 Hard Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

30 Multiple Choice Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

30 True or False Christmas Trivia Questions

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